Beluga Logo

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Beluga is a Russian brand of vodka and other alcoholic products (but mostly vodka). It’s currently the biggest-selling brand of vodka in Russia and is considered higher quality than most counterparts. Although being marketed as ‘noble vodka’, it’s not particularly costly on average.

Meaning and History

The company behind the production was born in the year 1999. They mostly make vodka, and the name derives from the fact that, back in the age of tsars, Beluga (and particularly beluga caviar) was often served on the tsar’s own table as a proper snack to eat after vodka.

What is Beluga?
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1999 – today

Beluga Logo

Beluga is a fish native to Russia, and they took its monochrome, realistic depiction to be a central piece for the brand’s logo in 1999. Below it, they also put a large word ‘Beluga’ in tall, black serif letters. And below is that is also the brand’s title of ‘Noble Russian Vodka’ written in the exact same title, but with thinner letters.

Emblem and Symbol

The ‘fish’ sign is usually put onto a bottle styled as a circular metal badge – usually of iron or other dark metals, but also sometimes gold. They style it to look texturally like metal to give it a look reminiscent of a medal of sorts. That’s a sign of high expectations, quality and reputation.