Car Brands that Start With B

Car brands that start with B

In the grand theater of the automotive world, brands with “B” as their herald carry tales of ambition and finesse. Each logo, a symbol steeped in heritage and forward thrust, tells a story. This article shines a light on those marques, unveiling the essence behind the iconic “B”. These emblems, more than just designs, capture founders’ dreams, traditions, and the quest for speed and luxury.

Our exploration brings us through diverse terrains of automotive mastery. Familiar giants stand alongside hidden gems, each marked by its struggle, innovation, and pursuit of perfection. This journey is not merely about machines. It’s about visionaries, their hurdles, and victories, all under the banner of “B”.

The letter “B” unites automotive trailblazers, each carving its path of endurance and design brilliance. Their stories, a testament to human grit, blend art with engineering, pushing boundaries. As we dive into this collection, let’s celebrate the rich tapestry of history and innovation these brands embody, revealing the vast potential of automotive art and science.


Logo Babcock

Frank A. Babcock, who managed the Buffalo Electric Carriage Company from 1901 to 1906, founded his namesake company in Buffalo, New York, and began producing automobiles under the Babcock brand until 1912, later merging into the Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company without any affiliation to H.H. Babcock Company, which also used the Babcock name from 1909 to 1913.  The emblem radiates an old-time charm through a monochrome palette. Encased within an oval outline, “BABCOCK” is gracefully arched overhead. Central to this emblem, “1905” denotes the brand’s enduring legacy. The term “CARRIAGES” curves at the bottom, sealing the emblem’s vintage appeal.

BAC (Briggs Automotive Company)

Logo BAC

This brand stands out for engineering the Mono, a road-legal, single-seater sports car that transforms personal driving into an unmatched experience. Its unique approach combines advanced automotive technology with a focus on the driver’s engagement. The emblem embodies simplicity and boldness, logo in stark, black letters. These characters are distinctively angled, suggesting speed and forward motion. Their uniform slant adds a layer of coherence and precision, highlighting the brand’s commitment to innovation.


Logo BAD

The British American Daytonas brand encapsulates a fusion of cultural automotive excellence, offering vehicles that are a blend of British design finesse and American muscle, revered for their robust performance and distinctive presence on both the road and the racetrack. Its emblem captures attention with a dynamic car silhouette adorned with the American flag. At the forefront, stars gleam against a blue backdrop, while red and white stripes decorate the rear. “B.A.D.” stands out in a metallic hue, creating a three-dimensional appearance. Beneath, “BRITISH AMERICAN DAYTONAS” is meticulously crafted in a traditional serif font, adding to the logo’s distinctive flair.

BAIC Group (Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.)

Logo BAIC Group

Dominating the Chinese automotive sector, BAIC Group offers an extensive lineup of passenger and commercial vehicles, including innovative new energy solutions. This presence reinforces its role in leading China towards a greener automotive future. The emblem, a sophisticated silver badge, features dual ovals that abstractly form a ‘B’. Its chrome-like finish exudes elegance and modernity. The name “北汽集团” appears in bold red, complemented by “BAIC Group” in a straightforward, red sans-serif type, boldly asserting the company’s influential stance.


Bajaj Logo

Celebrated for transforming the two-wheeler and three-wheeler segments in India and beyond, Bajaj stands as a symbol of reliability, efficiency, and affordability. Its vehicles, recognized for blending practicality with accessibility, cater to millions worldwide in the global automotive market. The brand’s logo features a dynamic, blue ‘B’, illustrating motion and innovation through interlocking shapes. This design implies connectivity and progression. The name “BAJAJ” is rendered in a clear, sans-serif font, accentuating the brand’s modern ethos.

Baker Electrics

Logo Baker Electrics

In the early 20th century, Baker Electrics distinguished itself by producing electric vehicles. These cars provided a silent, eco-friendly alternative to gasoline engines, reflecting an era of innovation. The logo, characterized by its artful, retro style, includes “Baker Electric” in whimsical, curvy typography. This design choice imparts an organic, handcrafted feel, with the fluid black letters standing out against a simple background for a striking contrast.


Logo Ballot

A significant player in early 20th-century motor sports, Ballot is renowned for its high-performance engines and racing prowess. The brand’s emblem, an ornate, round badge bordered by a textured golden rope, centers on a green anchor intersected by bold red and green “E” and “B” letters. This imagery conveys stability and reliability. Golden stars on a blue backdrop encircle the anchor, with “BALLOT” and “PARIS” enhancing the emblem’s celestial vibe and French heritage.


Logo Bandini

Founded in 1946 by Ilario Bandini, this Italian marque is famed for its small, meticulously crafted sports cars that left an indelible mark on racing. Italian passion for speed, design, and craftsmanship shines through. The emblem features a medieval shield, rich in color, with a black rooster symbolizing strength and agility against a golden background. Decorative elements and a stylized column highlight the brand’s elegance. “BANDINI”, placed at the shield’s base in blue, is complemented by the Italian flag’s colors, showcasing national pride and legacy.


Logo Baojun

Established through a partnership between General Motors, SAIC Motor, and Wuling Motors, Baojun is a prominent force in the Chinese automotive landscape. This collaboration aims to produce affordable vehicles tailored to the broad and varied demands of Chinese consumers, marrying global expertise with local insights. The logo features a contemporary, silver diamond shape that offers a 3D impression, incorporating an abstract, futuristic ‘B’ folding over itself. This design embodies precision, innovation, and a progressive mindset. “BAOJUN” is stated in uppercase, sans-serif letters below the emblem, showcasing a sleek and modern brand identity.


Logo Barkas

Renowned in East Germany, Barkas produced the iconic B1000 vans, versatile vehicles that served various functions, from ambulances to utility transports across the Eastern Bloc, epitomizing the industrial capabilities and practicality of the era. The logo sports a streamlined airplane or wing motif, symbolizing speed and movement with its extended lines and acute angles. A white and blue palette lends the emblem a fresh, contemporary look. “BARKAS” appears in bold, straightforward lettering below, underlining a robust and direct brand persona.

Barley Motor Car Co.

Logo Barley Motor

In the vibrant twenties, Barley Motor Car Co. ventured boldly into the American automotive scene, offering luxury and performance before the period’s fierce competition and economic challenges led to its decline, leaving a nostalgic echo of potential in the golden age of autos. The logo is set against an oval, textured backdrop reminiscent of leather or metal, invoking a sense of endurance and tradition. “Barley”, prominently displayed at the top in raised letters, is accompanied by “Six” in a more refined typeface, hinting at a model or engine variant. “Roamer Built”, framed by a protective ribbon banner below, hints at the esteemed craftsmanship linked to the Roamer name.

Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Company

Logo Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Company

In the early 20th century, Bauer specialized in crafting taxicabs for the U.S. market, emphasizing vehicles built for durability and the comfort of passengers navigating urban environments. The emblem is distinguished by a vibrant, red textured nucleus that captures attention, encased within a pristine, white boundary. “BAUER” arcs prominently above and below this center, with the lettering spilling over into the red, adding a layer of depth. “TAXICAB MFG. CO. CHICAGO” circles the core design, highlighting the firm’s focus and geographic roots.

Bay State Automobile & Manufacturing Company

Logo Bay State Auto

During the nascent stages of the 20th-century automotive industry, this company embarked on a brief yet ambitious journey, striving to merge luxury with performance. The heart-shaped badge, adorned with celestial blue enamel, embodies passion and dedication. “R.H. LONG MOTORS CO.” is proudly displayed along the top curve, while “BAY STATE” crosses the heart’s center on a banner. Below, a depiction of a silver radiator grille and emblem mimics a classic car’s front, anchoring the automotive theme. This emblem stands as a homage to the brand’s Massachusetts heritage, paying tribute to its “Bay State” moniker.

Bayliss Thomas

Logo Bayliss Thomas

Initially famed for their “Excelsior” motorcycles, Bayliss Thomas also explored the automobile sector in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, capturing the era’s spirit of engineering and transportation innovation. The round emblem, bordered in blue, places “BAYLISS THOMAS” around its perimeter in a bold, serif font. The heart of the badge features a “B & T Co.” monogram, with intricately woven letters set against a striking red background, highlighting the silver typography. This emblem’s color scheme and detailing evoke a timeless elegance and sophistication.

BCK Motor Car Company

Logo BCK Motor Car

This company remains a mystery within the early automotive industry, its exact impact and achievements lost to time, prompting enthusiasts to explore historical records for insights. The logo adopts a bold, Art Deco geometric style, with “KNE” and “CARL” intersecting vertically to create a balanced, symmetrical design. Its monochrome palette accentuates the sharp lines and angles, projecting a modern, precision-engineered image reminiscent of its time.

Bean Cars

Logo Bean Cars

Flourishing in the 1920s and early 1930s, Bean Cars catered to the British middle class, representing a period of innovation and resilience amidst economic and technological shifts. The logo’s whimsical, handwritten script conveys a personal, friendly brand ethos. “Bean” stands out with bold strokes, underscored by a fluid swoop, suggesting movement and accessibility. This informal script reflects a grounded, customer-centric approach, illustrating the brand’s commitment to reliability and service.

Beardsley Electric Company

Logo Beardsley Electric Company

In the early 20th century, Beardsley Electric Company emerged as a trailblazer in the American electric vehicle scene, introducing electric cars as a silent, efficient alternative to their gasoline counterparts. Their logo embodies the era’s innovative spirit with a vintage-flavored, cursive font reminiscent of bespoke signage. “Beardsley Electric” is penned in an elegant script that flows, with the ‘c’s final stroke cleverly morphing into a lightning bolt. This design element aptly symbolizes the company’s electric foundation and its swift advancements in the field.


Logo Beauford

Known for classic-style tourers, Beauford stands out as a British auto manufacturer that marries vintage charm with modern reliability. The logo features bold, smooth script that exudes dynamism and elegance. The interconnected letters highlight a sense of continuity and craftsmanship, reflecting Beauford’s commitment to blending timeless design with contemporary engineering. This logo effectively communicates the brand’s appeal to those who cherish the aesthetics of yesteryears without compromising on today’s performance and comfort.


Logo Bedelia

As a distinctive French cyclecar brand from the early 1910s, Bédélia carved its niche with a focus on lightweight design and simplicity. The brand’s logo, framed within a rectangular outline, boasts an elegant, cursive typography that captures the essence of early 20th-century finesse. The ‘B’s pronounced flourish adds a touch of sophistication, signaling Bédélia’s dedication to refined and classic automotive designs, standing apart in an age of diverse automotive exploration.

Bedford Vehicles

Logo Bedford Vehicles

As a pivotal British manufacturer of trucks, buses, and vans under Vauxhall Motors and General Motors, Bedford Vehicles marked its era with its contribution to civilian and military transport. Its logo features a heraldic griffin within a monochromatic crest, symbolizing strength and vigilance. Positioned above a banner that boldly bears the name “BEDFORD” in capitalized letters, and encircled by a circular border, the emblem resonates with the regal and authoritative motifs typical of classic British heraldry.

BeiBen Truck

Logo BeiBen Truck

The brand stands as a powerful symbol of China’s prowess in the heavy-duty truck sector. Offering a broad spectrum of durable vehicles, BeiBen Truck has become a familiar presence in construction and logistics, marrying local innovation with global engineering partnerships. Its logo, characterized by simplicity and symmetry, features a bold red color that embodies strength and vitality. Central to the design are two mirrored triangles, forming an arrow-shaped figure enclosed in a circle, symbolizing direction and progress. The clean lines and precise geometry of the logo emphasize the company’s commitment to accuracy and dependability.

Beijing Automobile Works (BAW)

Logo Beijing Automobile Works

Occupying a revered position in the Chinese automotive landscape, BAW has a storied history that mirrors the evolution of the country’s auto industry into a global behemoth. Specializing in a vast array of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses, BAW’s logo is a gray circle with a stylized ‘A’, evoking images of a beacon or peak. Boldly set below this emblem are the red letters “BAW”, asserting the brand’s strong and distinctive identity.

Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. (Foton)

Logo Beiqi Foton

A significant player in the global commercial vehicle market, Foton has established itself with a diverse lineup that spans trucks, buses, and agricultural machinery, showcasing China’s rising influence in the automotive domain through cutting-edge innovation and extensive international collaborations. The brand’s logo presents a modern, minimalist “F” within a silver circle, signifying technological sophistication. “FOTON”, written in striking blue letters below the emblem, communicates the reliability and assurance linked to the company’s automotive solutions.

