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Patreon is a highly popular service that allows artists and other individuals to set up support/membership plans. Basically, if you want to help a personality whose work you like, you can go to and give them your money (given they have their own Patreon). For passing each support milestone, you get special privileges and bonuses.

Meaning and History

Patreon Logo history

Patreon was launched in 2013 as a means to support online personalities in a centralized way. It’s basically a donations platform, even now. People who donate money, however, are called ‘patrons’. The brand name is basically worked off this word. Soon they became very popular with YouTubers – the main source of Patreon’s success.

2013 – 2017

Patreon Logo-2013

That’s an iconic logo, and a lot of people use it to identify Patreon as platform even now. It’s a hook-like line colored in white and then heavily outlined in orange. That’s obviously supposed to represent ‘P’.

The rest of the logo is just the brand’s name written in thin lowercase letters. They are soft, fluid and oftentimes colored in dark blue. Orange and blue have incidentally been the main colors of the platform for many years.

2017 – 2020

Patreon Logo-2017

In 2017, they got rid of the orange ‘P’ emblem on the official logo (even if it was still used all the time). On the official display, they only left the brand name – now in a more official uppercase design – as well as a random vertical line to the right of it.

Noticeably, the intervals became much larger this time around. After all, they had more space now that the iconic orange part is gone.

2020 – 2023

Patreon Logo 2020

By 2020, they decided to return the icon, but reword it a bit. It’s now two geometric shapes – a thin vertical rectangle and a circle to the right of it. They are colored in red no, but the gist is the same. The text part moved to beneath the emblem, and it was repainted black this time.

Sometimes the stick part is also given the old dark blue color, but the general color palette is now pinkish and white.

2023 – Today

Patreon logo

On the 4th of October 2023, Patreon underwent a significant brand transformation. They introduced a fresh icon, reminiscent of a metaball form, coupled with a revamped wordmark. This change signaled a new chapter in Patreon’s journey, aligning their visual identity with evolving goals and aspirations. The metamorphosis was not merely cosmetic; it echoed the company’s commitment to innovation and its continuous pursuit to provide unparalleled support to creators and patrons alike. This rebranding served as a testament to Patreon’s dedication to adapt, grow, and remain at the forefront of the creator economy.

Emblem and Symbol

Patreon Emblem

The icon is the logo. This ‘P’ emblem in its many variations has been used to identify the platform by everyone. For several years after 2017, people still used this image even though it wasn’t terribly official back then. In 2020, they returned the old icon, but remodeled it. Suffice it to say, a lot of people still use the 2013 design.