Car Brands that Start With S

Car brands that start with S

In the vast expanse of the automotive industry, where innovation and heritage collide, the identity of a car manufacturer is often encapsulated within the emblem that adorns its creations. Among these, brands beginning with the letter “S” stand out for their diverse contributions to automotive culture and technology. This article delves into the logos and brands of these manufacturers, exploring the stories behind their iconic symbols and the vehicles they represent.

From the high-speed racetracks graced by the likes of Shelby and Spyker to the rugged terrains conquered by Subaru and SsangYong, each brand carries a unique legacy. The “S” in their names not only signifies the start of their monikers but also symbolizes the speed, strength, and spirit embedded in their core. Suzuki’s emblem, a stylized “S” that reflects simplicity and reliability, contrasts sharply with the intricate heraldry of Spyker, representing a rich history of craftsmanship and luxury.

Moreover, lesser-known marques like Scion and Sisu tell tales of innovation aimed at niche markets, showcasing how identity and emblematic design can carve out distinct spaces in a crowded marketplace. The journey through these brands is a testament to the power of branding in the automotive world, where a logo serves as a beacon of quality, heritage, and innovation.


Logo Saab

In the heart of Sweden, an iconic brand emerged, making a significant mark in both the automotive and aerospace industries. Saab stands out for its turbocharged engines and safety innovations, blending road and aerial engineering. Its logo, featuring a red griffin crowned in gold against a blue background, symbolizes power and vigilance, capturing its legacy of innovation and resilience.

Saehan Motors

Logo Saehan Motors

The 1970s saw the rise of Saehan Motors in South Korea, marking a new chapter in Asian automotive history. Initially part of the Daewoo Group, the company laid the foundations for Korea’s automotive future, championing quality and innovation. Its logo, with three white pillars set against a royal blue rectangle, evokes ancient columns, symbolizing a blend of solidity and tradition in automotive excellence.

SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation)


A powerhouse in China’s automotive scene, SAIC Motor Corporation Limited stands tall, showcasing its dominance locally and its ambitious strides on the international stage. The company’s growth reflects China’s rapid rise in the global automotive industry. Its logo, a blue and white roundel, embodies modernity and depth, with “SAIC” boldly displayed, surrounded by a gradient blue background and a sleek silver border.

SAIPA (Société Anonyme Iranienne de Production Automobile)


Since 1966, SAIPA has been a foundational force in Iran’s automotive sector, focusing on budget-friendly vehicles that balance cost and efficiency. This commitment has propelled the mobility of millions, underscoring the country’s industrial strength. The logo’s vibrant orange, resembling a triple chevron, symbolizes upward progression and dynamism, reflecting SAIPA’s energetic approach to automotive manufacturing.


Logo Saker

From New Zealand, Saker sports cars stand as a testament to speed and agility, designed to deliver the exhilaration of performance both on and off the racetrack. They excel in the motorsport niche with their lightweight construction and superior handling. The brand’s emblem, a circular logo featuring gold and black hues, displays a stylized bird of prey, suggesting precision and excellence. “SAKER” is prominently displayed in a serif font at the bottom, highlighting the brand’s focus on high performance.


Logo Saleen

Saleen has redefined American muscle cars, turning them into icons of high performance and design excellence. Known for pushing the limits of speed, Saleen has established itself as a cornerstone in the performance vehicle sector. Its logo captures this essence with red, dynamic lines on the left, symbolizing speed and motion, and the name “SALEEN” in bold, uppercase letters, indicating its dominance in the high-performance car market.


Logo Salmson

A beacon of French engineering since the early 20th century, Salmson transitioned from aircraft to automobiles, blending elegance with innovation. Its circular logo, adorned in red and gold, features a diamond emblem with the intertwined “SMS” initials, surrounded by the brand name “SALMSON” and “BILLANCOURT” to pay homage to its heritage and location. This logo reflects the brand’s commitment to luxury and technological advancement.

SAM (Società Automobili e Motori)

Logo SAM

SAM  significantly impacts the automotive industry by blending Italian craftsmanship with advanced engineering. This combination unveils the future of mobility, valuing performance and design heritage. SAM’s logo merges concentric circles with a yellow center and a red shield showcasing the Swiss flag’s white cross. The inner circle is blue with “SAM” in bold yellow letters, and the outer green, spelling out “Schweizerischer Auto- und Motorradfahrer-Verband”. The logo symbolizes SAM’s dedication to innovation and tradition in automotive design.

