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Hyperx stands as a pioneering brand in gaming accessories. Kingston Technology Company initiated it. Its creation took place in Fountain Valley, California. The brand aimed at providing high-performance products for gamers and tech enthusiasts. Hyperx quickly became synonymous with quality in gaming circles.

Meaning and history

Hyperx Logo history

HyperX began as Kingston Technology’s ambitious leap into the gaming world in 2002. The brand initially carved its niche with high-speed memory, setting a foundation in performance gear. Expanding their arsenal, HyperX ventured into gaming headsets in 2014, a move that set a new industry standard with the acclaimed Cloud series. As esports flourished, HyperX aligned with the movement, equipping teams and events, fostering gaming communities globally. Their catalog grew, featuring keyboards, mice, and mouse pads, each designed with gamer’s prowess in mind. HyperX’s journey reflects a commitment to quality and innovation, encapsulating the spirit of gaming evolution.

What is Hyperx?
Hyperx is a renowned brand that specializes in gaming accessories. It offers a wide range of products, including headsets, keyboards, and memory modules. Known for quality and performance, Hyperx caters to gamer’s needs worldwide.

2002 – 2014

Kingston HyperX Logo 2002

The logo presents a dynamic fusion of typography and imagery. “Kingston” is written in a traditional, serif font, juxtaposing the sleek, sans-serif “HyperX” beneath it. The “HyperX” part stands out in a bold, crimson hue, suggesting speed and vitality. An emblem resembling a stylized ‘X’ sits to the right, composed of two swooping, silver lines that cross like swift swords, evoking a sense of cutting-edge precision and movement. The overall design conveys modernity and performance, resonating with the gaming and tech-savvy audience it serves.

2014 – Today

HyperX Logo

This rendition of the HyperX logo sharpens its identity, shedding the “Kingston” name for a standalone presentation. The “HyperX” inscription pops in vibrant red, now leading the visual charge. The boldened font amplifies the brand’s presence. A stylized ‘X’ emblem, a sleek cross of silver lines, now closely pairs with the text, signaling a contemporary, sharp brand evolution. The logo’s simplicity and boldness mirror the clarity and performance that HyperX promises to deliver.