American Airlines Logo

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American Airlines is a giant American airline company. They are simultaneously the biggest company of this sort in America and in the world. As such, they have the biggest fleet, the most passengers served yearly and the largest network of hubs. Additionally, their planes take people to all habitable continents.

Meaning and History

American Airlines Logo history

The company was created in 1930, when commercial flying has just started growing in popularity. Many smaller companies established throughout the 20s have gathered into one big conglomerate and called it American Airlines – owing to the fact that they were the biggest airline even back then.

Where does American Airlines fly?
They fly all over the world. Naturally, most destinations are in America, but they travel to all habitable continents.

1934 – 1945

American Airlines Logo 1934

The original logo was a circular shape with the red outline, the main blue space and many white and red pieces on it (the colors of US, in short). The central image was a white eagle clawing into a globe, whose tip protruded out of the circle’s bottom. The bird stretched its wings upwards, so there was room for more stuff on the sides.

That included two red, ‘A’ capital letters with white outlines on each side of the eagle. Directly behind the bird was also a red line that changed width from left to right, thus resembling a plane’s trail.

1945 – 1962

American Airlines Logo 1945

There were some major changed in 1945. Notably, the logo was now largely blue. The eagle turned around and now faced right, and everything except the two ‘A’s vanished. Their style also changed to the most basic sans-serif script. The only thing they added was a pale cloud section in bottom left.

1962 – 1967

American Airlines Logo 1962

Much of the logo stayed after the 1962 remodeling. The eagle and letters were now a deeper blue color and put inside a white circle with a red outline of varied width. Just below the central piece was also the word ‘American’ written in smaller, blue letters. Around the circle’s bottom was the same pale blue cloud.

1967 – 2013

American Airlines Logo 1967

In 1976, they simplified the image a lot. Notably, the eagle was now a small, minimalistic shape between the two ‘A’s – one red and one blue. Respectively, the text below said ‘AmericanAirlines’ (no gap) in the same two colors. The font was still a very basic sans-serif style.

2013 – today

American Airlines Logo

The 2013 style was an even stronger attempt at simplification. The words were now in the very center, much thinner and colored in blue (now with a gap). On the right was the emblem: two simple rectangles of red and blue (but with a perspective) and a white beak-like shape dividing them.

Emblem and Symbol

American Airlines Emblem

What is American Airlines?
It’s one of the several giant airlines from America. They aren’t a flag carrier per se, but close.

The AA vessels have a very patriotic livery. The sides are decorated with just the emblem and the word ‘America’ on each side, while the tail is painted after the American flag itself: 6 red stripes, 5 white stripes and 7 blue ones along the inner edge of the plane’s vertical stabilizer.