San Storm

Logo San Storm

India embarked on a mission to democratize sports car experiences with the San Storm, featuring a convertible design and lightweight architecture aimed at delivering the open-top driving thrill affordably. This chapter in India’s automotive journey is captured in its logo, which combines a white and red shield. The upper half proudly displays “SAN” in black over white, while the lower half features a dynamic red ‘S’ against a red backdrop, symbolizing energy and motion.

Santa Matilde

Logo Santa Matilde

In the 70’s and 80’s, Santa Matilde emerged as Brazil’s symbol of luxury and performance, blending potent American engines with the finesse of European design. This fusion is mirrored in its emblem: a blue triangular shield with a white border, enclosing “SM” in bold white letters. The emblem’s geometric precision and color contrast underscore sophistication, while its shield shape speaks to the brand’s strength and reliability.


Logo Santana

Santana Motors, evolving from its beginnings with Land Rover, made its mark by crafting rugged, reliable off-road vehicles in Spain, celebrated for their endurance. The brand’s logo, with a white four-pointed star within an oval divided into blue quadrants, communicates balance, precision, and strength. “SANTANA” is boldly stated below in black, reinforcing its robust brand identity.


Logo Saturn

Saturn, initiated by General Motors, set out to challenge the surge of Japanese imports with a unique customer service approach and transparent pricing, aiming to revolutionize the American car buying experience. Its logo, a red square enclosing a white swoosh symbolizing Saturn’s rings, conveys motion and innovation. “SATURN” is presented below in confident uppercase letters, indicating a solid, approachable corporate identity.


Logo Saxon

In the early days of the automotive era, Saxon sought to distinguish itself through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering reliability. Its logo, a diamond emblem outlined in silver against a deep blue background, boldly features “SAXON” at the top in white letters. The emblem’s lower half vividly portrays a red Saxon warrior’s face, complete with a helmet, symbolizing a legacy of strength and resilience, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality.


Logo Sbarro

Known for its remarkable concept cars and limited-edition replicas, Sbarro represents a pinnacle of automotive innovation and craftsmanship in Switzerland. The company’s logo captures the essence of speed and elegance with a greyhound silhouette in motion, adorned by a large, flowing red “S” along the dog’s back. “barro” is seamlessly integrated in bold red, trailing the “S” to emphasize the brand’s dynamic and innovative spirit.


Scania Logo

As a titan in the production of heavy-duty vehicles, Scania’s reputation for reliability, efficiency, and technological advancement is unmatched, playing a crucial role in global logistics and transportation. The brand’s logo, a royal blue shield accented with a white outline, features a red griffin wearing a golden crown, symbolizing protection and vigilance. “SCANIA” appears below in navy blue, bold letters, projecting a strong and professional image.


Logo Scarab

Revered in American motorsports history, Scarab’s race cars left an indelible mark on racing in the late 50’s and early 60’s with their innovative designs and competitive edge. The logo features an oval crest with a navy background and gold trim, encircling “REVENTLOW AUTOMOBILES INC.” in gold. At the center, a shield displays a stylized scarab beetle, reflecting the brand’s ambition for enduring innovation and design, drawing on the beetle’s symbolic meanings of creation and rebirth.


Logo Scavas

Scavas may not be widely recognized in the global automotive landscape, but it represents the ingenuity and diversity of car manufacturing, offering niche innovations and specialized vehicles. Its logo, featuring a bold “S” within a cycle-indicating arrow, symbolizes continuity, movement, and the cyclical nature of innovation and service, reflecting the brand’s contribution to the evolving industry.


Logo Scion

Launched by Toyota in 2003 to target the youth market, Scion stood for affordability, style, and customization, promoting personal expression and innovation. The metallic badge of Scion, with a silver “S” around the futuristic “SCION” and bisected by a sword-like line, reflects the brand’s sleek design and forward-thinking until its reintegration into Toyota in 2016.


