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SpaceX is a company specializing on the creation of aerospace technologies, owned by Elon Musk. Their primary concern is manufacturing the spacecraft, as well as solutions for the colonization of Mars. They work in conjunction with NASA, although as an independent contractor, not a subsidiary.

Meaning and History

Spacex Logo history

SpaceX was created in 2002 as a project posed to be on the cutting edge of spacecraft technology. It was from the start funded by Elon Musk, although soon enough they became working with NASA to use their sites and other tech. As a result, SpaceX launched several objects into space.

Who owns SpaceX?
SpaceX is owned by Elon Musk, a well-known American billionaire. It’s not NASA’s subsidiary, but they work closely.

2002 – 2002

SpaceX Logo 2002

The initial logo concept was the company name written in blocky, geometric letters: ‘Space’ – in thin metallic characters; ‘X’ – in two purplish strokes with gradient on them. These were followed by a blue underline and the inscription ‘space exploration technologies’ written in scarlet just below in mundane sans-serif script.

2002 – Today

SpaceX Logo

The post-2002 SpaceX grew a much more futuristic look. ‘Space’ was now written in the wider, more streamlined (but still similar) letters. They were sharper, had fewer extensions and missed some parts, like the left line on the ‘A’. The main color was dark blue.

Where does SpaceX fly?
It’s space. SpaceX aims to facilitate space tourism soon.

The ‘X’ was this time roughly the same size as the rest of the letters. One of the lines was exactly the same blue, streamlined style. The other one was a longer grey stroke that thinned out closer to the tip – obviously reminiscent of the trail a rocket would leave.

Emblem and Symbol

SpaceX Emblem

What is SpaceX?
SpaceX is a company that makes tech and solutions for space travel. Notably, they’ve created many top-notch space shuttles.

When on their rockets, the SpaceX logo is written vertically, although the letters face as usual. In addition, here they are thoroughly blue, bigger and much more apart than before. It’s also notable that much of the company’s property also sports American flags for identification.