Rocket League Logo

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Rocket League is an arcade videogame released in 2015. The premise of the game is that you drive a car of your choice across a peculiar stadium, while using it do punch a giant ball towards the gates. It’s basically football with cars, although there is a lot more emphasis on tricks and bizarre ‘athletics.

Meaning and History

Rocket League was released on PC in the year 2015 by Psyonix, an American developer. The name refers to the fact that a lot of the movement in this game is conducted via thrusters and accelerators. It has a flexible relationship with physics and gravity, in particular.

2015 – today

Rocket League Logo

The first main logo consists of two main elements: the shield logo and the lettering to its right.

The logo featured a blue shield (inspired by the logo of NFL and others) with a drawing of an off-road car on it. Notably, the vehicle is mid-air, as suggested by the white trails left on the car’s trajectory. The similar trail is visible in the lower part of the shield, but it doesn’t serve a purpose there.

In the left top corner of the emblem, they put a metal ball. It’s not this proportion or texture in the game, but the meaning is clear – the car is supposed to fly directly into the ball, that’s how the game works.

The writing to the right is simply stating the name of the game in big black letters. The font is rather plain, there’s nothing particularly unique about it.

Emblem and Symbol

Rocket League Emblem

The game also released as a separate version for the Chinese market. They implemented several changes for it, including an updated logo. For some reason, it’s mirrored vertically, the shield and the car are shaped differently, and there are several more changes, such as just one trail spiraling around the emblem.