Logo Scott

Known for its groundbreaking motorcycle engineering, Scott extended its innovative approach to automobiles, striving to redefine performance and design standards. The logo features an elongated rectangle with a metallic finish that reads “SCOTT” in a modern sans-serif font. The dynamic swoosh on the first “S” reflects the brand’s focus on speed, innovation, and contemporary design.

Scripps Booth

Logo Scripps Booth

As an early American luxury car maker, Scripps Booth combined stylish designs with technical innovations, epitomizing the artistic and innovative spirit of the 1910s and 1920s. The logo, a round emblem with a cream and brown palette, features “SCRIPPS BOOTH” in a serif font arched at the top. Inside, a bold “SB” monogram in red serif font is highlighted, underscored by a brown line with “DETROIT” in smaller letters, representing the brand’s rich heritage and innovative legacy.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG)

Logo Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) brings to life the dreams of enthusiasts and racers through its commitment to high-performance, limited-edition sports and racing cars. The brand’s shield-shaped logo, set against a sky blue background with an orange border, features a central flaming torch in orange, symbolizing a fiery passion for racing and superior performance. The letters “SGC” are strategically placed around the torch in a dark serif font, enhancing the emblem’s distinguished and passionate appeal.


Seat Logo

Since its inception in 1950, Seat has grown from assembling Fiat models to becoming a key innovator within the Volkswagen Group, showcasing Spain’s automotive heritage through its dedication to design, technology, and engaging driving experiences. The logo’s bold, stylized “S” within a square-like black background, intersected by three white lines, suggests movement and speed, while “SEAT” is displayed below in a clean sans-serif font, reflecting a modern and sophisticated brand identity.

Seoudi Group

Logo Seoudi Group

Playing a pivotal role in Egypt’s automotive landscape, the Seoudi Group stands as a significant manufacturer, importer, and distributor, enhancing the nation’s mobility and automotive growth through strategic partnerships and innovation. The logo elegantly combines Arabic script in deep red with its English transliteration “EL SEOUDI GROUP” below, separated by a thin line, merging traditional and modern elements for a balanced and distinctive identity.


Logo Setra

A testament to German engineering and innovation, Setra is synonymous with high-quality buses and coaches, offering vehicles that prioritize safety, comfort, and efficiency for both public and luxury transport. The brand’s logo reads “SETRA” in white capital letters on a red elongated rectangular background bordered by white and black outlines. This design offers a strong contrast and depth, emphasizing Setra’s commitment to excellence in passenger transport.

SG Automotive Group

Logo SG Automotive Group

SG Automotive Group has emerged as a significant player in the Chinese automotive and truck manufacturing scene, boasting a broad portfolio that spans buses, trucks, and passenger cars. Their commitment to innovation and quality on a global scale is encapsulated in their logo, which features a dual-toned circular badge, divided horizontally into red and blue sections. A stylized white “S”, resembling a road, sits at the center, symbolizing the company’s journey and ambition in the international market. “SG AUTOMOTIVE GROUP” and its Chinese equivalent are displayed in black, highlighting the brand’s global perspective and roots.

Shaanxi Automobile Group

Logo Shaanxi Automobile Group

As a cornerstone of China’s heavy-duty truck industry, Shaanxi Automobile Group prides itself on robust engineering and reliability, serving the logistics and construction sectors with durable and high-performing vehicles. Their logo, a circular emblem with a blue, road-like “S” silhouette, embodies dynamism and continuity. The brand name “SHACMAN” is presented in bold blue letters, emphasizing movement and fluidity, key attributes for a company dedicated to automotive excellence.


Logo Shamrock

The Shamrock venture marks a unique attempt by Ireland to break into car manufacturing in the 1950s, targeting the American market with distinctive styling and a fiberglass body. Its logo centers around a green shamrock within two concentric circles, with “SHAMROCK AUTOMOTIVE” encircling the design in bold green letters, punctuated by smaller shamrocks. This emblem, rich in Irish symbolism, conveys optimism and the brand’s cultural heritage, underlining its distinctive approach in the automotive world.

