A330 Logo

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The Airbus A330 is designed for medium and long-haul flights. It is a logical continuation of the A300 model, created back in 1972. Its capacity was 322 seats. The production of the Airbus A330 began in 1992; as of October 31, 2021, 1,521 units of this equipment were produced. Most of the airbuses are operated in China, Turkey and the USA.

Meaning and history

A330 Logo

The Airbus A330 logo was presented on October 17, 1992, and has not undergone any changes since then. Its structure is quite simple – it displays the name of the manufacturer’s company and the model. There is a separate page on the company’s website for the A330 model. On it you can see various information about it, including technical characteristics, appearance. You can also see the logo there.

Color and font

The Airbus A330 lettering in the logo consists of two parts. The company name is written large, the model name is smaller, in the form of a superscript. This allows you to immediately understand what is located and where. The company has a unified approach to creating logos for its products. The same font is used for both parts of the Airbus A330 lettering, specially designed for the manufacturer. This allows the product to stand out in the air travel market.

The Airbus name is spelled large and light blue. The use of shades of blue in the logo design is easy to explain. Many airlines use this color scheme to represent what they are flying across the sky. The light blue color symbolizes a clear, cloudless sky, which guarantees a safe flight without unnecessary accidents.

The A330 model name appears in the logo after the company name, it is a superscript. It is decorated in the same color, but a different, darker shade of blue was used for coloring. This allows you to separate where the name of the manufacturer is, and where is the model of the product that he produces. Despite the lack of frills, the logo has an attractive look.