Amstel Logo

Amstel is a celebrated brand of Dutch beer. For the longest time, it was one of the most known and liked breweries to come from the Netherlands. At the moment, this beer is produced by Heineken, and the original brewery itself has been closed down for several decades now.

Meaning and History

The brewery was put to work in 1870 in South Holland, on the bank of river Amstel. That’s obviously where the business got its name. They have changed their names over the years, until returning to ‘Amstel’ in 1968. In the 80s, they’ve been bought off by Heineken, which closed down the original operation.

1968 – today

Amstel Logo

Since 1968, they’ve been sporting their old name of ‘Amstel Brewery’, and it reflected on the logo. The entire logo is a golden ring with visual elements inside. For instance, there’s a bicolor cloth of red (lower half) and white (upper half) sporting the words ‘Amstel Beer’ in black and white, respectively. And there’s also the year of inception – 1870 – written in the white space above.

The ring itself is etched with several inscriptions. Firstly, the upper quarter is occupied by the words ‘Amstel Beer’ (again), white all the rest (separated from the rest of the text by a dot on each side) says ‘Brewed to the Amstel tradition’.

The last touch is the Amstel crest: two white lions holding the letter ‘A’ between them, put onto a blue shield.

Emblem and Symbol

There have been several other variations that depicted slightly different visual elements to the latest design. It’s, however, unclear when exactly they used these and whether they even preceded the actual logo or were used simultaneously with it. Still, they are almost entirely the same design as this.