Most Famous Logos in Red

The significance of logos in shaping the future of companies cannot be overstated, as the first impression made by a brand often determines its likelihood of attracting new customers. This is why the world is overflowing with countless logo designs, as companies worldwide strive for recognition and popularity. A crucial aspect of any logo is its color palette, as the chosen colors can communicate a great deal and impact the initial perception of the brand.

We are delving into the realm of logos executed in red tones. Red is a powerful, dramatic, and confident hue, capable of conveying both love and passion, as well as strength and determination. When paired with white, red appears soft, yet when paired with black or other dark colors, it can evoke feelings of aggression and danger.

In the following list, we have compiled the 30 most popular logos that utilize the striking red color scheme. Join us as we explore how this rich color can be leveraged to effectively represent your brand, with our top picks presented in alphabetical order.


Logo Aprilia

Italy is a well-renowned hub of design and all brands originating from the country boast an exceptional approach to their visual identities. Aprilia is a prime example of this. The motorcycle manufacturer’s logo showcases a minimalistic design with a bold white lowercase sans-serif wordmark emblazoned across a vivid red rectangular banner. The clean lines and bright color palette make for a memorable and attention-grabbing emblem.


Logo Ariel

Ariel, the racing car manufacturer, also showcases a wise use of the color red in its logo. The badge is comprised of a graphical emblem and an uppercase logotype, both in red against a white or black background. The emblem displays a solid red circle with two bold diagonal cut-out lines forming the outline of the letter “A,” with a small circle substituting for its horizontal bar.


Logo Avis

Avis, the international car rental service, opts for a minimalistic approach in its visual identity with a simple red uppercase sans-serif wordmark against a white background. The weighty, stable letters of the wordmark are the sole decorative element, making the logo powerful and confident.


Logo Budweiser

Budweiser, a well-known beer brand, employs red as the background color in its logo. A bow-tie-shaped slanted element with sharp angles and straight lines serves as the backdrop, with its solid red body creating a stark contrast against the white cursive lettering. The color red symbolizes elevates the brand’s image, making it appear progressive and professional.


Logo Cagiva

Cagiva, the Italian motorcycle producer, has updated its logo with a modern twist. The latest design features an elephant image drawn in red lines against a white background, a departure from the previous gray image set against the Italian flag tricolor. The new look is sleek and progressive.


Logo Canon

Canon, a leading company in the production of cameras and lenses, uses red as a graphical representation of its strength, reputation, and influence. The bold scarlet-red custom inscription in the title case against a white background conveys a sense of power and excellence, reflecting the brand’s globally recognized high-quality products.


Logo Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A, a chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States, uses red to convey warmth and love toward its customers through its food. The logo features a smooth rounded cursive logotype in red with wide loops and elongated lines with softened ends. The warm and friendly look of the logo accurately reflects the company’s aim to make customers feel welcomed.


Logo CNN

CNN, the influential global news and analytics company, chose red to embody its power and confidence. The bold custom capital letters in the iconic CNN logo are accentuated by a medium-thick white line running through them for improved readability. The red color also represents the passion for uncovering and sharing world events.


Logo Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola logo, one of the most recognizable logos worldwide, has been a staple for decades with its red and white color palette. On bottles, the white lettering is written across a solid red banner, while other applications feature a red inscription against a white background. The color red symbolizes love, passion, confidence, and stability, all characteristics embodied by the brand.

Detroit Red Wings

Logo Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings, an NHL club, features a logo that is a literal representation of its name. The wings, of course, are red, set against a red and white color palette that reflects the hockey club’s determination to victory. The white elements add a light and fresh touch, making the eye-catching logo stand out against the club’s white uniform.



Red, the embodiment of energy and motion, is the perfect hue to symbolize the sports and extreme-focused American cable channel, ESPN. The channel’s logo showcases stylized, dark red, massive lettering set in a smooth sans-serif font, with slightly slanted letters. The logo is accented by a thick white horizontal line, situated above the wordmark.


Logo Exxon

Exxon, one of the world’s largest oil and gas conglomerates, reflects power and influence in its logo. The title case wordmark, set in a bold modern sans-serif font, features two diagonal “X”s sharing a bar, exuding energy, confidence, and stability through a light yet intense shade of red.


Logo Fujitsu

Many Japanese companies, including Fujitsu, a manufacturer of communications technology, incorporate red into their logos, not only due to its cultural significance but also as a nod to patriotism as red is a primary shade of the Japanese flag. Fujitsu’s logo features a sharp serif typeface, with bold lines and small pointed serifs, set against a white background and accented by a thin red curved line above the “J” and “I”.


Logo Heinz

Heinz, a renowned food brand, chose red as a symbol of love, warmth, and friendliness for its logo. The company’s aim is to create products for people to enjoy at home with their loved ones, and this sentiment is conveyed through a solid deep red arched banner with bold white lettering in a custom font.


Logo H&M

The Swedish fashion brand, known for producing stylish and affordable casual clothing, has a dark shade of red for its pared-down logo. The bold handwritten inscription, with an ampersand between the “H” and “M”, placed on a white or light silver background, creates a strong contrast and memorable image, representing strength, confidence, beauty, and style.


Logo Kmart

Kmart, a popular American department store chain, features a dual-part logo, consisting of a massive “K” emblem and a modest lowercase logotype, either placed under the emblem or on its right. Both elements are set in a calming and deep shade of red, exuding comfort and reliability, while also highlighting the company’s expertise and professionalism.