Shanghai Maple Guorun

Logo Shanghai Maple Guorun

As part of Geely, Shanghai Maple Guorun set out in the early 2000s to deliver affordable vehicles to the Chinese market, aligning with the country’s growing emphasis on competitive domestic brands. The brand’s emblem, a circular design featuring “SMA” and a prominent light blue maple leaf, reflects its connection to nature and possibly Canadian influences, set against a darker blue ring that enhances the logo’s visual impact. This design underscores the brand’s aspirations and its role in China’s evolving automotive landscape.

Sheffield Simplex

Logo Sheffield Simplex

In the early 20th century, Sheffield Simplex stood as a beacon of British engineering, crafting luxury automobiles that symbolized sophistication and mechanical innovation. The brand’s logo, a vintage oval with an earthy brown background, showcases “Sheffield Simplex” in an early twentieth-century script, accented by a red swirl. This design elegantly hints at the brand’s heritage and its contribution to the golden age of automotive craftsmanship in the United Kingdom.


Logo Shelby

Shelby represents the pinnacle of American performance engineering, with Carroll Shelby transforming vehicles into high-performance icons. The Shelby American, Inc. logo features a stylized “S” within a racetrack-like rectangular frame, circled by a pattern suggesting continuity. “SHELBY AMERICAN, INC.” is boldly stated below in blue, emphasizing the brand’s strong American roots and its enduring impact on the automotive industry.


Logo ShuangHuan

As a notable entity in the Chinese automotive scene, ShuangHuan made waves with its SUVs and sedans, blurring lines between inspiration and imitation. The brand’s logo, a sleek metallic “S” within a self-looping ellipse, embodies a futuristic and fluid design. This signifies the brand’s commitment to innovation and a forward-thinking approach to automotive design and user experience.

Siam Di Tella

Logo Siam Di Tella

An Argentine icon of the 1960s, Siam Di Tella produced vehicles that became synonymous with the nation’s industrial optimism. The minimalist logo, featuring a stylized “S” made of three black stripes within a shield-like shape, conveys motion and durability. “SIAM” is presented boldly below, marking a strong presence and reflecting the brand’s significance in adapting global car models to meet South American needs.


Logo Siata

Founded in Italy in 1926, Siata began by producing tuning accessories for Fiat cars, eventually crafting their own innovative sports cars. The brand’s emblem, a shield-like figure in blue, proudly displays “SIATA” and “TORINO”, acknowledging its roots. A prominent yellow “S” at the center, accompanied by an car’s silhouette, symbolizes the speed and dynamism that define the automotive industry, reflecting Siata’s passion for performance and design.

Sichuan Tengzhong

Logo Sichuan Tengzhong

Sichuan Tengzhong’s bid to acquire Hummer highlighted China’s expanding role in the global automotive scene. The company’s logo, a circular emblem with a red and blue design, embodies dynamism and reliability. “Sichuan Tengzhong” in Chinese characters and English name in red, emphasizing its Chinese heritage.


Logo Sigma

Sigma left an indelible mark on motorsport with the Sigma Grand Prix in the 1960s, showcasing innovation in racing design. Its logo features a golden and black shield with a three-dimensional “S”, reflecting luxury, quality, and a modern identity. “SIGMA” is written in a sleek, contemporary font below, embodying the brand’s commitment to automotive excellence and performance.


Logo Simca

As a significant figure in the French automotive industry, Simca produced vehicles noted for their affordability and practicality.  Its logo, a shield-shaped emblem, showcases a white bird in flight against a blue backdrop in the upper half, with “SIMCA” in bold red letters below.

Simca do Brasil

Logo Simca do Brasil

In the 1950s and 1960s, Simca do Brasil emerged as a key player in the South American market, adapting European models to meet local preferences and conditions. The logo, featuring two stacked rectangles, combines a yellow upper section with a white swift bird silhouette and a green lower section with “SIMCA DO BRASIL” in bold white letters. This design conveys speed, agility, and Simca’s notable contribution to French and Brazilian automotive history.

Simca Vedette

Logo Simca Vedette

Celebrated for its V8 engine, a rarity among European cars of its time, the Simca Vedette represented luxury and performance with an American flair. The model’s logo, featuring a dynamic, swooping underline beneath the “Vedette” in bold, black script, emphasizes elegance and speed. The stylized “S” and “V” enhance the logo’s sense of luxury and dynamic appeal.


