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This is a famous third-person horror action game that brought fame and more Xbox 360 sales. The main player, who is a former prisoner, is mobilized for a global war of the surviving population of the planet Sera against aliens. The latter, code-named “Locust”, have already wiped out most of the inhabitants. The game has a huge collection of weapons and controlled equipment at the player’s disposal. This game was able to crush all the critics of computer games because the game has really become mega-popular all over the world!

Meaning and History

Gears of War is a unique game that was created in 2006. The game became the most famous, most colorful game of 2006. There are many missions and tasks in this game, so the player will not get bored. This game was invented and developed by well-known companies – Epic Games and People Can Fly. These two are almost the flagships of the gaming industry on a global scale.

What is Gears of War?

Gears of War is a third-person shooter video game. Microsoft, which published the game, decided to release their games not only on Xbox, but also on PC. One of the main features of the latter version is a new episode and serious improvements in the field of physics. The character overcomes hordes of Locusts by shooting them with rifles, as well as taking them out in close combat with chainsaws.

2006 – Today

Gears of War Logo

The logo of the Gears of War game is definitely memorable. It is a wordmark of the game’s name. It uses all uppercase letters written in bold CGF Locust Resistance font. The letters are white with vertical grey smudges and dark shadows. The clean lines of the letters, though, show that the game has a clear plan and strategy that one would need to follow to win. The logo also used a symbol from the game itself. It is a gear with a skull. This element is positioned to the left, with the letter “G” slightly overlapping it. This bright red element with black smudges and outlines reflects the game’s theme and has a dark, threatening, and bloody mood. The eyes, nostrils, and teeth along with the space around the skull are left white for more contrast and a greater impact.