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Faze Clan is an organization mostly focused on participating in professional or entertainment matches in the games such as CS:GO, Valorant, Rocket League and many others. It’s also somewhat of a brand nowadays – there are lots of players associated with Faze, and they frequently make videos for their YouTube channel or stream.

Meaning and History

Faze Сlan Logo history

The Clan surfaced in 2010, and the name is basically just that – the verb ‘face’ (to spook someone), although they style it as ‘FaZe’ more often than not. Since then, the name grew and they’ve become not just an esports organization, but an entertainment brand – with their own, very popular YouTube channel and a roster of streamers.


FaZe Clan Logo 2010

The initial logo showcased two distinct terms: “Faze” and “Sniping,” positioned on separate tiers yet echoing a unified design ethos. The characters within these words are reminiscent of artistic symbols, exuding a unique flair—linear, uniform, accentuated by razor-sharp terminations. In essence, these symbols lean more towards abstract geometric patterns rather than conventional typographical elements. Their broad stature is enhanced with added dimension—shadows beneath and gleams above. While “Faze” boasts a seamless, jet-black finish, “Sniping” flaunts a metallic texture reminiscent of a rugged steel facade. All of this is set against a gradient gray rectangular backdrop. Interestingly, this emblematic representation had a short lifespan, gracing the brand for only a brief period.

2010 – 2016

FaZe Clan Logo 2010

The Clan has been using this logo for most occasions since 2010. It’s an aggressive and sharp depiction of two letters stitched into one. The letter ‘F’ – for ‘Faze’ – is mirrored, and it shares its stem with ‘C’ – for ‘Clan’. They didn’t mirror that one, but they did square it and gave it sharp tips, as with the entire logo, anyway.

The logo is usually painted red with a noticeable black outline. These are the colors the team uses for most occasions, but they aren’t absolutely set in stone.

January–March 2016

FaZe Clan Logo 2016

2016 – 2018

FaZe Clan Logo 2016

Central to the design is a stylized, uppercase letter “F” crafted in a unique, angular manner. The letter’s geometric contours and sharp edges evoke a sense of modernity and dynamism. A blend of red and black dominates the color scheme, with red acting as the primary hue, drawing attention to the logo’s core element. The black background provides a stark contrast, amplifying the logo’s vibrancy. The design exudes a sense of energy and competitive spirit, aligning well with the gaming and eSports milieu. The minimalist yet powerful aesthetic is both distinctive and memorable, capturing the essence of the FaZe Clan brand while reflecting its cutting-edge positioning in the eSports world.

2018 – 2021

FaZe Clan Logo 2018

The contemporary emblem representing the global esports entity showcases a departure from its predecessor, primarily evident in its subdued hue—a soft shade of crimson. This is complemented by a delicate obsidian outline. Apart from these nuances, the core of the insignia closely resonates with its inaugural design, staying true to its roots without any added embellishments or elements. The decision to retain the original essence of the emblem, while infusing subtle changes, reflects the organization’s commitment to its foundational identity, even as it embraces the ever-evolving dynamics of the esports industry. It’s a nod to both legacy and the future.

January–November 2021

FaZe Clan Logo 2021

During the inaugural month of 2021, the emblem experienced a subtle shift in its color palette. Such refinements often reflect an organization’s endeavor to rejuvenate its visual identity, aligning with evolving design trends or subtly communicating a renewed brand message. It’s a common maneuver for brands to introduce these nuanced modifications to refresh their market presence without entirely diverting from their foundational identity. This particular alteration in hue might signify the brand’s intention to evoke a specific sentiment or perception associated with the updated color.

2021 – Today

FaZe Clan Logo

This logo is characterized by a bold, uppercase letter “F” with sharp, angular edges. The primary color is a deep red, set against a contrasting black background. The design embodies a futuristic and dynamic essence, making it a recognizable symbol in the eSports community.

Beneath the emblem, the phrase “FAZECLAN” was prominently showcased. Such an addition often emphasizes brand recognition, ensuring that viewers instantly associate the symbol with the name. Enhancing visibility and reinforcing identity, this strategic move positions the brand more firmly in the mind of its audience. Incorporating names directly under logos can foster a deeper connection between the visual representation and the brand’s ethos.

Emblem and Symbol

Faze Emblem

Although the primary colors are red and black, the logo coloring changes all the time. Their YouTube profile picture is red black-and-white with a red background, while the cover on the same profile is red-and-white with a black background. There are also more complex variations, some of them far from the main palette.