Bell Aurens

Logo Bell Aurens

Renowned for its exceptionally limited production of custom-built automobiles, Bell Aurens caters to a niche market of collectors and enthusiasts who value unique design and superior performance. The symbol of the brand is a logo depicting a moving camel with a warrior, enclosed in an oval. This mythical figure embodies power and agility. Inscribed below this dynamic silhouette is “BELL AURENS” in a bold, traditional typeface, reflecting the brand’s spirit of adventure and strength.


Logo Bellanger

In the early 20th century, specifically from 1912 to 1925, Bellanger made its mark by producing luxury vehicles renowned for their durability and innovative engineering. This French automobile manufacturer catered to an elite clientele who prized both sophistication and technological progress in their cars. Its emblem, a diamond shape with a textured, crosshatched interior, creates a sense of depth and dimension. The inscription “BELLANGER FRÈRES” stands out in bold, raised letters, achieving a 3D effect. The emblem’s gold-on-black color scheme radiates luxury and tradition, suggesting a company steeped in rich heritage and dedicated to upscale products.


Logo Bellier

Bellier has carved out a specialized niche in the automotive industry with its focus on microcars and light vehicles in France. These vehicles offer an eco-friendly and practical urban mobility solution, designed to navigate modern city life’s challenges with compact, efficient, and environmentally conscious designs. The logo features dynamic, abstract shapes that imply movement and speed, rendered in a silver and yellow color palette. The name “BELLIER” is presented in a bold, capitalized font, indicating modernity and robustness, while the graphic elements above symbolize speed lines and a sunrise, portraying innovation and a promising future for “BELLIER AUTOMOBILES”.

Bentall EH Bentall Ltd

Logo Bentall EH Bentall Ltd

Originally renowned for agricultural machinery, Bentall EH Bentall Ltd expanded its horizons to the automotive industry in the early 20th century. This venture reflected the company’s versatility and willingness to apply its engineering expertise in new markets beyond its traditional domain. The logo features a golden circular emblem with intertwined initials in an ornate script, exuding tradition and craftsmanship. Set against a matte gold background with a brighter gold outline, the design adds depth and prominence, reflecting the company’s heritage.


Logo Bentley

Since 1919, Bentley has embodied luxury and performance, establishing a legacy of British craftsmanship that merges unmatched luxury with sporting capability. This combination offers an exclusive driving experience synonymous with prestige and sophistication. The logo, characterized by a pair of wings, represents speed, freedom, and exploration, with the iconic ‘B’ at its center encased in a circle, denoting the brand’s esteemed heritage and prestige. Below the wings, the bold text “BENTLEY” asserts the brand’s dominant position in the automobile industry.


Logo Benz

Marking a significant chapter in automotive history, Karl Benz’s Benz Patent-Motorwagen is celebrated as the first vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, initiating the era of motorized transportation. This invention laid the groundwork for the modern automotive industry, characterized by innovative spirit and engineering prowess. The brand’s final logo, framed by a decorative laurel wreath symbolizing victory and prestige, features the name “BENZ” in tall, serif typography that commands attention. The classic, monochromatic design embodies a rich heritage and refined simplicity.


Logo Berg

While not as prominent in the mainstream automotive history, Berg could refer to historical brands known for limited production or specialized vehicles. Its logo employs a bold, serif typography to spell out “Berg Automobile” in stark black. This traditional typeface, with its solid, uniform strokes and minimalistic flair, conveys a sense of durability and straightforwardness, reflecting a classic and unembellished character.


Logo Berkeley

In the 1950s, Berkeley emerged as an innovative British car manufacturer, pioneering fiberglass bodies and motorcycle engines to create small, agile sports cars. These lightweight vehicles captured the hearts of enthusiasts who valued fun and maneuverability in their driving experience. The emblem features a stylized “B” within a silver, chrome-outlined circular badge. With the number’s upper half in red and the remainder in grey, “BERKELEY” gracefully arcs above, complemented by stars and text along the metallic border, lending a regal and esteemed look.


Logo Berliet

As a significant French manufacturer, Berliet made lasting contributions to the automotive and truck industry from the late 19th century until 1978. Renowned for its commercial vehicles and buses, the brand underscored reliability, innovation, and a commitment to meeting the demands of an evolving society. Its logo presents a round badge adorned with a sophisticated blue and gold design, reminiscent of stained glass. “AUTOMOBILES BERLIET” encircles the edge in a golden script, encasing a central blue disc. This design’s intricate pattern and bold colors highlight a legacy of craftsmanship and French heritage.

Berrien Buggy

Logo Berrien Buggy

Specializing in the production of dune buggy chassis and kits, Berrien Buggy has established a unique position in the automotive industry. This brand is all about catering to the adventurous spirit and personalization desires of motorsport enthusiasts and builders. The logo captures the essence of fun and movement with its playful, irregularly shaped letters spelling out “Berrien Buggy inc.” in a whimsical, flowing font. The choice of typeface perfectly aligns with the brand’s association with off-road vehicles, with the “inc.” part tilting to the right, adding a touch of playfulness.


Logo Bertone

As a prestigious Italian design house and coachbuilder, Bertone is celebrated for its revolutionary automotive designs and concept cars that have significantly influenced the industry. Working alongside major manufacturers, Bertone has crafted some of the most iconic and visually compelling vehicles. Its logo adopts a more formal appearance, featuring the name “BERTONE” in bold, silver letters, accented with a bar of Italian national colors-green, white, and red-beneath. A metallic, shield-like symbol with a stylized ‘B’ at the center sits above the name, projecting a modern and dynamic image.


Logo Bestune

Known formerly as Besturn, Bestune is a marque under the auspices of China’s FAW Group, delivering passenger cars that merge contemporary design with advanced technology. This reflects China’s swift progress in the automotive field and its global competitive aspirations. The logo is distinctly modern, showcasing a sleek, silver emblem, complemented by both English and Chinese scripts, “-汽奔腾 BESTUNE”, in a clean, block typeface. This design harmoniously combines elements to establish a contemporary, global brand identity.


Logo BFA

Largely unknown in the mainstream automotive dialogue, BFA hints at a more specific or niche historical manufacturing story, possibly related to specialized or boutique ventures. The logo, encircled in a badge, features the initials “B.F.A.” curving above an enigmatic black and white design that evokes a camera aperture, with a yellow dot at its heart representing a focal point or flash. Below, the word “Berlin” is rendered in a straightforward, modest typeface, suggesting a blend of simplicity and mystery inherent to the brand.


