Zoom Logo

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Zoom has long been one of the many online videoconference applications. However, since the Pandemic struck, it has become exceptionally prominent as a solution for distance schooling and work. Its capabilities to hold multiuser conferences are what made this software so useful.

Meaning and History

Zoom started back in 2011 and grew to moderate popularity. It wasn’t until 2020, however, that this application became one of the most popular tools for speaking with people at long distances, alongside Discord and Skype. The name meaning is nothing exceptional – it simply points at the fact that Zoom focuses on video chatting.

2011 – today

Zoom Logo

The main official logo for the brand has long been just their name written in special fluid blue letters. They are all in lowercase, although sometimes they can be pictures bigger than normal, which makes them look enormous.
The design of the letters is pretty attractive, which is probably why it was never changed. In addition to the fluid movement and lack of minor details, some angles on the letters are also sharp, which stands in a stark contrast to the round shape of most other letter elements.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Zoom

Obviously, a lot of people would much rather recognize the brand by the icon they use for their applications. It’s a blue circle with a white old-fashioned TV camera inside – basically a rectangle with a trapezoid attached to the side of it.
Sometimes the circle can become a rounded square or the color can change to different shades of blue – but that’s the general layout.