Most Famous Logos With A Heart

The world of advertising is constantly evolving, with new and innovative logos popping up everywhere, from street corners to online platforms. Companies from around the world are competing to create distinctive designs, either by reinterpreting classic symbols or by creating their own unique logos.

In this article, we will focus on the brands that have incorporated the heart symbol into their logos. The heart is widely associated with love, care, and tenderness, and is often used by women’s fashion brands and companies related to health and wellness.

The following is a list of some of the most famous heart-themed logos, arranged in alphabetical order. It’s interesting to see how the heart symbol has been reimagined in these logos, giving it new and unique meanings.

Kingdom Hearts

Logo Kingdom Hearts

The iconic video game franchise, Kingdom Hearts, boasts a menacing black and gray gothic logo, featuring bold and edgy lettering as its central component. The gray text with a black outline rests against a pristine white background with a delicate light gray heart sketch, topped off with a silver-gray gradient mini crown to give the appearance of dimensionality. The emblem presents a stark and sharp appearance.


Logo Merci

Merci, a chocolate brand founded to express gratitude to loved ones, takes its name from the French word for “Thank You”. The logo boasts a striking gold gradient lowercase logotype in an elegant font with a voluminous, red heart – accented with dark gradient – standing in for the dot above the letter “I”.

Good Humor

Logo Good Humor

Good Humor, one of America’s oldest ice cream companies, also has a heart incorporated into its logo. The playful red and white double-contoured heart, drawn in one continuous line, is situated on top of a red ice cream truck and accompanied by two red silhouettes of children chasing the vehicle. The logo features a bold white logotype in two levels, written above the heart.

American Heart Association

Logo American Heart Association

The American Heart Association, an organization whose purpose is self-evident, features a solid red heart with a white torch and red flame emerging from it. The logo is straightforward and unambiguous, reflecting the organization’s mission.

British Heart Foundation

Logo British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation, another healthcare organization focused on heart-related issues, has a bold white heart contour drawn on a solid red background, with a two-leveled bold sans-serif title case lettering below it. The heart line starts on the left of the logo, arches up in the center, and ends on the right with the same waves as on the left.


Logo DocMorris

The German pharmacy chain, DocMorris, utilizes a heart symbol in its logo, drawn in three shades of green – a color commonly associated with health, new life, and well-being. The emblem features an intriguing swirl pattern and is placed to the left of the dark green serif lettering, with the upper bars of the “R”, “C”, and the dot above the “I” featuring solid circles, similar to the one in the heart’s center.


Logo IGtools

IGtools, an online platform that helps Instagram users boost their likes and followers, includes a heart in its logo, symbolizing the “Like” function on the social media platform. The pink heart, set against a white background within a circular frame with four rounded horizontal lines, is comprised of purple-to-orange gradient hues and followed by lowercase lettering in the same gradient palette.

The Heart Company

Logo The Heart Company

The Heart Company’s logo features a stylized lowercase logotype in bold red letters with clean outlines and straight lines, where the heart symbol takes the place of the letter “A”. The heart is connected to the letter “E” on its left, with the upper part of the “E” angled in parallel with the rounded edge of the heart contour. The logo exudes modernity and professionalism, reflecting a sense of contemporary elegance and excellence.


Logo Fansly

Fansly, a new online platform for users to sell their content on a subscription basis, primarily for content, features a heart stylized as a lock in its logo. The emblem represents the security and reliability of the platform, and the light-blue and white color palette reinforces this message. The heart lock symbolizes that personal files will remain locked unless the user decides to show or sell them.


Logo Polar

The primary logo of Polar, a Scandinavian sports equipment manufacturer, does not have a heart in it, but the extended version features a “Listen To Your Heart” tagline, with the word “Heart” replaced by a solid red heart symbol. The red heart supports the red “O”.


Logo YouPorn

YouPorn, a renowned platform for adult content, incorporates a heart in its logo as a token of love and affection. The logo features a contoured pink heart in place of the “O” in the upper case logotype, with “You” written in black and “Porn” in pink on a plain white background. The logo exudes simplicity yet embodies the essence of the platform.

JoJo Siwa

Logo JoJo Siwa

JoJo Siwa, a well-known American YouTuber, and dancer, has a logo that is inspired by her name. The logo features two lines of a custom cursive typeface in gradient pink to purple shades, with two solid five-pointed stars decorating the bottom line. The “JoJo” line is slightly larger, with the tails of both “J”s curved to form two hearts, creating a feminine and cheerful vibe.