Logo Simson

Spanning a diverse range of products from bicycles to small cars, Simson’s legacy in German engineering is marked by versatility and innovation. The logo, with its stark black-and-white palette, spells “SIMSON” in bold letters, framed by horizontal stripes and centered around an oval enclosing an abstract ‘S’. This design symbolizes the brand’s commitment to precision and motion, reflecting its rich history.

Sin Cars

Logo Sin

Renowned for high-performance sports cars that combine innovative engineering with custom design, Sin Cars stands at the forefront of automotive excellence. The logo’s red, stylized “S” merging into a “C” forms a continuous loop, with “SIN” above and “CARS” below. This bold, red emblem encapsulates the brand’s passion for speed, highlighting its visionary approach to sports driving.

Singer Badge

Logo Singer Badge

The Singer Motor Company, a beacon of innovation and quality in the British automobile industry, is remembered for its superior craftsmanship, performance, and elegance. Its logo, centered around a bold, “S” within a spoked wheel, symbolizes the brand’s vibrant heritage and its influence on classic car enthusiasts.


Logo Sinotruk

Dominating China’s heavy truck industry, Sinotruk has significantly contributed to the development of commercial vehicles, offering reliability and efficiency. Its logo, featuring a teal green mountain, embodies strength and stability. The “SINOTRUK” name, presented in a bold, straightforward font within a rectangular box, underscores the brand’s simplicity and direct approach.


Logo Sisu

Finland’s Sisu Auto, known for its rugged and dependable heavy-duty vehicles, showcases Finnish engineering resilience. The logo is a rectangle divided by a wavy line into red and blue halves, with the name “SISU” written at the bottom in large white letters. This design represents a harmony of passion and reliability, essential qualities of the brand’s commitment to performance and durability.


Logo SiTech

At the cutting edge of automotive technology, SiTech (Silicon Techtronics) focuses on electric and autonomous vehicle solutions, marking a step towards future transportation. The logo’s rightward-pointing, sharp, black arrow symbolizes forward movement and innovation, while the name “S1TECH” in modern, uppercase letters below signals the brand’s focus on modernity and precision in the evolving automotive landscape.


Skoda Logo

Skoda’s journey from a modest Czech firm to a global automotive powerhouse is marked by its commitment to affordability, reliability, and distinctive design. The brand’s logo, a dark green winged arrow encased in a circle, symbolizes speed and forward motion, while the bold, sans-serif “ŠKODA” below reflects the brand’s robustness and dependability, showcasing its integral role within the Volkswagen Group’s portfolio.


Logo Smart

Smart revolutionizes urban mobility with compact, innovative vehicles designed for city life, emphasizing efficiency and eco-friendliness. Its logo cleverly combines a “C” with a directional arrow, creating a visual pun that embodies the brand’s smart approach to design. The bold, black symbol paired with “smart” in a simple, lowercase font conveys sophistication and a forward-thinking attitude towards urban transportation.

SML Isuzu

Logo SML Isuzu

The collaboration between Sumitomo Corporation and Isuzu Motors, SML Isuzu, stands out in the Indian commercial vehicle sector, offering buses and trucks that meet the unique demands of the market. The logo’s bold, red “SML” and “ISUZU” suggest vitality and power, with “AMAWII AUTOMOBILI” in cooler blue tones below, offering a striking contrast and underlining the fusion of Japanese quality with local insight.


Logo Solaris

As a frontrunner in European public transport manufacturing, Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. is recognized for its innovative and eco-friendly buses and trolleybuses. The logo, featuring a sleek, silver-grey “S” resembling an infinity symbol, speaks to the brand’s vision of endless possibilities and commitment to innovation. “SOLARIS” is presented in a straightforward, modern font below, anchoring the emblem in simplicity and the pursuit of sustainable urban mobility solutions.



The Société Marocaine de Constructions Automobiles (SOMACA) stands as a cornerstone in Morocco’s automotive industry, assembling vehicles for various international brands and showcasing the nation’s manufacturing prowess. Its logo, spelled out in bold, red capital letters “SOMACA”, reflects a sense of reliability and strength. The straightforward and no-frills design emphasizes a practical and robust brand identity.


