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Alpinestars is a renowned brand specializing in high-performance motorsports gear. Sante Mazzarolo founded it in a small Italian town. Initially, it catered to motocross athletes. The company aimed to provide innovative, protective clothing and footwear. Its roots are deeply embedded in the quest for safety and performance.

Meaning and history

Alpinestars Logo history

Alpinestars emerged in 1963, founded by Sante Mazzarolo in Italy. It first served motocross, revolutionizing rider safety. The brand soon stretched to road racing, endorsing world-class athletes. By the 1990s, Alpinestars was pivotal in MotoGP and Formula 1. Innovation became its hallmark, seen in the advanced Tech Air airbag system. Alpinestars is synonymous with protective gear excellence, safeguarding speed enthusiasts globally. Its commitment to innovation shapes the future of motorsports safety.

What is Alpinestars?
Alpinestars stands as a beacon of excellence in motorsports safety gear. It caters to professionals and enthusiasts alike. The brand’s legacy is built on innovation, quality, and a deep commitment to protecting athletes. From the racetrack to the open road, Alpinestars ensures riders and drivers are equipped with the finest gear.

1970s – 1993

Alpinestars Logo 1970s

The logo presents a bold, sans-serif typeface, striking in its simplicity. Black letters spell out “alpinestars,” with no capitalization. The name stretches confidently across the space, exuding a modern, sleek aura. Its design echoes the swift, precise nature of motorsports. This emblem, devoid of excess embellishments, encapsulates the essence of speed, efficiency, and forward momentum. It mirrors the brand’s focus on high-performance gear with an understated yet powerful visual statement.

1993 – 2020

Alpinestars Logo 1993

This logo evolves with a dynamic star, adding movement to the brand’s identity. The “a” cleverly morphs into the star’s tail, symbolizing speed and agility. Below, “alpinestars” flows in a wave-like, bold font, grounded and sturdy. The design merges the notion of celestial aspiration with terrestrial grit. It conveys a message of reaching for the stars while staying firmly connected to the earth – much like the racers the brand equips. The black and white contrast imbues the logo with a classic, timeless feel, yet the design stays fresh and modern.

2020 – Today

Alpinestars Logo

The logo evolves further, maintaining the star as a central motif. The “a” fully integrates into the star’s design, representing a seamless blend of letter and symbol. This integration signifies unity and continuity, attributes key to the brand’s identity. The rest of the text, “lpinestars”, follows in a cohesive, bold typeface that complements the star’s dynamic form. The stark black against a clean background ensures high visibility and brand recall. The logo’s design captures the essence of motion and excellence that Alpinestars stands for.