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Quake is a groundbreaking first-person shooter video game developed by id Software, known for pioneering real-time 3D rendering in video games. Created in the United States, it was designed by a talented team including John Carmack and John Romero. Quake set new standards for multiplayer gaming and immersive environments, blending medieval fantasy with sci-fi for an intense gaming experience. Its innovative technology and gameplay mechanics influenced countless games that followed.

Meaning and history

Quake, a revolutionary video game, emerged from id Software, a beacon in the gaming world since 1996. Birthed in the U.S., it redefined 3D gaming. Initially led by visionaries Carmack and Romero, id Software thrived independently, nurturing Quake’s legacy. In 1999, Activision stepped in, securing exclusive rights to publish future id titles, influencing Quake’s trajectory. The game’s engine, tech marvel, became a staple for developers. In 2009, ZeniMax Media acquired id, broadening Quake’s horizons. Bethesda Softworks, under ZeniMax, later amplified Quake’s reach. Throughout, Quake’s core – innovation, community, competition – remained untouched, even as stewards of its legacy evolved.

What is Quake?
Quake stands as a monumental pillar in the gaming world, conceived by the creative minds at id Software in 1996. It’s a trailblazer in first-person shooter games, merging dark fantasy with groundbreaking 3D technology to offer an immersive, multiplayer combat experience that has captivated players globally.


Quake Logo

The emblem showcases a stylized letter “Q”, suggesting an ancient, rune-like symbol etched in weathered metal. Its form evokes a sense of primal strength and mythical essence, resonating with the game’s fusion of arcane and futuristic themes. The text “QUAKE” below, mirroring the symbol’s rustic texture, reinforces the logo’s bold, archaic aura, reminiscent of a battle-scarred artifact from a bygone era of warriors and legends. This iconic design symbolizes both the game’s name and its impact on the gaming world.