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Destiny is a computer game made in the form of a first-person shooter. It is meant to be played with other players. Despite the release of Destiny 2, the first part is still quite popular and worth playing if one hasn’t already done so. Some are still looking for the legendary pulse rifle Hawkshaw, as well as other exotic equipment. Others go through old raids on different types of difficulty, play Crucible (PvP mode), collect randomly generated weapons with perfect perks. Support for the original Destiny, though, ended in March 2017 when Bungie released the final patch and hosted the final event, Age of Triumph.

Meaning and History

The first Destiny came out of the blue at the end of 2014, on current and previous generation consoles, and was developed by Bungie, the company responsible for several parts of the Halo game series. During active development, this project managed to survive both positive and negative aspects related to the content, which in turn helped it to stay on the market for three years, and then the second part was released.

What is Destiny?

Destiny is a first-person role-playing game with elements of online game, action, shooter, quest, and massively multiplayer game from developers from the Bungie studio. The main publisher of the game is Activision.

2014 – Today

Destiny Logo

Along with the game, the company has introduced an intriguing logo. It is hard to tell what exactly is depicted on the logo. Even fans of the game cannot come to one conclusion. Many see a wolf theme in it as the game has several elements that depict wolves in one way or another. One thing for sure, a black and white logo that reminds some of a wolf’s muzzle, others of three horns, or even three wolves in a pack with the main character in the center is designed to be easily remembered. Along with the puzzling logo element, there is also the name of the game. It is typed in capital letters in a simple font. The letters are not thick and are widely, evenly spaced apart. The “T” is centered above the “horns”.