Logo Sondors

Known for revolutionizing electric bikes, Sondors has ventured into the automotive sector with an electric car that blends affordability with style and efficiency. The logo, a sleek, metallic “S” that loops into an almost complete circle, embodies modernity and minimalist elegance, signaling sophistication and the forefront of technology. “SONDORS” is presented below in a clean, elegant sans-serif font, enhancing the logo’s contemporary appeal.


Logo Soueast

Soueast Motors, a key player in the Chinese automotive industry, produces passenger cars and minivans that reflect China’s dynamic growth in automotive manufacturing. The logo features a dynamic red oval with a fluid, abstract “S” at its heart, conveying motion and agility. The inward swirling “S” represents innovation and a forward-looking perspective, while “SOUEAST” is stated below in bold, black sans-serif letters, emphasizing stability and clear vision.

Southern Cross

Logo Southern Cross

Although specific details about Southern Cross as an automotive brand may be limited, the name itself conjures images of adventure and exploration. The logo, set against a magenta oval background featuring a constellation reminiscent of the Southern Cross, symbolizes exploration and navigation. This emblem, with its prominent stars, captures the essence of freedom and the pioneering spirit associated with the adventure of transportation.



SOVAM, a French 1960s innovator, combined aviation technology with car design, showcasing French creativity. Its logo, “SOVAM” in bold green letters on a silver badge, symbolizes automotive passion and heritage. “AUTOMOBILES” and “PARTHENAY-79-FRANCE” in a simple font frame the name, underlining its place in French car history.

SPA (Società Piemontese Automobili)

Logo SPA

SPA’s legacy in Italy’s automotive scene is marked by high-quality, performance-oriented vehicles, from racers to military machines. Its logo, set against a royal blue circular background with gold “SPA” letters, embodies Italian automotive excellence. The elegant serif styling and luxurious gold-on-blue palette reflect the brand’s commitment to refinement and classic luxury.


Logo SpadaConcept

In the realm of automotive design, SpadaConcept stands out for its bespoke, high-performance creations, marrying modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship. The logo, a circular emblem, features “SPADA” in a bold serif font at the top and a Latin phrase suggesting heritage and strength at the bottom. A red spear bisects the emblem, flanked by Italian flag-inspired stripes, symbolizing the brand’s passion and Italian heritage.


Logo Spectre

The Spectre R42, a British sports car from the 1990s, epitomized exclusivity and high performance, representing a bold venture into combining avant-garde design with power. Its badge, a blue shield with “SPECTRE” in a futuristic font, a white spectral figure above, and motifs of speed and British identity below, captures the essence of speed, innovation, and British automotive spirit.

Speranza Motors

Logo Speranza Motors

In Egypt, Speranza Motors has made a significant impact by offering affordable, practical vehicles in collaboration with Chinese manufacturers, meeting the needs of consumers seeking dependable transportation. Its logo, featuring a stylized “A” within an orbiting circle, symbolizes the brand’s global aspirations and automotive focus. The “Speranza” name, presented in a modern, sans-serif font below the emblem, conveys a sense of sophistication and a forward-thinking approach.


Logo Springuel

Springuel, a Belgian luxury car manufacturer from the early 20th century, was celebrated for its superior engineering and craftsmanship. The logo’s ornate, golden crest with “SPRINGUEL” set against a green backdrop evokes tradition and luxury. The surrounding text “AUTOMOBILES SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME HUY BELGIQUE” frames the central motif, highlighting the brand’s esteemed heritage and commitment to luxury.


Spyker Logo

Spyker Cars revives its early 20th-century heritage in the 21st century, producing exclusive, hand-built sports cars. Known for distinctive design, luxurious detailing, and aviation-inspired elements, Spyker embodies a unique blend of heritage and innovation. Features a logo with a propeller and a wire wheel, symbolizing the brand’s roots in aviation and automotive manufacturing. “SPYKER” and the Latin motto “NULLA TENACI INVIA EST VIA” encircle the emblem, embodying the brand’s ethos of perseverance and the belief that no road is impassable for the tenacious.


Logo Squire

The Squire Car Manufacturing Company, known in the 1930s for its luxurious and high-performance sports cars, is symbolized by an emblem featuring an “S” within a winged design. This logo, reflecting elements of speed and the elegance of flight, captures the brand’s commitment to luxury and performance, underlining Squire’s legacy in the automotive world with a touch of aviation inspiration.