Logo BharatBenz

As a prominent subsidiary of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, BharatBenz excels in the production of commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, designed specifically for the Indian market. The brand is committed to delivering quality, durability, and environmental efficiency, mirroring a dedication to fulfilling the unique requirements of Indian transportation. Its emblem exudes modernity and robustness, with “BHARATBENZ” inscribed in a solid, sans-serif font encircled by a silver ring that mimics a bolted wheel. The black and silver contrast creates a strong industrial vibe, underscoring the brand’s reliability and strength.


Logo Bianchi

Initially famed for its bicycles, Bianchi ventured into the automotive industry in Italy during the early 20th century, earning accolades for its innovative designs and cars. This transition showcased the company’s versatility and creative prowess across different transportation modes. The logo features a minimalist, monochromatic shield, bisected by a bold diagonal line that artfully slices through the letter ‘B’. The design’s overlapping geometric shapes form an abstract yet distinctive emblem, radiating classic elegance and sharp precision, characteristics befitting a brand celebrated for its style and performance.

Biddle Motor Car Company

Logo Biddle

Known under the Day-Elder marque, the Biddle Motor Car Company epitomized early automotive luxury and technological ambition in Philadelphia from 1915 to 1922. Their commitment to quality, performance, and style offers insight into the aspirations and accomplishments of that era. The brand’s emblem is circular and badge-like, featuring a brass and black color scheme. “BIDDLE MOTOR CAR CO.” forms an arc at the top, while “PHILADELPHIA PA-U.S.A.” grounds the design at the bottom. The name “BIDDLE” is boldly displayed in red at the center, strikingly set against a metallic backdrop.


Logo Bignan

As a pivotal French automobile manufacturer in the early 20th century, Bignan is celebrated for crafting luxury vehicles and its impressive motorsport achievements. The brand’s commitment to performance and engineering excellence made a significant mark on the automotive scene of the time. The logo presents an artful, silver emblem featuring a majestic eagle in mid-flight, embodying speed and freedom. This detailed depiction of an eagle, with its wings fully extended, underscores the brand’s dynamic essence. “BIGNAN SPORT” is gracefully written on a curved banner below the eagle, seamlessly integrated into the emblem’s circular border.


Logo Binz

Founded in 1936, Binz is a German company renowned for its specialized customization and modification of vehicles for unique purposes like ambulances, hearses, and limousines. This blend of craftsmanship and functionality caters precisely to client needs. The logo, presented in vibrant blue, embodies simplicity with an impact. The letters are evenly spaced. The dashes flanking the name suggest dynamism and an orientation towards progress.

Birkin Cars

Logo Birkin

Inspired by the legendary British racing driver Sir Tim Birkin, Birkin Cars upholds the tradition of bespoke British engineering through its production of high-performance sports cars. These vehicles merge the legacy of classic racing with contemporary design. The logo features an oval with a sleek black backdrop, encompassing a white, upward-pointing triangular symbol with a stylized ‘B’ that mimics a winding road. “BIRKIN” is inscribed boldly at the triangle’s base in white, evoking a sense of movement and velocity.


Logo Bitter

Founded by ex-race car driver Erich Bitter, Bitter is a German boutique automaker that has been creating luxury vehicles based on Opel models since the 1970s. These cars blend sophisticated design with the reliability of German engineering, offering an exclusive alternative to conventional luxury. The logo features stark, monochromatic lettering, each character distinct yet forming a unified, impactful statement. The elongated ‘I’ captures attention, contributing to the logo’s authoritative aura.


Logo Bizzarrini

The brainchild of the famed engineer Giotto Bizzarrini in the 1960s, Bizzarrini stands as an Italian automotive engineering gem, recognized for its high-performance sports cars like the iconic 5300 GT. These cars blend stunning aesthetics with competition-level engineering, highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts. The logo is distinguished by a starburst-like gold border around a textured red core, centered by a majestic golden eagle with widespread wings, symbolizing strength and freedom. “BIZZARRINI” is gracefully arched above the eagle, with “Livorno” encircling the bottom, together forming a seal that speaks of grandeur and engineering excellence.

Blackjack Cars

Logo Blackjack Cars

Known for creating the Blackjack Zero, a distinctive three-wheeler sports car, Blackjack Cars stands out in the UK for its blend of lightweight design and environmental consciousness. This vehicle offers an exciting drive while supporting sustainability with electric options. The emblem, set against a maroon background and framed by a metallic ring, centers on a golden disc featuring the stylized letters “AM” that exude luxury. “BLACKJACK” at the top and “AVION” at the bottom, with “CAREFULLY MADE IN ENGLAND” encircling the lower edge, proclaim the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and pride in its English origins.

Blitzworld Buggies

Logo Blitzworld Buggies

As a UK-based company, Blitzworld Buggies excels in designing and manufacturing high-quality, road-legal, and off-road buggies, appealing to enthusiasts and the commercial market alike. The brand emphasizes safety, performance, and versatility within the growing buggy sector. Its logo, with rugged, black, distressed-texture lettering, embodies an adventurous and off-road spirit. The letters, irregular and bold, convey a strong brand identity that confidently embraces challenging terrains, encapsulating excitement and raw energy.


Logo BLM

Rooted in automotive heritage, BLM (British Leyland Motor Corporation) stands as a testament to Britain’s rich history of car manufacturing, showcasing decades of innovation and design prowess in the automotive industry. The logo’s ornate, circular emblem, rich in blue and gold, suggests a classic, almost heraldic essence. The bold, red “BLM” initials command attention against the detailed backdrop, marrying elegance with boldness to depict a brand with a rich heritage and a strong, confident identity.

BLMC (British Leyland Motor Corporation)


Formed in 1968, BLMC represented a pivotal moment in British automotive history, uniting iconic brands such as Jaguar, Mini, and MG. This conglomerate produced a wide array of passenger and commercial vehicles, marking a significant chapter despite its eventual reorganization. The British Leyland logo, with its blue and white vertical rectangular emblem, features “BRITISH” and “LEYLAND” in separate halves. The stylized “L”, intertwined within interlocking circles at the center, symbolizes unity and progression. Its design’s simplicity and clean lines reflect a legacy of stability and heritage within the British automotive sector.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)

Logo BMW

Founded in 1916, BMW stands as a towering figure in the global automotive industry, celebrated for its luxury vehicles and motorcycles that exemplify the pinnacle of precision engineering, cutting-edge technology, and the joy of driving. Renowned for symbolizing both status and performance, BMW’s iconic logo features a roundel with a silver border, divided into four quadrants in sky blue and white, creating a checker pattern. This design is a nod to the company’s aviation heritage, representing a spinning airplane propeller. The bold “BMW” lettering at the top in black underscores the brand’s excellence and leadership in both the automotive and aviation sectors.