Stella McCartney

Logo Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, a luxury fashion brand for women, has a logo with a graphical part and a logotype in small black dots. The logotype features modern sans-serif letters in all capital letters, while the emblem is a delicate heart with an elongated line and an open contour.

Southwest Airlines

Logo Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, a US air carrier, boasts a heart in its logo with the classically shaped element placed to the right of the blue, bold lettering in the title case using a solid sans-serif typeface. The heart, in a smaller size than the characters, features a pattern of diagonal lines in yellow, red, and blue separated by thin white lines.


Logo WeHeartIt

WeHeartIt, a social media platform based in the United States, centers on photos and graphical content. The social media’s logo is a bold gray logotype in lowercase, with the word “Hearts” replaced by a graphical heart symbol in gradient pink to orange. The heart is not only a name component or emblem but also represents people’s reactions to the content.


Logo Nandos

Nandos, a South African fast-food chain with a menu centered on chicken, showcases a black rooster in an African style with white and red accents and a solid red heart in the center. The red fragments of the emblem are supported by the bold red lettering set below the black and red rooster.

Blugirl Folies

Logo Blugirl Folies

Blugirl Folies, a women’s clothing brand known for its feminine silhouettes and bright colors, has a black and white logo with the enlarged and emboldened “Folies” part and the negative space of the “O” replaced by a white hand-drawn heart with a white arrow crossing diagonally in an upright direction.


Logo IHeartRadio

IHeartRadio, an online streaming platform in the United States, is owned by iHeartMedia. The logo features a bold white “I” resembling an abstract person on a solid red heart, with white rounded brackets on the left and right of a solid white dot. The emblem is accompanied by a two-leveled inscription in black and gray with the radio’s name.

Polly Pocket

Logo Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket, a British toy brand owned by Mattel Group and primarily composed of dolls, targets girls worldwide with its bright elegant heart in its logo. The “Polly a Pocket” logo features a white and purple heart in place of the “O” in “Polly,” with a light blue bottom line and a golden heart as the brightest accent.

Thomas Cook

Logo Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook, a US-based travel agency, showcases a gradient-gold and black color palette with a stylized golden heart as the main element. The heart, with smooth rounded lines, is placed to the left of the simple sans-serif lettering and appears larger above the wordmark.

Basketball World Cup

Logo Basketball World Cup

The 2023 Basketball World Cup in Asia boasts a visually striking logo built around the heart symbol. The red, white, and blue heart is placed horizontally atop the logo with its pointy end facing left, overlapped by a white internal heart tail and crossed by a golden trophy. The result is a bright and memorable emblem.

University of Wisconsin

Logo University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin – Madison boasts a timeless and classic logo with a heart inscribed within a bold golden frame accented by thin black lines. The heart, which is tall and narrow with a flat upper part, is often hidden within the emblem. Above the two-tiered inscription lies a sharp white “W” in a custom serif font.

Miranda Konstantinidou

Logo Miranda Konstantinidou

Miranda Kondtantinidou’s jewelry brand logo features an intriguing composition within a vertically oriented oval double frame. The centerpiece showcases a stylized grid silhouette with a light heart contour at its center, featuring a narrow and vertically elongated shape matching the background color.



DSWD, the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development, showcases a geometric emblem featuring two blue stylized hands holding a large red heart within a white square frame surrounded by yellow with rounded bottom corners and straight sides.


Logo Eurovision

Eurovision, Europe’s premier song contest, boasts a sleek and elegant logo with a heart symbol replacing the capital “V”. The black fancy handwriting font enhances the heart’s elegant qualities and the negative space is colored to match the host country’s flag.

My Little Pony

Logo My Little Pony

My Little Pony, the popular girls’ franchise, features a white heart with a bold purple outline as a main symbol above the “P” and “O” on the second line of lettering. The logo is decorated with small purple hearts in the negative spaces of the “Pony” lettering, and is executed in a white and purple color scheme with a rainbow of pink and purple hues above the lettering.


Logo Pampers

Pampers, the world’s leading diaper manufacturer, showcases its commitment to baby care in its logo with a stylized yellow heart above light sky-blue lettering. The heart also represents the sun with four short rays emanating from its upper right. The logo evokes kindness and warmth with its lively and delightful design and soft color scheme.


