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Alfa Romeo is an Italian manufacturer of cars, which appeared in 1910. They specialize in designing, producing, and designing of high-performance sports cars which represent premium quality, extra high speed, as well as stylish yet compact design. They offer services of modification and repairing of their cars in the branches, spread across the world.

Meaning and history

Alfa Romeo Logo history

Initially, the company was named ‘Alfa Milano’. The first part wasn’t the first character in the Greek alphabet; rather it was an acronym from ‘Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili’. The second ‘Milano’ word was written to celebrate the city where the company was founded. Then, in 1915, the company was bought by Nicola Romeo, who decided to rename the company and set up the modern variant – Alfa Romeo. Although he rebranded the company, the new owner didn’t change the logotype – a beautiful circular badge is still used as the brand mark on the company vehicles.

What is Alfa Romeo?
Alfa Romeo is an Italian carmaker based in Italy and founded in 1910. This is one of the largest Italian companies specializing in the development, manufacturing, and selling of first-class sports cars, racing vehicles as well just high-quality automobiles. They also offer services of professional maintaining and modification of their vehicles. The Alfa Romeo cars are popular across the world and known as one of the safest, fastest, and most stylish vehicles.

1870 – 1910

Alfa Romeo Logo 1870

1910 – 1915

Alfa Romeo Logo 1910

Throughout the company’s history, the brand logo has always been a circular badge with two heraldic elements at its center. The left part of the badge was ornamented with a flag depicting a red crest on a white background. The right half depicted a crowned green snake eating some red human. The snake had a metallic style and was featured on a blue background. The external part of the badge had a deep blue line with the bronze brand name on it. There were also two ropes, serving as the ornament of the logo. The whole badge was framed by a bronze line.

1915 – 1925

Alfa Romeo Logo 1915

They’ve changed the color scheme of the badge and given it gradient shades. At the top, there is metallic gray half of the frame. The ‘Alpha-Romeo’ inscription (which was given more space on the line) had a metal gray outline as well. At the center of the badge, we can see the ropes colored gradient gray and red. And at the bottom of the whole composition, we can see the white ‘Milano’ word contoured red. The framing there was also colored metal red.

1925 – 1933

Alfa Romeo Logo 1925

The following circle got very deep colors. Now there was a dark blue circle, on which they wrote a metal white inscription. The ropes also changed their pattern – now each ornament reminded two ‘8’ numbers intertwining each other. The whole badge got a very fat metal gray outline with many patterns on it.

1933 – 1946

Alfa Romeo Logo 1933

Then, they added some heat to the logo. Now all of the elements of the logo had a red filter or an extra bright metal red coloring.

1946 – 1947

Alfa Romeo Logo 1946

They removed a second fat outline with many ornaments and remained only small framing of the badge. The inscription line got a gradient blue and black coloring, while the inscriptions themselves receive white and blue and white and black styles for the upper and lower parts respectively. The snake style was simplified – it became just crowned green ‘noodle’ eating some man.

1947 – 1948

Alfa Romeo Logo 1947

A rough redesign occurred in 1947. The badge became full metal red, and on its surface, the brand designers engraved inscriptions with the name and address of the company, the snake, and a crest as well as an outline. The coloring was golden for the words and silver for the ornaments.

1948 – 1950

Alfa Romeo Logo 1948

Now the sign of the brand was redesigned and got more cartoon style without any gradients, metal shades, et cetera. They also returned classic heraldic images of a snake eating an unlucky red man and the flag with a crest. The bright blue line now contained a white sans-serif inscription with a straight and bold typeface. The ropes were replaced with ‘~’ signs. Finally, the frame now consisted of a double yellow outline, split into many sectors by black strokes. However, that logo lasted for just two years, and then it was slightly redesigned.

1950 – 1971

Alfa Romeo Logo 1950

The changes in 1950 redesigned were: a thinner double framing colored yellow and split into any sectors by yellow dots; a green snake got too fat but was still eating a man, who got a schematic image; and the name a bit shifted along the blue line.

1971 – 1972

Alfa Romeo Logo 1971

For a year, they used a badge with classic flag and snake images (a not fat snake). The central part of the badge was limited to a fat golden circular frame. At the top of the blue part, they placed an inscription with the brand name without an address. The letters were spread far from one another, and a bold sans-serif font. The whole badge had a thin black framing and a fat metal white contour with man ornaments on it.

1972 – 2000

Alfa Romeo Logo 1972

Then, all of the features in the logotype got fat yellow contours. The name was also contoured full yellow.

2000 – 2015

Alfa Romeo Logo 2000

In the year 2000, they replaced a solid yellow line with a gradient white and orange one. The whole logotype was enlarged, and the name was slightly narrowed as well.

2015 – today

Alfa Romeo Logo

A rough redesign of the logotype came in 2015. First of all, the inner part of the circle wasn’t vertically divided anymore. Now the crest merged with the snake at the center. They both had a silver outline. The snake got a very simple image of a man and a crown. The background of the inner part became latticed and was recolored silver. The outline for this part of the badge was silver. The outer line got a redesign of the coloring (again!) – now it was matte blue. The whole badge was framed silver. The inscription got a metal white shade with large letters.


Throughout its long history, Alfa Romeo had endured a variety of redesigns. Almost every redesign brought us to come new font. The brand design team tasted a variety of fonts to develop the ideal variant. The 2015 version has an uppercase style with angular and sharp letters, which have a sans-serif style. Due to the game of light and color, the name has a 3D effect, which makes it distinctive and stylish.


As well to the font, the color palette had many changes, which were not rough, though. The first badge of Alfa Romeo ever made had a blue external line, bronze inscription, and the same bronze frame. The flag crest had a red coloring, and its background was white. The snake was green, ate a red man, and had a golden crown.

The modern logo doesn’t feature something too different – the inner part background is fully silver and has a latticed pattern. The words and frames have the same silver color. But everything else – the crest, snake, and an external line saved their color, though with a stylistic.