Ajegroup Logo

AJE (aka Ajegroup) is a major Latin American food and beverage produce and distributor. They were originally a small beverage business in the Peruvian city of Ayacucho. Since then, they’ve went on to producing some of the most celebrated brands of Hispanic soft drinks, as well as one of the biggest companies of the region.

Meaning and History

The company was started in 1988 in the city of Ayacucho, in Central Peru. They are particularly known as creators of Kola Real and Big Cola, as well as for being a major foods distributor on the continent and abroad. The name likely stands for ‘Ayacucho Jugo Empresa’, which means ‘Ayacucho Juice Company’ in English.

What is Ajegroup?
Ajegroup is a multinational beverage company headquartered in Peru. It specializes in the production and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages, including carbonated soft drinks, flavored waters, and juices. With a strong presence in Latin America, Ajegroup is known for its popular brands such as Kola Real and Big Cola.

1988 – today

Ajegroup Logo

The main company logo was many years since the inception featured just the name acronym – AJE – in bright red letters (the color of Peru), written in a soft font. They were also heavily interconnected, which increased the fluidity. Notably, most tips here are slightly rounded and sharpened.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to the main red emblem, they occasionally sport a green variation – sometimes with a green triangle on top. This triangle is riddled with white lines, which makes it look like a leaf. It’s actually often considered their main logo, seeing how they are trying very hard to preserve the natural habitats in Latin America.