Logo Clover

The Clover company emblem showcases four hearts as petals, each in a different color: pink, blue, green, and yellow, with solid body coloring. The bright emblem is balanced by dark gray medium-weight lettering in a modern sans-serif font.


Logo Apink

South Korean girl band Apink uses a heart in its logo, featuring an abstract heart frame made from elongated letter lines in its signature pink hue. The heart’s contour is open on both sides.


Logo Heart

Heart, a Unilever ice cream brand, boasts a bright and laconic red and white logo featuring a thick red swirly heart over a white background, creating two hearts within one another with softly pointed tails. The logo conveys professionalism and confidence with its strong and eye-catching design.

General Mills

Logo General Mills

The logo of the American food brand boasts a timeless blue and red color scheme, with its emblem and two-tiered lettering displayed in a striking sans-serif font on a pristine white background. The emblem features a blue cursive monogram, accented by a solid red heart that is shifted to the right.


Logo LensCrafters

LensCrafters, a North American chain of eyewear and sunglass shops, boasts over a thousand locations throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. Its logo, recognizable worldwide, is a stylish black inscription in a custom font, featuring thin lines and subtle serifs, accompanied by two graphical symbols. The symbols, which can be placed to the right of the text or above it, consist of a solid red heart and a sky-blue, white, and black abstract eye with lashes.

McKamey Animal Center

Logo McKamey Animal Center

McKamey Animal Center, also known simply as MAC, is a US-based animal shelter that strives to help abandoned and sick pets. Its logo features a graphical emblem and two-tiered lettering, displayed to the right. The emblem showcases a dark-green house silhouette with a light-pink, heart-shaped dog paw placed above it.


Logo Roxy

Roxy, a surf and snowboard apparel brand for women and girls, marries its brand identity’s extreme and feminine elements in its logo. The emblem is a white heart, formed by the negative space between two black stylized hands, each holding a triangle with a snowy mountain depiction. The peaks of the mountains, which also form a heart shape, point upwards in the center.


Logo Aetna

The logo of Aetna, an American insurance company, showcases a geometrically stylized heart placed to the left of its bold, lowercase text. Both elements are colored a bright purple, exuding reliability and confidence. The heart, representing the company’s focus on health insurance plans, is a central aspect of the logo.

Stranger Live

Logo Stranger Live

Stranger Live, a social app designed to help people make new friends and find love, reflects its romantic side in its mobile app icon. The logo, in a bright pink and white color scheme, features a white heart placed above a white, geometrically-angled camera. The camera’s sharp lines are balanced by the smooth curves of the heart and the rounded angles of the icon.


Logo Airbnb

Airbnb’s love-inspired logo features a stylized contoured heart-shaped “A,” representing the first letter of the company’s name. The emblem and lowercase sans-serif text are both presented in a soft pink hue, evoking feelings of love and care.

I Love New York

Logo I Love New York

The “I Love New York” logo, a globally recognized symbol of the city, features black lettering with the word “Love” replaced by a bold red heart. The design is simple and consists of a black “I,” a red heart, and black “NY” in a rounded serif font, reminiscent of a typewriter style. This iconic logo is recognized instantly due to its clean design and color palette.

Belarusian Opposition

Logo Belarusian Opposition

The logo of the Belarusian opposition is a hand-drawn design in black and red, encapsulating the opposition’s values of love, unity, fight, and victory. The design features three symbols – a red heart, a black fist, and a hand showing a victory sign in red – all in bold black outlines.

CVS Health

Logo CVS Health

CVS Health, an American chain of pharmacies, places emphasis on health and well-being in its logo. The design consists of a solid red geometric heart followed by an extra-bold red “CVS” and a black “Health” in a full-shaped serif font. The bold red sans-serif capital letters balance the striking heart emblem, while the black serif characters add a touch of professionalism and trustworthiness.

NYX Cosmetics

Logo NYX Cosmetics

The signature emblem of NYX Cosmetics features a charming petite heart, firmly tucked beneath the vertical stroke of the “Y” in its daring and stylish black logotype. The heart serves to soften the sharp edges of the lettering, imbuing the logo with a touch of femininity, given that the company’s products are crafted exclusively for women.

The Weekend

Logo The Weekend

The hand-drawn heart, incorporated into the minimalist logo of The Weeknd’s record label, is a subtle yet striking detail. The heart sits atop the logotype, nestled between the upper portions of the two capital letters, executed in a stark black-and-white palette. The logo can be rendered either in white lines on a black background or vice versa.

