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Badger Brewery is a British brewery known for crafting traditional ales and beers. Badger Brewery’s main markets are primarily in the United Kingdom, where it operates as a regional brewery with a focus on producing high-quality, distinctive beers.

At that time, Badger Brewery was a part of the Hall and Woodhouse family-owned brewing and hospitality company, which had been in operation since the late 18th century. They own and operate a chain of pubs and inns across the UK, serving their brewed beverages alongside a range of food offerings.

Meaning and history

Badger Brewery Logo history

Badger Brewery, a renowned British brewery, has a rich history marked by changes in ownership and a commitment to crafting traditional ales. It traces its origins to 1777 when Charles Hall founded the Hall and Woodhouse brewery in Blandford Forum, Dorset, England.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, Hall and Woodhouse established a reputation for brewing quality beers and ales. The brewery remained in the Hall family until 1927 when it was sold to local businessman Leonard Russell. Under his ownership, the brewery continued to thrive, producing a range of classic British ales.

In 1987, Badger Brewery was officially established as a brand, named after the iconic “Badger” logo, symbolizing the British countryside and wildlife. The brewery’s commitment to tradition and quality remained unchanged.

In 2000, Hall and Woodhouse made a strategic decision to focus on their Badger Brewery brand and sell off their tenanted pubs, shifting their emphasis towards brewing and the development of Badger Ales.

Throughout the 2000s, Badger Brewery gained popularity in the UK with its range of beers, including the famous Tanglefoot, Fursty Ferret, and Hopping Hare. These ales found their way into pubs, supermarkets, and the hearts of beer enthusiasts.

The brewery continued to focus on crafting traditional ales and expanding its presence in the UK market.

Before 2018

Badger Brewery Logo old

Drenched in a monochromatic scheme, the logo “BADGER Countryside Ales” proudly exhibits a blend of tradition and rugged beauty. The centerpiece of the emblem is an intricately detailed badger in full stride. With its distinctive stripes, fierce eyes, and flowing fur, the badger embodies a sense of wild elegance. This creature, known for its tenacity and territorial instincts, becomes a fitting symbol for a beverage that claims its unique space in a market crowded with alternatives.

The typography embedded within the badger’s form boldly proclaims “BADGER”, ensuring the brand’s name remains the focal point. Above this, the phrase “SINCE 1777” lends a touch of authenticity, hinting at a rich legacy and time-honored brewing traditions. This date signifies not just the longevity of the brand, but a commitment to quality that has stood the test of time. The words “Countryside Ales” arch gracefully beneath the badger, reinforcing the brand’s roots in the rustic beauty and freshness of the countryside.

Scattered foliage and leaves near the badger’s feet add a hint of wilderness and reinforce the brand’s connection to nature. The overall design masterfully combines dynamism and history, making it evident that “BADGER Countryside Ales” isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience that bridges the past with the present.

2018 – 2023

Badger Brewery Logo 2018

The hallmark badger emblem, a symbol of Hall & Woodhouse since 1875, has undergone a transformation. It now showcases a monochromatic portrayal of an “inquiring badger,” peering from the heart of a black and white circle encircled by the inscription “Badger, Dorset Brewers, Estd 1777.”

The image has transitioned into a more artisanal, hand-drawn style, featuring discernible pen strokes that add depth and texture to the badger’s fur.

In addition to the Badger roundel, each bottle label strives to vividly capture the unique character of the individual beers it represents, infusing them with distinctive personality and flair.

2023 – Today

Badger Brewery Logo

In the emblem’s heart, the badger assumes a prominent role, poised elegantly within a pristine circle enveloped by a wide ebony border. With its right paw delicately resting on the frame’s periphery, the badger gracefully turns its head to the right, as if gazing into the horizon of what lies ahead. Diverse typefaces adorn the inscriptions encircling the emblem: the inaugural word is rendered in Roman script with minuscule serifs, while the subsequent term adopts a more modern grotesque style. The company’s inception year is artfully divided between the phrases, “17” adorning the left and “77” embellishing the right, symbolizing a timeless legacy of craftsmanship and excellence.