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Absolut is a renowned spirits company, focusing on producing premium vodka. It operates globally, with a strong presence in key markets worldwide. Absolut’s ownership has evolved over the years, with Pernod Ricard currently being the majority stakeholder. The brand is celebrated for its innovative marketing and iconic bottle design, making it a leader in the vodka industry.

Meaning and history

Absolut Logo history

Absolut is a renowned Swedish vodka brand with a fascinating history that has seen it evolve over the years. Founded in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, it initially operated as a single distillery in Ahus, Sweden, using a continuous distillation method that produced high-quality vodka. However, financial troubles led to the sale of the brand in 1917 to Vin & Sprit, a Swedish government-owned company.

Under Vin & Sprit’s ownership, Absolut vodka gained international recognition due to its innovative marketing campaigns and iconic bottle design. In the 1980s, they introduced the iconic Absolut bottle shape, which became a symbol of the brand’s commitment to design and creativity. This move catapulted Absolut into the global spotlight.

The brand remained under Swedish control until 2008 when the French multinational corporation Pernod Ricard acquired Vin & Sprit, including the Absolut brand, in a deal worth $8.3 billion. This marked a significant shift in ownership, but Absolut’s commitment to quality and innovative marketing persisted.

In recent years, Absolut has continued to expand its product line, introducing various flavored vodkas to cater to evolving consumer tastes. They have also embraced sustainability initiatives, emphasizing eco-friendly production practices.

In summary, Absolut vodka began as a Swedish venture, changed hands to Vin & Sprit, and eventually became part of Pernod Ricard’s portfolio. Throughout its history, the brand has remained synonymous with quality, creativity, and innovative marketing.

1879 – 1979

Absolut Logo 1879

The original Absolut emblem sported a three-line composition. It included the word “Absolut” positioned at the uppermost part, “Vodka” positioned at the lower end, with “Country of Sweden” nestled neatly between them. This logo design adhered to a classic black-and-white color scheme.

1979 – 2017

Absolut Logo 1979

The Absolut logo featured an identical wordmark to the one seen in the logo introduced after 2017. However, it had an extra element: directly below the ‘Absolut’ text, ‘Vodka’ appeared in the same distinctive style. These two words were separated by a small gap, within which a graceful black cursive script proudly displayed the words ‘Country of Sweden.’ This elegant addition emphasized the brand’s Swedish heritage and its commitment to crafting exceptional vodka. While the Absolut logo has undergone changes over time, it has consistently paid homage to its roots and its dedication to producing top-quality spirits.

2017 – Today

Absolut Logo

The iconic blue logo and script text on the bottle have become synonymous with the distinct packaging inspired by a medicine bottle.

The Absolut logo stands as a prime example of “less is more,” aligning with some of the world’s finest minimalist logos.

In a move towards a sleeker aesthetic, Absolut Vodka opted to revamp its logo, embracing a more minimalist approach. They streamlined the logo by removing two lines of text, shifting the focus to the brand’s core essence – “Absolut.” This pivotal element is elegantly rendered in a vibrant blue, akin to the Futura-Condensed-inspired serif.

The brand’s stature has grown to such heights that Absolut found it unnecessary to retain the complete three-line logo, as their identity is now unmistakably represented with utmost simplicity and clarity.