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Vlone, a distinctive urban fashion label, thrives in the realm of streetwear. Spearheaded by A$AP Bari, the brand captures the essence of city life and rebellious ethos. With roots in New York City’s Harlem, Vlone exudes authenticity, resonating primarily with the youth. It has carved a niche in major global markets, particularly the US and parts of Europe. Notorious for its “V” emblem, Vlone collaborates with renowned brands and artists, consistently pushing boundaries. Though enveloped in occasional controversies, the brand’s allure remains undiminished in the world of high-end street fashion.

Meaning and history

The name itself suggests a life led alone, amplifying the brand’s individualistic spirit. Conceived by A$AP Bari, a member of the influential A$AP Mob, the brand quickly skyrocketed in popularity among the urban youth and the hip-hop community.

The brand’s most identifiable mark, the “V” logo, has become synonymous with exclusivity and the avant-garde. While Vlone’s initial offerings catered primarily to an underground audience, collaborations with prominent entities like Nike and Off-White propelled it to global stardom.

Throughout its journey, Vlone has not been without controversy. A$AP Bari faced challenges both personal and related to the brand, but these adversities haven’t dampened Vlone’s shine in the high-end streetwear arena. The brand’s pop-up shops, often intertwined with music and art events, further enhance its allure, making each product drop a cultural happening.

In recent years, Vlone has diversified its portfolio, dabbling in music and other artistic avenues, thus solidifying its position as more than just a clothing brand. It’s a movement, a lifestyle, representing the spirit of resilience, rebellion, and unyielding individualism.

2011 – Today

Vlone Logo

The emblem of the brand embodies a core belief: “Embrace solitude, from birth till death.” This accentuates the term “Alone,” given that the “V” is ingeniously designed as a flipped “A,” symbolizing isolation. In their sophomore collection unveiled in January 2016, the creative team chose to feature the insignia not at the front but at the rear, making way for the “Friends-” statement to dominate the forefront. Here, the dash suggests themes of “reduction,” “absence,” and “decline,” aligning seamlessly with Vlone’s underlying message. It underscores that Vlone represents a deeper philosophy, transcending mere fashion. As articulated by the brand’s visionary, A$AP Bari, all that we acquire in life is eventually relinquished. Through the brand’s emblematic design, Bari has encapsulated his personal ethos.