SRT (Street & Racing Technology)

Logo SRT

SRT, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ high-performance division, showcases its mastery in enhancing vehicles with exceptional performance traits. The “SRT” acronym is presented in bold, black, italicized letters, angled slightly to the right to convey a sense of speed and forward motion, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to power and dynamism.


Logo SsangYong

Specializing in SUVs and 4×4 vehicles, South Korea’s SsangYong Motor Company merges rugged functionality with style. Its logo, featuring “SsangYong” in a robust blue sans-serif font under a twin dragon emblem, symbolizes continuous movement and harmony. The circular, abstract design of the dragons in blue accentuates the brand’s focus on innovation and versatility.

SSC (Shelby SuperCars Inc.)

Logo SSC

SSC North America has established itself as a formidable name in the realm of high-performance supercars, with the SSC Ultimate Aero and the SSC Tuatara breaking records and pushing the boundaries of speed, design, and engineering, challenging the limits of what is possible in automotive excellence.  Showcases its emblem with a shield patterned in blue and white diamonds, a red chevron, and a golden stag’s head, suggesting nobility and strength. “In Veritate Victoria”, circling the top, underscores the belief in truth leading to victory, reflecting the brand’s pursuit of automotive excellence.


Logo Standard

The Standard Motor Company, established in Coventry, England in 1903, played a pivotal role in the British automotive industry, producing a wide range of vehicles from family cars to luxury vehicles and even aircraft engines, demonstrating a versatility and resilience throughout its history. The Standard Motor Company’s logo features the Union Jack within a circular border, highlighting its deep roots in Coventry and British heritage. “STANDARD COVENTRY” encircles the flag, emphasizing the company’s longstanding contribution to the automotive and aviation sectors, with the design symbolizing national pride and the brand’s reliability.


Logo Stanley

The Stanley Motor Carriage Company, renowned for its steam-powered vehicles, showcased the innovation of the early automotive era. Its logo, featuring “Stanley” in elegant, flowing cursive with an extended underline, captures the essence of classic sophistication and the dynamism associated with early automobiles, reflecting the brand’s distinctive contribution to automotive history.

Stearns Knight

Logo Stearns Knight

In the realm of early 20th-century luxury automobiles, Stearns-Knight set itself apart with sleeve valve engines, renowned for their silence and reliability. The logo, with “Stearns-Knight” in a golden, ornate script, conveys a sense of luxury and craftsmanship reminiscent of a bygone era, highlighting the brand’s commitment to opulence and technological experimentation.


Logo Stephens

The Stephens Automobile Company, an American luxury car manufacturer of the 1910s and 1920s, is symbolized by its logo featuring “Stephens” in bold, blue, metallic letters within a circular badge. This design signifies the brand’s strength, durability, and ambition to stand out in the luxury car market with superior construction and innovative features.


Logo Sterling

Sterling’s venture in the 1980s to merge British luxury with Japanese reliability is represented by a shield emblem featuring a stylized lion against a blue backdrop, bisected by a red cross. “STERLING” above the lion signifies the brand’s attempt to embody English heritage and the innovative partnership between Rover and Honda, marking an intriguing episode in automotive collaboration history.


Logo Steyr

Steyr’s legacy in Austria spans from firearms to high-quality automobiles, trucks, and military vehicles, marked by its pioneering engineering. The logo, a circular emblem with a geometric rendition of “Steyr”, embodies symmetry and precision. Its stark black lettering against a white backdrop emphasizes a modern, innovative image, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and forward-thinking design.

STI (Subaru Tecnica International)

Logo STI

As Subaru’s high-performance division, STI elevates Subaru’s engineering to new heights, particularly in motorsport. The “STI” logo, with its slanting red block letters, captures the essence of speed and high performance. Its simplicity conveys strength and a sporty ethos, synonymous with Subaru’s rally heritage and dedication to driving excellence.


Logo Stoewer

Established in Germany, Stoewer was renowned for its luxurious sedans and military vehicles, and for pioneering advancements like front-wheel drive. The brand’s emblem, a shield adorned with a blue and white palette and a central heraldic eagle, underlines Stoewer’s noble German heritage and its commitment to engineering quality and innovation.


