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Lipton is one of the biggest tea brands in the world. It’s owned by the British company Unilever, although most of the production is done by Pepsi. One of the most cherished products by Lipton is their ready-made ice tea sold in the bottles. Naturally, they also sell dry tea in teabags and without.

Meaning and History

Lipton Logo history

The company was created in 1890 by Thomas Lipton, who promptly named the business after himself. Initially, it was a series of tea shops that grew to immense sizes, later evolving into a chain of supermarkets. Eventually, they abandoned that idea and focused on the production of tea.

1890 – 1972

Lipton Logo 1890

Initially, the word ‘Lipton’ was put in yellow onto a red rectangle and used this way for many branding purposes.

For instance, they used it for package labels: this part was in the very top, followed by the vast yellow space. This one was occupied by the likeness of Sir Lipton himself, drawn in red. The bottom explained what kind of tea is in the package, and it always ended in a big yellow ‘Tea’ right near the edge.

1972 – 2002

Lipton Logo 1972

The renewed 1972 logotype the white word ‘Lipton’ executed in an ordinary typographic font. It was placed onto a red shape that combined a rectangle and a circle in the middle. It was basically a bloated nameplate. It was also given a big white rim along the borders, which was further outlined in red.

1992 – 2002

Lipton Logo 1992

2002 – 2014

Lipton Logo 2002

In 2002, they added some 3D elements. In particular, the background redness was spiced up with some yellow illumination right behind the letters. The letters themselves slightly changed appearance and grew in size. The white rim and the outline disappeared.

2014 – today

Lipton Logo 2014

For the 2014 logo they mostly reused the previous design, except they made the red part darker, toned down the glowing effect and instead introduced a big yellow ‘sun’ behind.

2022 – Today

Lipton Logo

The logo showcases a radiant gradient of luminous yellow, emitting an aura reminiscent of the morning sun or a glowing light bulb. Centered within this radiant backdrop is a prominent rectangular banner in a deep shade of crimson. Emblazoned across this banner, in bold white letters, is the word “Lipton.” The typography is clean and straightforward, with each letter crisply defined, conveying a sense of modern simplicity. The harmonious interplay of warm colors exudes an inviting and refreshing vibe, synonymous with the beverage it represents. The overall design is elegant in its minimalism, with the luminous backdrop adding a touch of intrigue.

Emblem and Symbol

There’s a Lipton-owned research facility dedicated solely to tea. It has a very similar emblem to the brand itself, except it’s white and uses red and yellow for outlining. Inside, they’ve written the full name of the facility, ‘Lipton Institute of Tea’ in big grey letters.