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WalletConnect is the name of an open-source protocol through which cryptocurrency wallets can connect to decentralized applications. The protocol was developed by Pedro Gomes in 2018.

Meaning and history

A cryptocurrency wallet that integrates the WalletConnect option can easily interact with other wallets, sites, and blockchain applications. The main advantage of the WalletConnect protocol is its interoperability with any blockchain. The protocol supports new blockchains and rollups out of the box.

WalletConnect can be connected to one or more chains and send a transaction to different chains simultaneously, it can also run multiple sessions from a single pairing. Only one connection is needed for an infinite number of sessions, and a flexible API is provided to create the desired UX.

The security of the protocol is supported by decentralized messaging. Message relaying now uses the Waku network for messaging and is independent of centralized servers. Which means your messages are safe.

WalletConnect has its versions available for desktop, browser, and mobile applications. You can create a WalletConnect compatible wallet based on React-Native (Javascript), Android (Java), and Swift (iOS).

the function is to establish a connection through the bridge server and retransmit payloads. The data in the transmission is encrypted using a key shared between the start and end node.

To date, the WalletConnect system has been integrated into more than 100 cryptocurrency wallets available for both iOS and Android. And the number of decentralized apps in which WalletConnect can be used also exceeds 100. This includes OpenSea, Binance DEX, and Uniswap.

What is WalletConnect?
WalletConnect is a protocol, which was designed in 2018, to simplify the interaction of cryptocurrency wallets with blockchain platforms and applications. It connects apps to mobile wallets by scanning a QR code or through deep tethering.

As for the visual identity, WalletConnect protocol uses a very memorable and fresh logo, composed of a geometric emblem, followed by a simple yet stable and bold logotype. Both elements of the badge are executed in one shade of blue, light and bright, evoking a sense of freedom and speed.

2018 – Today

WalletConnect Logo

The WalletConnect logo was introduced in 2018, with the launch of the protocol, and hasn’t been changed since then. The badge features a very minimalistic and stylish emblem, with the horizontally extended letter “W”, covered by the arch of the same color and with the same thickness of the line. The arch, or the bridge, stands for connection, while the “W”, is obviously, “Wallet”. As for the lettering part, it is usually set on the right of the emblem and comprises a simple wordmark in sans-serif, with two letters capitalized, and two parts of the inscription placed with no space between each other.

Font and color

WalletConnect Emblem

The simple yet strong WalletConnect inscription from the official logo of the protocol is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with usual yet stable shapes of the letters, bold bars, and straight cuts of the lines. The closest font to the one used in the WalletConnect logo is, probably, Helvetica Bold, or such modified types as M Ying Hei HK W7, and BB Casual Pro Semi Bold.

As for the color palette of the Wallet Connect logo, it is based on just one shade of blue — light and crispy, evoking a very friendly feeling, and at the same time showing the protocol as a professional and reliable one. Blue is a common choice for the visual identities of IT and tech companies, as this is the color, which represents confidence, expertise, and responsibility. And in the WalletConnect logo stands for the same characteristics.