FlyDubai Logo

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What is FlyDubai Logo

Flydubai is a government airline located in UAE. It was created in 2009 to operate flights between United Emirates and other countries. As a result of big investments into the airline’s business, it’s become amongst the top airlines in the region. The full name is Dubai Aviation Corporation.

Meaning and History

2009 – today

FlyDubai Logo

The first logo of the company is their wordmark written fully in lowercase letters. There are two similar styles used in ‘fly’ & ‘dubai’ bits of the name. The former uses slim orange letters with few details and cut, geometric edges. The latter is similar, yet bolder and with some additional details.

For instance, the letters ‘a’ & ‘i’ are connected using an extended bar with blank space of the same shape right above it. That’s supposed to represent an airplane. Moreover, there’s a small blue circle to the right of this detail, which is supposed to be sun.