BNC (Bollack Netter et Compagnie)

Logo BNC

As a French automobile manufacturer active in the late 1920s and early 1930s, BNC distinguished itself through the production of small, sporty vehicles and an active engagement in motorsports. This period was marked by innovation and competitive spirit. The vintage emblem, shaped like a shield, is split into two sections: the upper in red with “BNC” in a classic font, and the lower depicting a vintage racing car in black and white. This design encapsulates the brand’s motorsport legacy, with the text “EVAN MEC LIP STR” alluding to mechanical prowess and speed.

Bollinger Motors

Logo Bollinger Motors

At the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, Bollinger Motors is dedicated to producing all-electric, all-wheel drive trucks and utility vehicles tailored for both on and off-road performance. This approach marries rugged functionality with a commitment to sustainable engineering. The logo features a modern, minimalist design with a bold ‘B’ in brown, set against a grey circular backdrop, hinting at strength and dependability. Below, “BOLLINGER MOTORS” is written in a simple, sans-serif font, emphasizing the brand’s straightforward, efficiency-focused design philosophy.


Logo Bolwell

An Australian icon in the realm of limited-edition sports cars, Bolwell has been blending bespoke design with high-performance engineering since the 1960s. Their vehicles stand as a testament to the passion and innovative spirit within the Australian automotive industry. The logo features a captivating circular design, bisected into a sleek black left and a vibrant orange right, with the brand name “Bolwell” elegantly divided by a vertical silver line that echoes the color division. This division symbolizes a harmonious balance of energy and motion, while the bold, sans-serif font projects a modern, dynamic vibe, fitting for a brand that consistently looks forward.

Bond Cars Ltd

Logo Bond Cars Ltd

Known for its distinctive three-wheeler microcars, Bond Cars Ltd offered the UK affordable, practical transportation solutions in the post-war era. These vehicles became iconic for their unique design and significant impact on mobility for the average British family. The logo, inspired by the spirit of aviation, features a streamlined, silver rocket-like figure pointing upwards, encapsulated within a circular black backdrop. “Bond” is displayed in a simple, clean font around this central motif, embodying innovation and a futuristic vision that defined the brand.


Logo Borgward

Borgward emerged as a prominent German car manufacturer, celebrated for its stylish, innovative vehicles from the 1920s until 1961. The brand’s legacy is marked by its contributions to safety and performance in the automotive sector. Its emblem, a sleek, triangular shield, combines a white upper half with a textured red lower half, outlined in silver. The name “BORGWARD” stretches across the middle, with its silver letters matching the emblem’s outline, creating a look of geometric precision and a sophisticated color contrast that captures the brand’s essence of innovation and elegance.


Logo Bosmal

As a pivotal figure in the automotive industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosmal is celebrated for its R&D achievements, notably the development of the Bosmal City Car, among the world’s pioneering urban electric vehicles. The logo seamlessly blends boldness with innovation, featuring the word ‘BOSMAL’ in bright blue, with a uniquely split ‘O’. The design’s clean lines and vibrant color speak to a modern, progressive identity, while the registered trademark underscores the brand’s established credibility and professional stature.

Bowler Manufacturing Ltd

Logo Bowler Manufacturing Ltd

A leader in the UK’s automotive scene, Bowler Manufacturing Ltd specializes in crafting high-performance off-road and rally raid vehicles since 1985, melding rugged practicality with the finesse of British engineering. These vehicles appeal to competitors and off-road enthusiasts alike. The brand’s logo features the bold text “BOWLER” within an elliptical orbit, symbolizing dynamism and speed. The extended ‘O’ at its core emphasizes the company’s focus on continuity and movement. This minimalist design effectively communicates efficiency and strength, echoing the manufacturer’s reputation for durability and high performance.

BRA (Beribo Replica Automobiles)


Logo BRA

Renowned for producing high-quality, hand-built replicas of classic cars, BRA has made a name for itself in the UK. Its creations, such as replicas of the Caterham Seven and the Cobra, bring the thrill of vintage driving experiences with the assurance of modern performance. The logo consists of a circular, black backdrop adorned with the metallic letters “BRA”, intertwined in a stylish and contemporary manner. A silver trim enhances the circle, adding an element of sophistication. This emblem reflects the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with modern reliability and flair.


Brabus Logo

As a premier high-performance aftermarket tuning firm, Brabus is celebrated for transforming Mercedes-Benz vehicles into luxurious, ultra-powerful machines. This German company stretches the limits of speed and opulence to craft some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles. Its logo, marked by a bold, black typeface, features the name “BRABUS” with a standout, circular “B” that evokes a sense of elegance and potency. The design’s sharp contrast and clean lines embody the essence of high performance and luxury, underscoring Brabus’s renown in the high-end automotive tuning sector.

Bradley Automotive

Logo Bradley Automotive

A notable player in the American kit car market throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Bradley Automotive offered car enthusiasts the opportunity to assemble their own sports cars using Bradley GT kits and VW Beetle chassis. This initiative celebrated the era’s spirit of DIY and customization. The company’s logo showcases a square emblem with a lion rampant, a timeless emblem of courage and strength, aligning with the brand’s robust legacy. Adjacent to the lion is an ornate, heraldic shield bearing a “B” in an old English script, evoking a sense of tradition and craftsmanship. “BRADLEY” is boldly stated below in capitalized letters, solidifying the logo with a foundation of reliability and trust.


Logo Brammo

Originally acclaimed for its electric motorcycles, Brammo was at the forefront of electric vehicle technology innovation, emphasizing performance and sustainability. This commitment played a crucial role in the evolution of electric mobility, culminating in the transfer of its technology to Polaris Industries. The brand’s logo, characterized by a stark and modern design, features an arrowhead pointing , cleverly split into two symmetrical sections that form a stylized “M”. This sharp, angular design embodies the essence of cutting-edge technology and forward momentum, perfectly aligning with Brammo’s role as a pioneer in electric motorcycle innovation. The brand name “BRAMMO” is placed below in a simple, bold typeface, highlighting the company’s strong and distinct identity.


