Fyffes Logo

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Fyffes is an immense British-Irish brand that mostly sells fruit and bananas in particular. The rumor goes, they were actually the first brand to introduce sticky emblems onto their bananas. Now, it’s rather common. Fyffes is also one of the first dedicated tropical fruit companies on the British Isles.

Meaning and History

Fyffes Logo history

The banana-exporting business was created in 1888 on the foundation of the tea-selling enterprise owned by Edward Fyffe, the founder of the brand. The ‘Fyffe’s bananas’ soon became the most popular source of tropical fruit in London. Afterwards, they introduced other food into the assortment, although banana stayed the staple.

1929 – 1969

Fyffes Logo 1929

Introduced in 1929, the ‘blue label’ is the iconic emblem used by the brand to mark their bananas. Simultaneously, it was also a company logo.

It depicts a dark blue oval with the word ‘Fyffes’ in the middle, written in tall, capital letters. It had to be distinct, so they opted for using sans-serif here. The writing was put right between the two bloated lines (also white) above and below. Along their curvature, two words – one for each side – were put there: ‘Blue Label’ and ‘Brand’ respectively.

1969 – today

Fyffes Logo

The concept of a ‘blue label’ persisted, but they rearranged the thing itself. It was now a brighter oval with fewer visual details on it. The central inscription was turned completely into lowercase. A dent in the top of the ‘Y’ was styled as a semicircle, whose other part stuck out of the letter in yellow (after bananas).

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem used particularly for the packaging of their bananas is a blue circle with their dedicated humanoid banana mascot in the middle. This creature has the official emblem printed over its body. Below, the word ‘Bananas’ is featured, and the rest of the space is occupied by other inscriptions.