U.S. Air Force

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United States Air Force is one of the three main branches of the American military, alongside the Army and the Navy. Everything related to flying in the military has something to do with the Air Force. The branch itself is an old one, but was formed after the WW2 in its current form.

Meaning and History

America had planes and people who maintained and piloted them since WW1, when these machines were first used as weapons. Until the end of the Second World War, there were several bureaus and offices that were responsible for military flying, but it wasn’t until the after the war that they were formed into a proper entity.

What is U.S. Air Force?
The U.S. Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is responsible for defending the United States and its interests through air and space power, conducting global operations, and maintaining air superiority. The Air Force plays a crucial role in national security and provides strategic deterrence, global mobility, and rapid response capabilities.

2000 – Today

US Air Force Logo

The logo was depicted in blue chrome style with metal lines. The center of the emblem was the metal star, which connected two wings. Below the emblem, there was an inscription with the name of the organization written in the straight and strict steel gray typeface.

Emblem and Symbol

US Air Force Emblem

The Air Force also has a seal that they were since time immemorial. It’s not really a logo, as it’s mostly used on official papers, as insignia and in other purposes. It was the usual American seal with the eagle, shield and star symbols in the middle and the words ‘Department of the Air Force’ around it.