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FlyDubai is Dubai’s first low-cost airline. The company is based in Dubai International Air Harbor in the United Arab Emirates. All flights are operated from two terminals of Dubai International Airport. The airline operates flights to more than 90 destinations, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Turkey. FlyDubai’s passengers can expect high service and superior comfort. This low-coster also has a business class service. With a business class ticket, a passenger has an opportunity to get a higher level of comfort and personalized in-flight service at an affordable price.

Meaning and History

The full name of FlyDubai is Dubai Aviation Corporation. It was created in 2008 to operate flights between the United Emirates and other countries. Its founders are the local city authorities of Dubai, headed by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who created and serves as the chairman of Emirates, the best airline in the world. Actually, there is an interline agreement between FlyDubai and Emirates. FlyDubai began flying with passengers on 1 June 2009. The airline has ordered 54 new Boeing 737-800 Next Generations. As a result of big investments into the airline’s business, it’s become among the top airlines in the region.

What is FlyDubai?
FlyDubai is an airline located in UAE.  This United Arab Emirates airline managed to become one of the leading companies in air travel worldwide. Today, FlyDubai has the least number of air accidents on its account because experienced pilots and flight attendants with an international professional category serve as the backbone of the airline.

2009 – today

FlyDubai Logo

The first logo of the company is their wordmark written fully in lowercase letters. There are two similar font styles used for the ‘Fly’ & ‘Dubai’ parts of the name. The former uses slim orange letters with few details and straight-cut, geometric edges. The latter is similar, yet bolder and with some additional details. For instance, the letters ‘a’ & ‘i’ are connected using an extended bar with a blank space of the same shape right above it. That’s supposed to represent an airplane. Moreover, there’s a small blue circle to the right of this detail, which is supposed to represent the final destination point.

Font and Color

The logo consists of only the name of the company, so the font and color choice plays an important role here. The first portion of the name uses a relatively thin font, which is very similar to the House Sans Light, and bright orange color. This color is a good representation of the excitement one experiences when flying the FlyDubai as well as a successful and friendly company. The other portion is bolder. It looks like the company used a modification of Neuropa Medium or a similar typeface. The color is classic blue. The meaning of this color is also easily traced to the airline as it symbolizes loyalty, security, and trust.