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Volcom, a distinctive lifestyle brand, integrates creativity and athleticism. Founded in 1991, it’s renowned for its innovative approach to skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding gear. Emphasizing durability and style, Volcom appeals to a youthful, rebellious spirit. The brand’s ethos, “True To This,” reflects its commitment to the sports community and culture. Volcom stands out for its artistic collaborations and environmental sustainability efforts, making it a symbol of modern outdoor sports fashion.

Meaning and history

Volcom was founded in 1991 by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall. Inspired by their passion for skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, they aimed to create a brand that symbolized the spirit of these sports. The company started in a small bedroom in Newport Beach, California, with an initial focus on clothing for surfers and skateboarders. Volcom’s logo, the “Stone,” quickly became iconic, embodying youth and rebellion.

The brand’s philosophy, “Youth Against Establishment,” resonated with young athletes and artists. By the mid-1990s, Volcom expanded into snowboard gear, gaining a broader audience. They embraced a unique marketing strategy, sponsoring young athletes and hosting events. In 2005, Volcom became a publicly-traded company, a significant milestone.

Environmental sustainability became a core value, with initiatives like using recycled materials. The brand also promoted artistic expression through collaborations with musicians and artists. In 2011, luxury goods conglomerate Kering acquired Volcom, expanding its global presence. Despite corporate changes, Volcom maintained its original ethos, continuing to inspire and outfit the youth culture in action sports.

What is Volcom?
Volcom is a dynamic lifestyle brand that blends the rebellious spirit of youth cultures with the adrenaline of board sports. Founded in 1991, it’s celebrated for its innovative clothing and gear, especially in skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. The brand’s ethos, “Youth Against Establishment,” reflects its commitment to creativity, environmental sustainability, and supporting the community of athletes and artists.

1991 – Today

Volcom Logo

The logo is a sharp, geometric figure resembling a diamond with asymmetrical facets. The structure conveys a sense of motion and edginess, encapsulating the brand’s dynamic and youthful vibe. Bold black and white contrast gives the logo a strong visual impact, anchoring it firmly in the realm of action sports. “Volcom” is written underneath in a simple, clean font, ensuring the symbol above commands attention. This logo is synonymous with lifestyle apparel that resonates with the energy and nonconformity of board sports culture.