Logo Brasier

As a prestigious French automobile manufacturer in the early 20th century, Brasier marked its era with significant racing achievements, including victories in the Gordon Bennett Cup. These triumphs reflected its dedication to engineering excellence and competitive spirit at a time of rapid automotive innovation. The logo, with “Brasier” written in a flowing, cursive script in deep blue, evokes the luxury and craftsmanship of early 20th-century automobiles. The script’s elegance and the flourish of the ‘r’s extended tail capture the essence of speed and the brand’s bespoke legacy.


Logo Brasinca

In the 1960s, Brasinca made its mark on the Brazilian automotive scene with the Brasinca Uirapuru, a limited production sports car known for its distinctive design and performance. This achievement showcased the creativity and ambition of the Brazilian automotive industry during a period of significant growth. The logo’s simple yet bold circular design features a beige outer ring and a vibrant red inner section, housing a stylized letter “B”. The contrast of red against beige makes the logo pop, reflecting the brand’s passion and creative approach to car design.

Breckland Technology Limited

Logo Breckland

A bespoke British car manufacturer, Breckland Technology Limited specialized in the late 2000s in creating limited-edition sports cars like the Beira V8, incorporating GM’s LS series engines. This endeavor melded traditional British sports car aesthetics with contemporary performance engineering. The emblem, shaped like a shield with a sleek silver outline against a rich blue backdrop, prominently displays a white stag in motion, symbolizing both grace and agility. Above the stag, “BRECKLAND” is inscribed in a bold silver font, projecting the brand’s reliability and strength.

Bremach Industry S.p.A.

Logo Bremach Industry

Known for its sturdy and reliable off-road vehicles and trucks, Bremach Industry S.p.A. has earned a commendable reputation within the European commercial vehicle sector. These vehicles, designed for challenging terrains and heavy-duty tasks, embody the company’s dedication to quality, durability, and innovation in utility vehicle production. The logo showcases a sleek and angular design, reminiscent of a stylized aircraft, conveying notions of precision and forward thrust. The word “bremach” sits boldly at the center, its letters grounded within the silhouette that tapers to sharp points, symbolizing the cutting-edge and dynamic nature of the brand it represents. The monochromatic color scheme employs a stark black for both the text and background design, evoking a sense of sophistication, power, and timeless elegance inherent to the brand’s identity.


Logo Brennabor

Initially a bicycle manufacturer, Brennabor evolved into a leading automobile producer in early 20th century Germany, renowned for its quality vehicles that appealed to a broad audience. Though it ceased automobile production in the late 1920s, Brennabor left a lasting mark of automotive innovation and excellence. Its emblem, featuring a classic, heraldic-inspired design with a bold red background, centers around a stylized, interlocked “B” monogram that speaks to tradition and craftsmanship. This monogram is framed by a white border containing the company name, with the motto “bestens in Form” emphasizing top quality and excellence.

Brewster & Co.

Logo Brewster Co

Esteemed for its luxury vehicles and custom coachwork for prestigious chassis like Rolls-Royce, Brewster & Co. stood as a pinnacle of American coachbuilding in the early 20th century, symbolizing opulence and bespoke automotive artistry. The emblem, with its vintage shield-like shape, recalls the art deco period, representing a legacy of elegance and style. “Brewster” is written in a simple, yet refined font against a black backdrop, outlined by a striking blue border. A single, subtle decorative dot at the emblem’s peak highlights the brand’s meticulous attention to detail.


Logo Bricklin

The Bricklin brand is celebrated for its innovative SV-1 sports car, produced in the mid-1970s, which prioritized safety with features such as an integrated roll cage and impact-absorbing bumpers, along with its iconic gull-wing doors. Despite its brief foray into North American car manufacturing, Bricklin’s ambition left a significant impact. The logo features a simple, yet powerful design with a circular chrome border and clear, uppercase lettering. “BRICKLIN” stands out in red, while the ‘SV-1’ model designation is presented in black, separated by a horizontal bar, symbolizing a distinct and confident brand identity.

Briggs Detroiter

Logo Briggs Detroiter

Originating from the Briggs Manufacturing Company, the Briggs Detroiter brand made a significant mark in the early automotive era by offering vehicles that blended performance with luxury. This mirrored the growing enthusiasm for automobiles and the technological progress of the time. The Detroiter logo is characterized by its ornate, old English script in bright orange, imbuing it with a sense of vintage luxury and prestige. The gothic-style letters, interconnected, foster a unity and tradition, while a horizontal line through the middle text introduces a modern, stabilizing element to the intricate design.

Brilliance Auto Group

Logo Brilliance

With its headquarters in Shenyang, China, Brilliance Auto Group stands as a comprehensive car manufacturer that not only produces a broad spectrum of passenger vehicles under the Brilliance brand but also boasts significant collaborations with industry giants like BMW and Toyota. These partnerships underscore Brilliance’s pivotal role in marrying Chinese manufacturing prowess with Western automotive innovation. The emblem, sleek and contemporary, features a glossy black circle with a three-part metallic figure that mirrors a stylized ‘H’. Below this, the brand name “BRILLIANCE” appears in bold red letters, conveying strength and vitality. The circular motif of the logo suggests completeness and ongoing excellence, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and enduring success.

Briscoe Motor Company

Logo Briscoe

Founded in 1914 by the automotive pioneer Benjamin Briscoe, the Briscoe Motor Company set out to manufacture affordable vehicles for the burgeoning mass market, utilizing innovative assembly techniques of its time. Although it ceased operations in 1921, the company left a legacy of ambition and innovation. The Briscoe badge, adorned with a fleur-de-lis in regal gold set against deep blue accents, evokes a sense of nobility and exceptional quality. The brand’s name is emblazoned across a central banner in contrasting red and white, highlighting a bold and distinct identity. This luxurious and ornate design underscores the brand’s dedication to grandeur and tradition.

Bristol Cars

Logo Bristol

As a symbol of quintessential British manufacturing, Bristol Cars was celebrated for its hand-built, high-performance luxury vehicles, representing a unique blend of craftsmanship, performance, and exclusivity from 1945 until its closure in 2020. The Bristol emblem, encased in a circular badge, showcases a vibrant red, black, and white crest featuring a detailed castle and ship illustration, symbolizing maritime heritage and resilience. “BRISTOL” is prominently displayed in a clear, black font on a white backdrop, bordered by a black ring, projecting a sense of classic elegance and authoritative distinction.

