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Released in Japan back in 2002, Kingdom Hearts is an ambitious crossover between the Disney and Square Enix worlds, with the latter serving as lead developers. Originally, all components were borrowed, except for the plot and the protagonist. Kingdom Hearts has long since taken on a life of its own, so Disney worlds have been turned into the scenery, and Final Fantasy is nothing but the familiar names of spells and equipment. Over the entire period of its existence, more than 10 games in the series have been released. Many of them came out on completely different platforms, including mobile and browser versions.

Meaning and History

The Kingdom Hearts Story began in 2002 quite simply. The developers decided that it would be cool if they made an adventure game that would unite the World Final Fantasy and Disney world. Over time, the plot of the series became increasingly confusing and incomprehensible. The fans even joke that the creator of Kingdom Hearts, Tsuya Nomura, got lost in the turns of his story. Perhaps none of the 2019 games has such a confusing and unusual history as Kingdom Hearts III. The game went out 13 years after the second game in the series. During this long break, numerous spinoffs have appeared. Each of the new games complicated and developed the already twisted mythology.

What is Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts is a series of games. It might seem that in a world where post-apocalypse and battle games are in fashion, there is no place for bright cartoons, kindness, sincere friendship. This game, though, has won the love of millions of players around the world.  It is the perfect reminder that there are not only gray colors in the world, but also bright colors.

2002 – Today

Kingdom Hearts

The name of the game, which was used for all of its series and spinoffs, is done in a very fancy, gothic way. It has a black and gray color palette, with a gray gradient being used for the letters. The letters have several outlines, including black, which adds volume. The black color is also used to fill any of the spaces inside and between the letters, which further creates an impressive look. It uses a custom font, the key feature of which is pointy ends wherever possible and other intricate details. The name is written with a  large heart in the background. The bottom of the heart has a long, pointy end, while the two lines that form the heart come close together and then curve inside. A 3D crown literally crowns the heart. These two elements are supposed to symbolize the name of the game. Above the crown,  there is a small black key that separates the Disney and Square Enix wordmarks.