Rich Logo

Rich is a popular Russian brand of fruit and vegetable-flavored juice, established in 2002. Now it is a part of Coca-Cola Russia, but until the year 2005 Rich was a core brand of CSJC Multon, Russian firm of healthy food and drinks.

Meaning and History

Initially, Rich was meant to be the premium-segment juice on the market. This is hinted at by its name, which speaks for itself, the logotype and the marketing campaigns, which start time to time since the year 2002 and show the characters as rich and sustained people.

What is Rich?
Rich is a company that specializes in producing high-quality fruit juice. They offer a wide range of flavors made from fresh fruits, delivering refreshing and nutritious beverages to consumers. With a commitment to quality and taste, Rich has become a popular choice for juice enthusiasts worldwide.

2002 – Today

Rich Logo

The Rich logotype which is in use today consists of the inscription, written over the red oval-shaped background. The inscription has the elegant serif font, which looks both stylish and strong at the same time. There is also the dot upon the letter ‘i’, which looks like a leaf.

Sometimes, the same inscription can take a place on the juice packs without background, for style reasons. In this case, the whole word becomes bigger, changes its color from white to the black, and is laid through the whole carton of juice.

Emblem and Symbol

An interesting feature that has the Rich visual identity is that every package has a random letter from the Brand name. Therefore, if you place four cartons together in the right combination, you’ll get the name of the brand.