Universal Robina Logo

Universal Robina is a celebrated Philippine food producer. They make a lot of edible products, but their favorite by far is candy and other sweet snacks. Their status as one of the country’s chief food manufacturers came gradually. The success was built over time, although their Golden Age arguably passed in the 60-70s.

Meaning and History

Universal Robina Logo history

The current company name takes inspiration from one of the component companies that made up Universal Robina. Although there were others, Robina Farms quickly came to dictate the corporation’s course of action in regards to food production. Officially, Robina’s history became in 1954, although Robina itself surfaced way later.

1954 – 1974

Universal Robina Logo 1954

Back in the 1954, what’s now Robina was just Consolidated Food Corporation. Their logo back then featured this acronym – CFC – written letter-by-letter inside three yellow rhombuses. The name itself was usually somewhere below, written fully in black capital letters.

1974 – 1989

Universal Robina Logo 1974

The 1974 logo featured a new emblem – a red square with a white acronym, written diagonally from left to right. To the right of it were several black inscriptions, chiefly: ‘CFC Corporation’ in all capital letters.

1978 – 1989

Universal Robina Logo 1978

This secondary logo featured the same emblem but a different inscription. Instead, they used a slogan (also written in black) and put it to the right of the emblem. It said ‘BETTER VALUE IN EVERY PRODUCT. EVERYDAY’ – all in capital letters, naturally.

1989 – 2016

Universal Robina Logo 1989

The 1989 logo instead featured Robina’s own symbolic. Most of the space was occupied by the red lines that together made up the letters ‘U’ and ‘R’. They aren’t complete on the logo, though – it’s done intentionally to promote a semblance of unity, cohesion or whatever else.

Right in the middle of the would-be ‘U’ they put a green orb that obviously represents the globe – hinting at their position as an international food corporation.

Below it all they would usually put the company’s name in full – ‘Universal Robina Corporation’, all in capital black letters. The font here is rather plain, but is also evidently inconsistent and varies in proportion throughout the entire element.

2016 – today

Universal Robina Logo

In 2016, they decided to simplify the logo by making the emblem into one element instead of several separated ones. They are still distinctly letters, but this time they separated united them into one (the right side of ‘U’ is also the left one of ‘R’). The red color stayed.

They also wrote the name of the brand – Universal Robina – in largely the same font and color to the right of the main emblem. This time, the letters weren’t completely capital, but written as usual.

Emblem and Symbol

The corporation doesn’t use their logo to label their products, as many other international food corporations do. They aren’t a brand, but instead a massive manufacturer. A lot of their product lines, such as Jack-n-Jill chips and others are labeled as their own brands.