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Fox Racing is a globally recognized brand, primarily known for its motocross gear and apparel. Founded by Geoff Fox in 1974, it began as a small distribution business for European motocross parts and evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of motocross equipment and lifestyle clothing. Today, Fox Racing products are sold worldwide, with a significant presence in the motorsport and casual apparel markets. The company, while remaining family-owned for many years, has become synonymous with innovation, performance, and a distinct style. Its iconic fox head logo is instantly recognizable in extreme sports communities.

Meaning and history

Fox Racing Logo history

Founded in 1974 by Geoff Fox, Fox Racing started as Moto-X Fox, a small distributor for European motocross parts in Northern California. By 1977, the brand took an ambitious leap by creating its own high-performance suspension and engine components, which were tested by its team in the racing circuit. Their bright red gear, different from the traditional black and white, made a statement when their team achieved significant success, boosting the brand’s visibility.

As the 1980s approached, Fox shifted its focus from parts to apparel, a move that would define its future. The iconic fox head logo emerged as a symbol of youth and performance. It wasn’t long before the brand became synonymous with motocross culture, expanding its range to encompass not just professional gear but lifestyle apparel as well.

Throughout the 90s and 2000s, Fox Racing solidified its place in extreme sports culture, branching out to support other disciplines like BMX and mountain biking. Its unique blend of style, performance, and innovation resonated well with both athletes and fans.

Ownership of the company remained within the Fox family for many years, ensuring that its original vision and dedication to the motocross community persisted. In later years, as the brand’s global presence expanded, its production scaled up and diversified, embracing modern techniques and materials while still holding onto its core principles.

To this day, Fox Racing stands as a titan in the motocross and extreme sports apparel industry, with its rich history reflecting a journey from a small distributor to a global icon.


Fox Racing Logo old

Initiated by Bob Baptist from Los Gatos, the initial Fox Racing emblem cleverly incorporated Geoff Fox’s surname, the enterprise’s founder. The design showcases an animated orange fox face, embodying the cunning, swift, and fierce nature of the creature, mirroring the essence of adrenaline-fueled sports. While the logo has an abstract touch due to the altered nose proportions, it carries an air of distinction.

Encased within a circle, it implies completeness and equilibrium. Highlighting its roots in motocross, the “MOTO-X FOX” phrase sits prominently atop. Flanked by two slender lines, these strips symbolize the flat trajectory of roads, harmoniously complementing the bold uppercase sans-serif typography. This chosen font closely echoes the design nuances of Marbold Normal, a creation by Thomas E. Harvey.

1980s – 2000

Fox Racing Logo 1980s

Crafted by Bob Baptist, the emblem swiftly cemented its status as a paramount insignia within the realm of motorsports. Pete Fox, the offspring of founder Geoff, introduced subtle tweaks to this iconic representation. During the 1980s, an evolved rendition surfaced, showcasing “FOX” with the cunning creature’s silhouette substituting the central “O.” The artistic flair maintained its hallmark abstract and stripped-down essence. However, a noticeable deviation is the fox’s head now leaning towards the right, extended widthwise, injecting a sense of momentum and vigor, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s energetic ethos.

This redesigned emblem resonates seamlessly with the cursive, pronounced typeface chosen for the “F” and “X.” These characters also possess a rightward tilt, with their stretched, rectangular serifs seeming to be in perpetual motion. Both the iconic creature and the typography are set against a backdrop of contrasting monochromatic contours, enhancing depth and distinction.

2000 – Today

Fox Racing Logo 2000

The athletic apparel and gear producer is venturing into innovative territory with its emblem, reshuffling its design and component orientation. In this iteration, the cunning fox’s visage has shifted to the right flank of the brand’s moniker. The creature’s representation is predominantly in white, with stark black lines accentuating its outer boundary and piercing eyes. While its iconic tilt remains, a subtle elevation on the image’s right end suggests an ascent, as if the fox is serenely rising. The label “FOX,” rendered in bold uppercase letters, balances motion and steadfastness. The dynamism is especially evident in the letter “F,” where the horizontal strokes terminate at a sharp diagonal cut, close to a 45-degree angle. Contrarily, the “O” radiates solidity with its squarish construct.

2020 – Today

Fox Racing Logo

This rendition stands out from most other interpretations of the Fox Racing emblem, mainly because the creature’s head is presented in a flat, non-angled manner. Still, its design essence remains untouched: abstract, evoking an eerie mask-like quality. With its dark silhouette, punctuated by white voids where the eyes should be, the image barely hints at a fox’s face. Distinctive features like the elongated snout, prominent fur details, and streaks below the eyes take on an appearance reminiscent of dripping ink. Yet, this portrayal remains deeply rooted in the foundational design crafted by the illustrator, Bob Baptist.

Positioned to the right is the label “FOX,” rendered in upright capital letters. While the circular “O” and the robust sans-serif “F” feel conventional, the “X” stands out. Its design mirrors elements of a barbed wire, marked by four pronged extensions converging at a central point. A character bearing semblance to this unique “X” is evident in the Egon Sans Cond Bold typeface, a creation by TipografiaRamis.