Luisa Spagnoli

Logo Luisa Spagnoli

The heart within the Luisa Spagnoli fashion brand’s logo may not immediately catch the eye, but it is no less intriguing. The heart is formed by the slender tail of the “L” in “Luisa,” which merges with the vertical bar of the lowercase “S” in both “Luisa” and “Spagnoli.” The delicate heart adds a touch of sophistication to the logo’s elegant and feminine cursive lettering, with its varying line thicknesses.

CVS pharmacy

Logo CVS pharmacy

The CVS Health chain’s pharmacies sport a logo featuring the recognizable geometric heart symbol and bold uppercase “CVS” lettering in an extra-bold sans-serif font. However, instead of the black “Health” in the title case, the logo features a warm and friendly red “Pharmacy” in a traditional sans-serif typeface, set apart from the bold elements of the logo.

Pure Romance

Logo Pure Romance

Pure Romance, a brand specializing in women’s sex toys and accessories, boasts a 100% feminine logo, characterized by its stylized heart made of a smooth ribbon, set against a pink and white color scheme. The broad and plush heart evokes feelings of comfort, aligning with the brand’s mission and the comforting nature of its products.


Logo Trainline

Trainline, an online platform for purchasing train tickets, boasts a logo that perfectly captures its purpose. The stylized heart, formed of two curving lines that resemble railway tracks or a route map, is set against a calming turquoise background, accompanied by a bold lowercase logotype in the same shade.


Logo Badoo

Badoo, an online dating service, has given its heart symbol a modern twist. The heart in the Badoo logo features a softened bottom line and a cheerful white smiley line, set against a bold purple background.


Logo Munchkin

Munchkin, a company specializing in products for kids and toddlers, embodies love and care in its logo. The Munchkin emblem features a colorful lowercase logotype in a modern sans-serif font, with each letter drawn in a different hue. The red and white heart, which replaces the dot above the orange “I,” adds a playful and endearing touch to the logo.


Logo GoDaddy

Following a recent redesign, the popular domain registration platform GoDaddy has adopted a heart-inspired emblem. The emblem, composed of the letters “G” and “O,” slanted towards the center, forms a stylized heart in light turquoise, balanced by a sturdy bold logotype in the same shade.


Logo Polk

The heart symbol, used as the main graphical element in the logo of the California-based audio equipment manufacturer Polk, strikes a bold and stylish statement. The small solid white heart sits atop a solid red circular emblem, positioned to the left of the company’s modern lowercase black sans-serif lettering. Despite its feminine connotations, the heart in this logo is both progressive and cool.


Logo Burlington

The logotype for the American clothing retailer Burlington features a unique and recognizable heart symbol as the main graphical element, replacing the letter “B” in the brand’s name. The emblem is set diagonally with a bold pink outline and white negative space, with the lettering following in the same shade of pink and written in a bold, elegant serif font.

Heart of Midlothian

Logo Heart of Midlothian

The Heart of Midlothian football club from Scotland showcases the heart in its name and logo. The badge features a heart shape in dark red with a yellow outline, a light gray internal frame, and yellow lettering. The central element is a contoured red and yellow football enclosed in a super-wide frame of gray and red brick layers.


Logo Etsy

The visual identity of Etsy, an e-commerce platform, is set in warm and energetic orange and white, with a heart as the main graphical element. The heart is set diagonally with its sharp bottom pointing down-right, and the white “Etsy” lettering in a softened typewriter serif font is set diagonally from the bottom left to the upper right. The badge is simple yet kind and welcoming, reflecting the platform’s “handmade” focus.


Logo Lazada

Lazada, a large e-commerce company owned by Alibaba Group, exudes power and confidence in its logo. The badge features a stylized 3D geometric heart emblem in gradient shades of orange to fuchsia, placed to the left of the strong dark blue logotype in a modern geometric sans-serif font with clean, straight lines.

Comme des Garçons

Logo Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons, a French luxury fashion brand known for edgy design, has a logo featuring a red hand-drawn heart with two eyes. The heart emblem is placed above or to the left of the bold black lettering in a clean medium-weight sans-serif font, with the “Ç” stylized as a “C” with “*” under it and all letters except “des” in uppercase. The brand mostly uses a black-and-white color palette, making the red heart emblem stand out even more.