Kobe Bryant Logo

Kobe Bryant was an astoundingly successful basketball player for the LA Lakers, and amongst the most iconic personalities in the basketball history as a whole. His life tragically ended as a consequence of helicopter crash in 2020, although his career as a shooting start was ended by him 4 years prior.

Meaning and History

Being a public personality and an idol for many Americans, Kobe decided to design a personal logotype, which was launched in 2003. It’s not really used widely, which is why not a lot of people know it even exists. The emblem mostly featured in promotional campaigns where Kobe took part or as the symbol of his fans’ community.

2003 – 2020

Kobe Bryant Logo

The logo looks like three pairs of quadrangles situated at some distance from one another but still retaining symmetry. The bottom couple is elongated and thin, while the two upper couples are completely identical, save for the destination where each of them is facing.
By the man’s own account, the logo is called a ‘sheath’, and it’s meant to symbolize a sheathed sword. The color scheme can differ – it’s not really set in stone. The usual colors would be black or white, but they depend on the background.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Kobe Bryant

In this context, the sword represents his talent as a player. The sheath stands for the training and hard work to which he put his talent. It was meant as equally an inspiring image as well as a symbol of his personal brand. There are other explanations – some could be implied deeper, but that’s what Kobe’s fans are usually occupied with.