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Ubisoft stands as a beacon in the gaming industry. The Guillemot family launched it in France. Their vision birthed a global enterprise. Ubisoft crafts games that dazzle and entertain millions. From conception in a small French town, it rose to global prominence. It exists to create worlds where players immerse and explore.

Meaning and history

Ubisoft Logo history

Ubisoft took its first breath in 1986. The Guillemot siblings infused it with life and ambition. France witnessed the birth of a future titan in its countryside. By 1995, Ubisoft had begun its march across continents, setting a global footprint. The turn of the millennium saw it acquiring studios, expanding its creative horizons. In 2007, it unveiled the Assassin’s Creed series, forever changing its destiny. Each step, marked by innovation and expansion, solidified Ubisoft’s place in gaming history.

What is Ubisoft?
Ubisoft is a powerhouse in video game creation and distribution. It’s renowned for pushing boundaries with every title. With a global network of studios, Ubisoft continues to lead in innovation and entertainment. Players worldwide dive into Ubisoft’s creations, seeking adventure and excitement.

1986 – 1989

Ubi Soft Entertainment Logo 1986

The logo displays a bold, stylized name in magenta and cyan. The text “Soft” is playfully skewered by a dynamic, white script “Soft” underline. The contrast of colors pops, reminiscent of an ’80s arcade flair. Geometric shapes and sharp angles give it a digital fortress look. The design speaks to creativity and forward-thinking in technology.

1989 – 1993

Ubi Soft Entertainment Logo 1989

This iteration of the logo opts for a minimalist approach. “UBI SOFT” in bold, block letters dominates the top. The text is straightforward, classic black on a clean background. “Entertainment Software” sits beneath, stating its industry with clarity. The design is stripped of color, focusing on the name itself. It’s timeless, simple, and direct, marking a shift from the previous logo’s playful tone.

1993 – 1994

Ubi Soft Entertainment Logo 1993

The logo blooms with bold colors and geometric shapes. Each letter of “ubi” sits on a different colored diamond, adding playful sophistication. The “SOFT” below contrasts in stark black, grounded on a red base. This design interplays geometry with color theory. The unique arrangement gives a nod to creativity, hinting at the puzzle-like nature of gaming. It’s a stark departure from the previous black-and-white simplicity.

1994 – 2003

Ubi Soft Entertainment Logo 1994

A rainbow arch graces the logo, infusing it with diversity and inclusion. “Ubi Soft” is elegantly written in bold, black letters, signaling a mature identity. The word “ENTERTAINMENT” appears subtler, emphasizing the brand’s core offering. This design marks a departure from geometric strictness to a softer, more open aesthetic. It embodies a bridge between playful origins and a universal embrace.

2003 – 2017

Ubisoft Logo 2003

The logo transforms into a mesmerizing swirl of gradient blues, symbolizing depth and innovation. “UBISOFT” in bold, capital letters anchors the image firmly. This spiral design suggests motion, evolution, and a portal to new experiences. It’s a leap from the previous rainbow’s simplicity to a more complex, digital age representation. This emblem encapsulates the dynamic, fluid nature of the digital entertainment world.

2017 – Today

Ubisoft Logo

The logo now embraces a stark black and white color scheme. The spiral is reimagined as a bold monochrome emblem. “UBISOFT” is displayed in clean, sans-serif typeface below. This design echoes a return to basics, emphasizing clarity and strength. The black spiral is both an echo and an evolution, signifying unity and continuity. It’s a refined, confident step from the previous logo’s color gradients.