Logo Levi's

Levi’s, the iconic denim clothing manufacturer, has used red in its logo since the 1920s. The current logo, introduced in 1969 and refined in the early 2000s, features a solid red banner with bold white lettering in all capitals of a modern sans-serif font, appearing stable and professional through a deep, calm shade of red.


Logo Marvel

Marvel’s logo, on the other hand, exudes brightness and energy with its extra-bold sans-serif uppercase logotype, occupying almost the entire space on a horizontal rectangular banner. The red perimeter and small negative spaces in the massive letters add to the logo’s vibrancy and progressive look, evoking joy and entertainment.


Logo Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi, another Japanese car brand, showcases its historical roots and patriotism through its scarlet red logo, featuring a minimalistic geometric design of three rhomboid figures forming a triangular “flower” known as the Mitsubishi Diamond. The simplicity of the shapes and clean lines, elevated by the bright scarlet red, make for a modern and sleek look.


Logo Netflix

The Netflix logo showcases how the right color choice can elevate minimalist design. The classic red sans-serif wordmark is presented on either a white or black background, both of which highlight the ample space between the characters and create a balanced composition.


Logo Nintendo

Nintendo, a leader in the video-gaming industry, is inextricably linked to the color red. It symbolizes the company’s Japanese roots and cultural traditions, power and excellence in the gaming world, and a representation of entertainment and joy. The solid red badge with bold white lettering enclosed in a white rounded frame, conveys all of these meanings.


Logo Pinterest

The online platform Pinterest, is dominated by the color red in its logo. Both the official logo and mobile app icon feature a red-and-white color scheme with red being the primary hue. The circular emblem with a white “P” stylized as a pin, on a red background, is paired with bold sans-serif lettering in red, encapsulating the brand’s passion for beauty.

Red Bull

Logo Red Bull

Red Bull, the world-renowned energy drink brand, is synonymous with the color red. The two red bulls on a yellow sun background, accompanied by a massive red title case sans-serif logotype, present a striking image of strength. The yellow outlines of the bulls add to the drama and the logotype is typically set on a white background or on a silver and blue can, creating a vivid contrast.


Logo Suzuki

The Suzuki logo, a single stylized red “S” emblem, evokes elegance, power, progress, and a celebration of Asian roots and patriotism for Japan. The bright red hues communicate the brand’s constant pursuit of new technology solutions.

Swiss International Air Lines

Logo Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines logo reflects the patriotism of Switzerland, as it showcases the country’s red and white national flag colors. The bold red sans-serif logotype and the red geometric plane tail emblem with a white cross, create a bright and confident image, representative of the airline’s reliability.


Logo Target

Target, an American department store chain, uses a red and white logo that conveys the brand’s goal of providing customers with a one-stop-shop experience. The red circle on a white background enclosed in a red frame, and red uppercase sans-serif inscription, represent the brand’s commitment to saving its customers time and money.


Logo Virgin

The Virgin logo is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. The bold, smooth red lines of the diagonally written logotype, with a thick underline forming a cross, are adaptable to the various sectors of the British conglomerate. The logo is typically presented in red on a transparent background, or as white letters on a solid red banner.


Logo Vodafone

Vodafone, the European telecommunications giant, uses red in its logo as a symbol of power and professionalism. The solid red circle with a white comma-like element and red lowercase sans-serif logotype, effectively conveys the brand’s status as one of the largest mobile and internet service providers.


Logo Xerox

Xerox, a pioneer in printing and scanning technologies, uses a deep burgundy shade of red in its logo. This hue conveys a sense of sophistication and innovation, which accurately represents the brand’s position at the forefront of its industry.


Logo YouTube

YouTube is an online streaming platform with billions of users across the world. It boasts one of the most iconic logos of all time. The red, solid rectangular emblem with arched edges and rounded corners features a small white triangle in the center that symbolizes the Play button. The red color represents passion, impact, and brilliance. The typography of the logotype, also in red, is simple yet bold and robust when used with the emblem.


Logo Motorola

Motorola, a pioneer in the production of mobile phones, incorporates solid red into its visual identity to reflect its passion and progress. The brand logo features a scarlet-red circle with a stylized white “M” in the center. The white letter is crafted from two narrow, sharp elements that amplify the power of the red color, making the logo look dynamic and sophisticated. The Motorola logo is a prime example of how minimalistic design can look sleek when paired with the right color palette.

Adobe Acrobat

Logo Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat also opts for a simple design with bold colors. The software’s logo features a stylized white “A” in a triangular shape with three loops, drawn in medium-thick lines. The letter is slightly angled, giving it a slight diagonal orientation. The white “A” is set against a solid red square with rounded corners, making it a versatile symbol that can be used as a mobile and web icon, software identifier, and primary badge. The red and white combination represents energy and innovation.


Logo AirAsia

The visual identity of AirAsia, the largest Malaysian air carrier, is also designed in a red and white color scheme, with the primary element of the badge (wordmark) executed in red and placed against a white background. The bold lowercase lettering of the wordmark is set in a custom sans-serif font with thick lines and substantial shapes. The solid red dots in both the “I” and “R” letters add weight to the straight vertical lines, creating thin white “smile lines” that give the logo a friendly and welcoming feel, complementing the powerful and bright design that embodies professionalism and excellence.