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From ancient Greek myths to modern times, over the decades, the image of Wonder Woman has been radically changed more than once. Although, its visual implementation always remained recognizable thanks to the colors and basic elements.
The original image, invented by psychologist William Marston, embodied the strength and power of a new type of woman who must rule the world. They are kind, smart, and never tire of fighting for justice. All these qualities are combined in the Amazon woman Diana.

Meaning and history

Wonder Woman Logo history

Wonder Woman made her debut in All-Star Comics # 8, December 1941. At the same time, its original logo, in the form of an eagle, was presented. It existed unchanged for quite a long time, for a whole 41 years. However, despite the fact that the design was refined in the following years, it still remained about the same.

1941 – 1942

Wonder Woman Logo 1941

The inaugural symbol for Wonder Woman, crafted in 1941, showcased an exquisite and graceful design reminiscent of the art-deco era. The backdrop was dominated by a vibrant red hue, upon which stood a majestic golden-yellow avian figure, oriented vertically with its wings outstretched towards the sky. The bird’s silhouette boasted curved and sweeping lines, and subtle black details adorned its form, adding a touch of finesse. This emblem was a testament to the blend of power and elegance that the character represented, making it a timeless representation during its era.

1942 – 1949

Wonder Woman Logo 1942

The avian symbol associated with Wonder Woman underwent a meticulous transformation. Its wings, now more expansive, showcased intricate detailing, emphasizing the feathered texture. While the emblem’s color scheme remained consistent, the augmentation of the bird’s body brought forth the addition of subtle light gradient effects, adding depth and dimension. This redesign showcased a more detailed and enhanced representation, reflecting a deeper intricacy while retaining its original essence. The renewed focus on detailing was evident, lending a more sophisticated touch to Wonder Woman’s iconic emblem.

1949 – 1959

Wonder Woman Logo 1949

The 1949 overhaul honed in on the nuances of Wonder Woman’s avian emblem, preserving its original style and color essence, yet evolving towards a distinct and abstract aesthetic. The most notable transformation was observed in the configuration of the bird’s wings. They took on a curvaceous, arch-like form, evoking imagery reminiscent of butterfly wings. This emblematic reinterpretation became synonymous with the superheroine for a decade, establishing a fresh yet familiar visual representation, bridging the past’s essence with a more innovative, contemporary flair. This redesign fused traditional elements with new-age creativity, ensuring the emblem remained relevant and recognized.

1959 – 1968

Wonder Woman Logo 1959

In 1959, the Wonder Woman insignia underwent a fresh metamorphosis. The avian element adopted an ethereal and imaginative design, with its lower portion tapering, evoking imagery akin to an award or chalice. The wings, intriguingly, adopted a dual-circular form, invoking memories of vintage fans, highlighted by the feather-inspired detailing. While these transformations brought a renewed spirit to the emblem, the color scheme retained its original allure, ensuring continuity with the past. This fusion of whimsicality with classical elements breathed new life into the symbol, cementing its place in the annals of iconic designs.

1972 – 1981

Wonder Woman Logo 1972

In 1972, the Wonder Woman insignia underwent a transformative revision, blending innovation with remnants of its historical essence. The previously depicted bird morphed into an elegant female silhouette. The once circular wings were ingeniously reimagined as the sleeves beneath the artfully rendered arms, which gracefully extended upwards and outwards. The lower segment of this new depiction flared out, echoing the graceful sweeps of a sophisticated dress. This fresh portrayal seamlessly combined the strength and grace synonymous with Wonder Woman, while providing a nod to the emblem’s storied past. The design was a testament to both change and continuity in the character’s enduring legacy.

1981 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo 1982

Major changes were made to the logo in 1981. It was then that he already began to look like the familiar and familiar to us all letter W. DC company commissioned the famous graphic designer Milton Glazer to come up with a new emblem for Wonder Woman. His simple yet elegant solution was to fold the character’s initials (Wonder Woman) with the addition of wings to evoke associations with the original design. This logo has also undergone numerous tweaks and changes over the years, but now this particular version has been more closely associated with the character.


Wonder Woman Logo 1994

In 1994, the emblematic “WW” insignia underwent a tasteful transformation. The revamped wings, now more extended and gracefully arched, infused new life into the design. The color scheme harked back to the classic Wonder Woman hues of gold and ebony, but the overall appearance had a distinct flair. Surprisingly, this rendition of the emblem had a short tenure, gracing the superhero for merely a handful of months. By 1995, it gracefully gave way to a more angular and structured design, signaling another chapter in the ever-evolving visual identity of the legendary character. This constant evolution reflected the character’s dynamic journey through time, adapting while staying true to its roots.

1995 – 1998

Wonder Woman Logo 1995

The 1995 overhaul ushered in a logo exuding immense strength and vigor. The wings, previously elongated, now assumed a triangular formation. A prominent golden triangle anchored the base of the emblem, harmonizing with the fresh geometric interpretation of the insignia. This reimagined structure radiated equilibrium and potency, mirroring the indomitable spirit and essence of Wonder Woman. The updated design was not merely a visual transformation; it symbolically represented the resilience and commanding presence of the iconic superheroine, echoing her enduring legacy in the world of comics and pop culture. The synergy between the old and the new elements ensured that the legacy was respected while making a bold modern statement.

1998 – 2006

Wonder Woman Logo 1998

By 1998, the emblematic heroine underwent a notable transformation in her brand representation. While the core concept and arrangement echoed past designs, the latest rendition distinguished itself with its unique palette and aesthetic. This version was painted with a seamless gradient, transitioning from a rich copper to a soft beige. The redesigned “W” showcased gracefully curved wings, devoid of any internal demarcations. This departure from traditional motifs was a bold, contemporary move, encapsulating Wonder Woman’s timeless essence with a modern twist. The amalgamation of classic symbolism with refreshed design elements signified the character’s evolving journey while staying true to her iconic roots. The whole redesign exuded sophistication, capturing the allure and strength of the celebrated heroine.

2006 – 2011, 2016 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo 2006

The distinctive features of the 2006 emblem are its colors. In particular, a maroon background was added, and the main symbol became yellow-gold again. Interestingly, the double W began to have a bird’s head. Overall, thanks to the bolder black outline, the logo looks more rigorous, reflecting the essence of Wonder Woman herself.

2011 – 2016

Wonder Woman Logo 2011

The massive relaunch of the New 52 universe refreshed Wonder Woman’s backstory and dressed her in a new outfit. Her new look lacked the familiar yellow color, and her logo and bracelets went silver. She has become characterized by many sharp corners. Also, the designers added a light shadow so that the icon does not look completely flat like in previous versions. Indeed, the emblem became more aggressive and even resembled a bat.

2016 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo

The version of the logo presented in 2016 looks really powerful, presentable, and aesthetically pleasing. It represents an eagle in the form of the letter “W”. The icon has a three-dimensional shape. All the smallest details are visible, and the golden reflections make viewers believe that the badge is indeed made of iron.