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From ancient Greek myths to modern times, over the decades, the image of Wonder Woman has been radically changed more than once. Although, its visual implementation always remained recognizable thanks to the colors and basic elements.
The original image, invented by psychologist William Marston, embodied the strength and power of a new type of woman who must rule the world. They are kind, smart, and never tire of fighting for justice. All these qualities are combined in the Amazon woman Diana.

Meaning and history

Wonder Woman Logo History

Wonder Woman made her debut in All-Star Comics # 8, December 1941. At the same time, its original logo, in the form of an eagle, was presented. It existed unchanged for quite a long time, for a whole 41 years. However, despite the fact that the design was refined in the following years, it still remained about the same.

1941 – 1982

Wonder Woman Logo 1941

The original logo as well as Wonder Woman herself was coined in 1941. It was in the form of an eagle, made in the Art Deco style, against a bright red background. In the very first version, the bird has smoother and more rounded features, but in the following years the publishers decided to abandon these features.

1982 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo 1982

Major changes were made to the logo in 1981. It was then that he already began to look like the familiar and familiar to us all letter W. DC company commissioned the famous graphic designer Milton Glazer to come up with a new emblem for Wonder Woman. His simple yet elegant solution was to fold the character’s initials (Wonder Woman) with the addition of wings to evoke associations with the original design. This logo has also undergone numerous tweaks and changes over the years, but now this particular version has been more closely associated with the character.

2006 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo 2006

The distinctive features of the 2006 emblem are its colors. In particular, a maroon background was added, and the main symbol became yellow-gold again. Interestingly, the double W began to have a bird’s head. Overall, thanks to the bolder black outline, the logo looks more rigorous, reflecting the essence of Wonder Woman herself.

2011 – 2016

Wonder Woman Logo 2011

The massive relaunch of the New 52 universe refreshed Wonder Woman’s backstory and dressed her in a new outfit. Her new look lacked the familiar yellow color, and her logo and bracelets went silver. She has become characterized by many sharp corners. Also, the designers added a light shadow so that the icon does not look completely flat like in previous versions. Indeed, the emblem became more aggressive and even resembled a bat.

2016 – Today

Wonder Woman Logo

The version of the logo presented in 2016 looks really powerful, presentable, and aesthetically pleasing. It represents an eagle in the form of the letter “W”. The icon has a three-dimensional shape. All the smallest details are visible, and the golden reflections make viewers believe that the badge is indeed made of iron.