Aer Arann Logo

Aer Arann has been operating in Ireland since 1970. The sphere of its activity is the implementation of air transportation on a regional scale, as a result of which we can speak of the lack of interest in entering a large international market. The airline is developing steadily, its services are constantly in demand.

Meaning and history

Aer Arann Logo

The company logo appeared shortly after its opening, it is the name Aer Arann. Above the word Arann there are two arcs smoothly enveloping the last letter n, which is a kind of center for them.

The development of the logo was related to the need to strengthen awareness among consumers. This was an important task, the solution of which helped to strengthen the company’s position in the market. Wide recognition gave the desired effect. The company’s services are constantly used by a huge number of Irish people. The popularity of Aer Arann air travel is not least due to the high level of service.

Color and font

The Aer Arann logo uses two colors – blue and blue, which are traditionally used by many airlines. The word Aer is written in blue, and Arann is written in blue, the arcs around the word Arann are painted in the same colors. Both words are written in the same font, but bold letters are used for the word Arann.

For Ireland, it is the traditional green color, so the logo has a second color option. The word Arann is written in dark green, and the word Aer is written in a lighter shade. The same applies to the arcs located on the left above the name of the airline. The color green is so widespread in Ireland that it is not unusual to use it to design a logo for an airline company.

The main features of the Aer Arann logo are simplicity and recognition. The name of the company itself is very memorable, so the design of the logo was not a difficult task. The designers selected the optimal font, and then used two color options, both colors correspond to the ideology of the company.