Apple Music Logo

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Apple Music is a popular service meant to distribute music compositions that are part of iTunes. Anyone can access it given they have Apple products, such as iPhone or iPad. This one is amongst the most common ways of listening to the music online, and has been almost the only one until everyone else joined in a few years back.

Meaning and History

Apple Music Logo history

Before Apple launched their Music service in 2015, they had a service they called Beats Music. It was basically the same thing, although not directly a part of Apple’s own brand. It was a service that belonged to another subdivision of Apple that didn’t even share the name with the parent. Apple Music was created specifically to be part of the brand.

2014 – 2015

Apple Music Logo-2014

For a year before the formation of Apple Music, they had Beats Music doing the same work.

The logo for this service was a combination of pink symbol and pink writing to the right of it. The symbol was basically a circle with a white note image stuck inside it, and another image of the triangle (the start button) inside the note.

The text was in two parts: the thin lowercase writing that said ‘beats’ and the thicker uppercase writing that said ‘music’ right after. Interestingly, despite the difference in cases, the size of these text parts was pretty much the same.

2015 – today

Apple Music Logo-2015

With the creation of their own service, Apple didn’t think much about the new logo. They basically took their symbol of the apple in black and put the word music (also in black) to the right of it.

In fact, the text was pretty much as it was on the ‘Beats’ logo, except this one is a bit thinner and stricter.

2019 – today

Apple Music Logo

It’s an additional logo they used simultaneously, and the only difference is that they changed the format of the letters. The letter ‘M’ stayed uppercase, while all the rest became lowercase. But here’s the pickle – they changed the shape of the first letter and made it taller, while all other changed the shape to the lowercase but stayed the same size.

Emblem and Symbol

Apple Music Emblem

There is also an iOS icon used by Apple Music as a mobile app. It’s basically a square of various colors with a white double inside the figure. The exact composition of this emblem can vary from device to device and from one OS version to another, but that’s the general look this icon has.