British Salmson

Logo British Salmson

Emerging in the 1930s, British Salmson, a branch of the French Salmson engineering firm, distinguished itself by manufacturing high-quality sports cars and aero engines in the UK. This venture underscored the fruitful exchange of automotive innovation and craftsmanship between Britain and France during the interwar years. The emblem presents a striking blend of aviation and artisanal detail. Twin blue wings, detailed with a dot matrix pattern, suggest the freedom and grace of flight. At the heart lies a golden cogwheel, reminiscent of intricate machinery, overlaid by a scarlet banner bearing the name “SALMSON” in bold, yellow capitals, evoking a sense of industrious heritage. Together, these elements reflect the brand’s aeronautical roots and its commitment to engineering excellence.


Logo Briton

During the early 20th century, particularly from 1909 to 1928, Briton was a prominent British automobile manufacturer known for its reliable vehicles that met the growing demand for cars in Britain, epitomizing the country’s industrial strength and automotive ambitions of the Edwardian era. The Briton logo features an elegant monogram with the letters “B”, “T”, and “C” intricately intertwined within a circular badge, symbolizing meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. “BRITON CARS” encircles the design in a classic serif font, accented by two small dots, underscoring the brand’s automotive heritage and commitment to quality.

Broc Electric

Logo Broc

The Broc Carriage & Wagon Company, founded in 1904 and later known as Broc Electric Vehicle Company, established itself in Cleveland, Ohio, initially crafting carriages before introducing automobiles in 1909 under the Broc brand. In 1914, Broc merged with Argo Electric Vehicle Company and Borland-Grannis Company to form the American Electric Car Company in Saginaw, Michigan, where production continued until its cessation in 1916, maintaining the Broc marque throughout its existence. Its logo utilizes bold, serif lettering to convey a sense of durability and reliability. The brand name “BROC” is prominently larger than “ELECTRIC”, emphasizing the brand identity, with each letter exhibiting slight variations that add uniqueness to the presentation.

Brooke Cars

Logo Brooke

Renowned for its commitment to crafting limited quantities of high-performance sports cars, such as the Brooke 260 Double R, Brooke Cars marries advanced technology with traditional British sports car aesthetics. This results in vehicles that offer an unmatched blend of speed, agility, and craftsmanship. The Brooke logo is marked by a distinctive geometric design, with angular lines emanating from a central point to form a star-like pattern. A surrounding banner with the name “BROOKE” in a simple, uppercase font encases the figure. The logo’s symmetry and minimalistic style reflect a focus on precision, modernity, and streamlined efficiency.


Logo Brush

Operating from 1907 to 1913, the Brush Runabout Company made its mark in the early American automotive industry with its innovative approach to vehicle manufacturing, incorporating lightweight materials and unique features like a wooden chassis and one-cylinder engine. The Brush logo, characterized by its black, fluid letterforms that mimic hand-painted brush strokes, reflects a personal and artistic touch. The varied thickness of the lines in the letters emphasizes creativity and originality, signifying the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and bespoke design.

BSA (Birmingham Small Arms Company)

Logo BSA

Initially renowned for its firearms and motorcycles, BSA expanded into automobile manufacturing in the early 20th century, offering everything from compact three-wheelers to substantial four-wheeled cars. The BSA logo, with its bold, red block letters and a winged motif atop the “B”, evokes a sense of speed and freedom. The detailed feather layers on the wings add a dynamic aspect to the logo, signaling agility and the brand’s historical ties to aviation, underscoring BSA’s engineering versatility and iconic status in British manufacturing.


Logo Bucciali

Bucciali, a French automobile manufacturer active in the late 1920s and early 1930s, is celebrated for its extravagant and pioneering vehicles like the Bucciali TAV8-32 “La Bucciale”. This brand stood for luxury and cutting-edge design during the Art Deco period. The Bucciali emblem, showcasing the brand name “BUCCIALI” in a golden, outlined font within a parallelogram shape, creates a perception of depth and sophistication. The emblem’s metallic sheen and angular design lines reflect the luxury, precision, and Art Deco influence that define the Bucciali legacy.

Buckler Cars

Logo Buckler

Active from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, Buckler Cars was a British manufacturer known for its kit cars and chassis, catering to enthusiasts and amateur racers with a focus on performance and handling. The Buckler logo, set against a rich, royal blue oval background, features the company name “BUCKLER” in bold block letters, complemented by “READING MULTI TUBE FRAME” beneath. This descriptor highlights the brand’s emphasis on innovative automotive framework and engineering. The rustic, almost handcrafted appearance of the lettering lends the logo a sense of tradition and mechanical genuineness, resonating with the brand’s commitment to performance through engineering.

Budd Company

Logo Budd

Founded in 1912, the Budd Company made a lasting impact on the automotive industry with its all-steel automobile bodies and pioneering metal stamping techniques. These innovations significantly advanced vehicle manufacturing processes. The Budd logo showcases a sleek, contemporary design with “Budd” in italicized black letters, slanted to convey motion and progressiveness. The addition of double lines through the middle of the letters introduces depth and a futuristic aspect, symbolizing the company’s forward-thinking and innovative contributions to automotive technology.


Logo Buddy

Designed for urban mobility, Buddy represents a modern approach to electric vehicles, emphasizing compact, efficient, and eco-friendly transportation. This aligns with the increasing emphasis on sustainable urban commuting in light of environmental and urbanization challenges. The Buddy Cars logo is characterized by its dynamic, red script spelling out “Buddy”, enhanced by an underline that adds a playful sense of motion. “Cars GmbH” in subdued grey grounds the logo, providing a professional and solid foundation to the brand’s identity, indicative of Buddy’s focus on energy and movement within the urban electric vehicle space.

Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company

Logo Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company

Operating in the early 20th century, the Buffalo Electric Vehicle Company was part of the initial wave of electric vehicle manufacturers, offering silent, clean, and simple transportation solutions in Buffalo, New York. During a period when electric cars were a favored option for urban transit, the company’s efforts reflected an early commitment to electric mobility. The Buffalo Electrics logo, featuring an antiquated, textured typographic style, evokes a sense of age and durability. Its straightforward yet classic font speaks to the reliability and historical significance of early electric vehicle technology, capturing the essence of this pioneering phase in electric mobility.


