Krusovice Logo

The Royal Brewery of Krusovice is an iconic Czech brand of beer. It was around since the 16th century and made its way as a private entity into the 21st century, when it was acquired by Heineken. Despite that, they still produce many different types of beer, which is considered by many the iconic beverage of the Czechs.

Meaning and History

The brewery was first established in the Czech town of Krusovice in 1581. Soon, their beer made it to the Imperial court in Vienna, which prompted them to add ‘Royal’ to their name. The ‘kralovsky pivovar’ (royal brewery) part is even mentioned on their official logo.

1993 – today

Krusovice Logo

The first logo of the company as we know it now has appeared in 1993, after it was privatized by the Czech government.

The logo released then depicts a red ribbon with golden rims and the white brand name inside. The colors aren’t just random – the red and white are the traditional colors of Bohemia, which was the name for the pre-WW1 Czechia. While ‘Krusovice’ is written in soft white letters, ‘kralovsky pivovar’ below is written in gold (the font is the same).

Above the main logo, they have a depiction of the Imperial Crown of Austria. The right to use it for branding was granted to them alongside the contract with the Court. They also mentioned the year of the brewery’s inception – he 1581 – in black.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem is used just as it is for the labeling on the bottles, although some beer types have their own distinct logotypes. For instance, Krusovice Black has a simplified version with slightly different coloring and a different crown positioning. Other subtypes have their own branding preferences.