Logo Studebaker

Originating as a wagon and carriage maker, Studebaker evolved into an influential automotive manufacturer known for stylish designs and innovations. Its logo features a unique split-field circular design, with red and blue halves separated by a silver swoosh that resembles an “S”. This swoosh creates an illusion of a path slicing through the center, surrounded by a silver ring that adds sophistication. The design’s simplicity evokes a sense of motion and progress, symbolizing the brand’s forward-thinking approach. The sharp contrast of colors and metallic accents lend the logo a timeless yet contemporary charm.

Studebaker Canada

Logo Studebaker Canada

In the North American automotive landscape, a standout role was played by Studebaker Canada Ltd. This company assembled a wide array of Studebaker vehicles specifically for the Canadian market. It demonstrated resilience and adaptability by continuing its operations even after its U.S. parent company had shut down.  Its logo, featuring “Studebaker” in elegant script over a spoked wheel, nods to its wagon-building roots while embracing automotive innovation, symbolizing the brand’s rich history and adaptive evolution in the industry.


Logo Stutz

The Stutz Motor Company was at the forefront of American luxury and performance in the early 20th century. Iconic models like the Bearcat showcased an era of automotive design and engineering innovation, making a lasting impact on classic American car history. Its emblem, a circular badge with a red, blue, and white background, features “STUTZ” in silver letters across the color divide. “INDIANAPOLIS” and “INDIANA U.S.A.” curve around the emblem, while checkered racing flags accentuate the brand’s racing heritage.


Logo Subaru

Subaru has distinguished itself in the auto industry by specializing in vehicles with boxer engines and symmetrical all-wheel drive. These features have made Subaru synonymous with practicality, reliability, and performance, endearing the brand to customers who prize adventure and dynamic driving in their daily vehicles. Its logo, an oval bordered in silver, showcases a dark blue backdrop with a constellation of six stars—a large white star above and five smaller ones below, mimicking the Pleiades cluster. Below the stars, the name “SUBARU” is boldly stated in black, grounding the logo with significance and authority.


Logo Sunbeam

Sunbeam, a venerable British brand, has a storied history of producing everything from luxury tourers to groundbreaking race cars and land speed record-setters, embodying the essence of British engineering and sporting prowess in the automotive realm. The brand’s vintage badge, featuring a gold-tone finish, exudes classic luxury. “Sunbeam” is elegantly scripted across a textured background that mimics hammered metal.


Logo Superformance

Superformance specializes in producing replica and continuation sports cars, granting enthusiasts access to expertly crafted versions of legendary racing cars. These vehicles blend traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, ensuring exceptional performance and authenticity. Its logo, embodying modernity and boldness, features a red and white emblem that conveys speed and precision. A white diagonal slash cuts through a red square, creating a striking visual effect. The brand’s name is boldly displayed in black, capital letters with a substantial font, signifying strength and superior performance.


Logo Suzuki

Suzuki, a leading force in the automotive and motorcycle sectors worldwide, has forged a reputation for producing durable, reliable vehicles. Brand, from compact cars to rugged SUVs and motorcycles, focuses on innovation and global value. Its logo, a stylized red “S” in motion, made from two intersecting lines with curved ends, represents speed, continuity, and innovation. Below the emblem, the brand’s name appears in a bold, uppercase blue font, offering a solid and stable counterpoint to the energetic symbol above.

Swallow Doretti

Logo Swallow Doretti

Swallow Doretti, a rare British sports car from the 1950s, captures the post-war era’s spirit of automotive adventure and elegance. It offers a sleek design and lively performance for driving enthusiasts and those seeking a unique model. Its logo features a heraldic triangular shield with a green top displaying “DORETTI” in bold, white letters. The bottom is split: the left shows a prancing golden horse on a silver background, and the right has a red and white checkered pattern. White stars around the border add a regal, classic appearance.


Logo Syrena

Syrena, a symbol of Polish automotive heritage, offered mobility and freedom in the communist era. Its minimalist emblem features “Syrena” in elegant cursive, with a gold metallic “S” on red. This design emphasizes the brand’s sophistication and luxurious style.