Logo Bufori

Originating in Australia in 1986 and now based in Malaysia, Bufori stands as an emblem of exclusive boutique automotive craftsmanship, merging classic aesthetics with contemporary technology. This automaker specializes in creating handcrafted luxury vehicles that transcend mere transportation to become bespoke masterpieces of art and engineering. The Bufori logo, with its script-like, cursive font in a glossy golden finish, showcases fluid, elongated letters adorned with elegant flourishes. The ‘B’ notably extends with a graceful curve, embodying the essence of bespoke craftsmanship and the lavishness intrinsic to hand-built luxury automobiles.


Bugatti Logо

Founded in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti, this brand has become a byword for engineering superiority, design innovation, and supreme performance, with iconic supercars like the Veyron and Chiron under its belt. Bugatti’s legacy of luxury and speed sets ongoing benchmarks in the automotive world. Its logo is defined by simplicity and impact, featuring the brand name in bold, black uppercase letters set in a sans-serif typeface. This minimalist approach underscores Bugatti’s commitment to merging high-end performance with luxury, solidifying its stature in the elite automotive market.


Buick Logo

As an integral part of General Motors Corporation, Buick symbolizes American automotive excellence, combining luxury and reliability since 1903. Over the years, Buick has evolved to offer a diverse range of cars and SUVs that blend sophisticated styling with cutting-edge technology and comfort. The Buick emblem, featuring three shields within a silver ring in red, white, and blue, evokes precision and forward movement. The vertical alignment and tapered design of the shields, paired with the capital letters of “BUICK” below, reinforce the brand’s commitment to strength and dependability in the industry.


Logo Buire

In the late 1920s, Buire emerged as a beacon of French automotive luxury, capturing the essence of elegance and craftsmanship synonymous with the era. Focused on engineering luxury automobiles, Buire’s vehicles represented not only status symbols but also marvels of the contemporary technological landscape. The emblem, a heraldic crest teeming with rich details like a crown, lion, and castle set against a burgundy backdrop, surrounded by a white band with “BUIRE AUTOS LYON” text, resonates with traditional European sophistication. This emblematic representation is a nod to the brand’s rich heritage and its French origins, highlighting a legacy of refinement and luxury.

Bungartz Butz

Logo Bungartz Butz

In 1934, Munich’s Bungartz & Co. created the Butz light automobile, engineered by Josef Ganz and revealed at the IAMA. This two-seater convertible sedan boasted a plywood body and a rear-mounted 400 cc two-cylinder two-stroke engine. With 14 horsepower and a three-speed gearbox, the prototype debuted at the Berlin Motor Show priced at 1430 Reichsmarks. Limited interest led to only a few prototypes being made. The emblem, with its captivating folded ribbon design and “BUTZ MÜNCHEN” text, employs gold and brown tones to evoke a vintage essence, reminiscent of classic automotive branding. The addition of “BUNGARTZ & CO” arching over the central motif underscores the company’s historical lineage and its rooted identity within the automotive tradition.

Burton Car Company

Logo Burton

Originating from the Netherlands, the Burton Car Company is celebrated for its two-seater sports cars, often utilizing the Citroën 2CV chassis, merging classic aesthetics with contemporary driving dynamics. This appeals to enthusiasts passionate about crafting their vehicles with a unique, retro charm. The Burton emblem, an oval with a solid blue perimeter encasing a cream background, carries “BURTON” in serif capitals, projecting a classic, straightforward appeal. This emblem’s simplicity underscores the brand’s direct and functional branding approach.


Logo Bush

Bush Motors, an innovative automotive venture based in Chicago from 1916 to 1924, pioneered the mail-order car business model, curating vehicles from various manufacturers rather than producing in-house, with many models powered by esteemed Lycoming and Continental engines in both 4- and 6-cylinder configurations, sourced from notable makers like Huffman, Piedmont, and the Norwalk Motor Car Company.  The Bush Deluxe logo, featuring a circular emblem enriched with a vibrant red radial texture for depth and motion, centers around a white star with bold, serif lettering for the brand name. “BUSH MOTOR COMPANY CHICAGO” encircles this core image, anchoring the logo with a strong sense of heritage and geographical identity.

BXR Motors

Logo BXR Motors

As a notable newcomer in the high-performance automotive sphere, BXR Motors has made waves with its flagship supercar, the Bailey Blade XTR, blending avant-garde design with performance engineering to rival top-tier sports cars. The BXR logo, with its shield split diagonally between dark and light segments, conveys balance and contrast. The “2XR” in three-dimensional metallic letters dominates the design, underscored by “MOTORS” in a smaller font, reflecting the brand’s innovative and robust presence in the competitive realm of high-performance automobiles.

BYD (Build Your Dreams)

Logo BYD

Since its inception in 1995 in Shenzhen, China, BYD has ascended to become a formidable force in the global electric vehicle and battery market. Leading the charge in manufacturing electric buses, trucks, and passenger vehicles, BYD is at the forefront of fostering innovation and sustainability, aiming to cultivate a zero-emission ecosystem worldwide. Its logo, characterized by simple yet bold red block letters encased within a red circular outline, resonates with energy and passion. The bold typography underscores the brand’s solidity and reliability, while the circular border encapsulates BYD’s holistic and global approach to the automotive and technology sectors.


Logo Byton

Launched in 2017 and extending its reach across China, the United States, and Germany, Byton stands as a trailblazer in the electric vehicle industry. It envisions revolutionizing mobility with smart, connected electric cars that feature advanced technology and interiors designed for the digital era, heralding a new phase of mobility. The Byton logo portrays a minimalist and futuristic design, with the letter “B” presented in a stylized form, reflecting the brand’s innovative approach to electric vehicles and smart connectivity. The clean lines and modern typeface underscore a sophisticated and forward-thinking identity in the realm of automotive technology.

Baolong Motors

Logo Baolong

Operating from China, Guangzhou Baolong Motors specializes in manufacturing a diverse array of vehicles, including buses and specialized utility vehicles. This reflects China’s expanding role and aspirations in meeting both domestic and international transportation demands with innovation and quality. The logo, featuring a stylized “B” that merges the imagery of the number “3” and a road stretching towards the horizon within a silver circular band, communicates modernity and automotive progress through its metallic grey tones and sleek design.

SR Bailey Company

Logo SR Bailey Company

With limited recognition in mainstream automotive circles, the SR Bailey Company likely signifies a niche or historical contribution to the automotive field, necessitating further context for a full appreciation of its impact or activities within the industry. The company’s logo, showcasing bold, orange block letters alongside a stylized black and white graphic of a forklift, adopts a modern font and a clear indication of its industrial or logistical focus, potentially relating to manufacturing or logistics operations.