Alicorp Logo

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What is Alicorp Logo

Alicorp is a South American company, founded in Lima, Peru, in 1956. The company provides consumer goods such as food and drinks. Initially, it was involved in production of oil and soap, but the production grew, and the company decided to get to other goods.

Meaning and History

The company’s initial name was Industrias Teodoro Aldude and Anderson, Clayton & Co, but after its acquisition in 1971, the company was renamed to Compañia Industrial Peru Pacifico S.A. In 1995, the company changed its name to Consorcio de Alimentos Fabril Pacifico S.A. Finally, the name Alicorp appeared in 1997.

1997 – Today

Alicorp Logo

The current logotype of the brand depicts its red-colored name, written in the simple and bold sans-serif font. The whole word ‘Alicorp’ uses the lowercase letters. An interesting feature of this logotype is the eye-catching leaf, placed above the letter ‘a’.

Emblem and Symbol

Making the brand identity, Alicorp haven’t stopped on its logotype. The official site of the company contains many images, such as basket with food and drinks, a house with icons of fork and spoon, drawn over it, and many others. They are fond of the homogeneity of their aesthetics.