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Patagonia is an American brand of clothing – primarily sports and climbing equipment, but also rucksacks, bags and other accessories of general use. They are admittedly in a niche market, but a lot of people have still heard about it – especially in California, where this brand’s from.

Meaning and History

The products sold by Patagonia are primarily used in climbing. The first store by them was opened in 1973 by a founder who himself was very fond of mountaineering, and, apparently, South American alpinism. The brand is named after a region full of mountains in the South of Latin America.

What is Patagonia?
Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and gear company known for its commitment to environmental activism. It emphasizes sustainable practices, uses recycled materials, and donates a portion of its profits to environmental causes.

1973 – today

Patagonia Logo

Patagonia has only ever had one logo, really. It’s a company name written in lowercase with a slight serif. The letters are thick, fluid, soft and generally pleasant. They have a proportioned round shape, which helps a lot with comprehension.

It’s usually black, but what they also like to do with it is paint it white and set it against a rectangular shape with some black mountains on it, as well as skies painted in several neon colors. That’s the emblem they use as a ribbon on most pieces of apparel they made.

Emblem and Symbol

Patagonia Emblem

The logo can actually go various ways – it’s just the writing that’s mandatory. They can simply take the black mountains silhouette, an outline of the mountains, as well as change the colors of the writing and any of the elements. The usual is black or white, but blue is also not uncommon.