STI Logo

STI refers to Subaru Tecnica International. The company was established by Subaru Corporation. They founded it in Japan. Its creation served the purpose of handling motorsport activities, particularly rallying, for Subaru.

Meaning and history

STI Logo history

Subaru Tecnica International, known as STI, was established in 1988. It’s Subaru’s motorsports division. STI started by enhancing Subaru models for rallies. It first gained fame with the Subaru Legacy’s racing success in 1989. STI’s reputation grew with the Subaru Impreza, winning multiple World Rally Championships. The division also develops high-performance street cars. Key models include the Impreza WRX STI. STI uses motorsports technology to improve Subaru’s consumer vehicles. It aims to deliver superior handling and performance. STI remains integral to Subaru’s brand, emphasizing innovation and excitement.

What is STI?
STI is the high-performance division of Subaru. They specialize in developing sporty Subaru models. Their creations often feature enhanced engines, sport-tuned suspensions, and unique styling. STI models are well-regarded for their capabilities on both race tracks and regular roads.

1984 – Today

STI Logo 1984

This logo, representing Subaru Tecnica International (STI), is a study in stark contrast and bold design. It features the letters “STI” rendered in white against a black background. The typography is modern and angular, emphasizing the brand’s cutting-edge approach to automotive technology. The letter “I” cleverly extends into a forward slash, symbolizing speed and forward motion. This visual element enhances the dynamic feel of the logo, aligning with STI’s focus on high-performance vehicles. The logo’s simplicity makes it memorable and instantly recognizable.

1984 – 2003

STI Logo 19841

This variation of the STI logo swaps its stark black and white theme for a vibrant pink hue. The design remains sharp and angular, which keeps its modern appeal. However, the pink color introduces a fresh, unconventional energy, perhaps targeting a younger or more diverse audience. The dynamic slant of the letter “I” remains, underscoring the logo’s theme of speed and forward movement. This color change may also reflect a special edition or campaign, adding exclusivity or novelty to the brand’s image.

1988 – Today

STI Logo

The logo depicted features a bold, red design, encapsulating the dynamic nature of STI, Subaru’s performance division. The letters “STI” are stylized with sharp, geometric lines, suggesting speed and precision. The logo is predominantly red, a color often associated with energy and passion, fitting for a brand focused on high-performance vehicles. The final “I” in the logo extends with a swift upward slant, emphasizing forward motion and progressive technology.