Blue Origin Logo

Blue Origin is an aerospace company owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. They mostly create launch vehicles (the mechanisms that take shuttles into the outer space), but with the focus of reusability. Blue Origin was a major player in the Billionaire Space Race. Although they took Bezos to space, they still lost to Virgin Galactic.

Meaning and History

Blue Origin Logo history

The company was founded in 2000 as the Bezos’ own space project. Although the exploration of space was the general purpose, they also aim to create a sustainable economic presence around Earth, hence the focus of reusable vehicles. The name ‘Blue Origin’ refers to the Earth herself.

Who owns Blue Origin?
The company is owned by Jeff Bezos. He’s a billionaire, a space enthusiast and the owner of Amazon.

2000 – today

Blue Origin Logo 2000

The original name inscription is the name of the company written in tall blue letters, all capital. Usually, they put them in one line, but it depends on where they want to put it. It’s a very basic typographic font with very little odd details.

Where does Blue Origin fly?
Unlike SpaceX, this one doesn’t deem Mars one of the key goals of exploration. Blue Origin wants to develop space closer to home.

2007 – today

Blue Origin Logo

Around 2007, they also introduced a feather logo they are so famous for now. It’s simply a realistic silhouette of a feather with many nuances, colored in blue. Its position hints that the feather is falling down which is supposed to represent the lightness of their products.

Emblem and Symbol

Blue Origin Emblem

What is Blue Origin?
It’s an engineering project meant to conquer space and develop its economic potential. They were a key participant in the Billionaire Race to Space.

Blue Origin also has a rather pretentious coat of arms: a very complicated array of images that displays, among other things, the planet Earth, two turtles standing on it and supporting a shield with a gradation of atmospheric layers on it, the start, several more planets and a ribbon saying ‘gradually, ferociously’ in Latin.