Bakers Delight Logo

Bakers Delight is a chain of bakeries originating from Australia. They also have the biggest presence in this country, although there are franchises in New Zealand, Canada and other countries. Their bakeries usually produce bread or pastry in a traditional way, as opposed to the industrial approach.

Meaning and History

The brand was introduced Melbourne in 1980. Over time, they’ve become one of the most prominent bakeries in the country, and that prompted them to expand abroad. In Canada and the United States, they are known as ‘COBS’, although it’s still referred to as ‘Bakers Delight’.

What is Bakers Delight?
Bakers Delight is a renowned bakery chain with stores in Australia, New Zealand, and several other countries. They specialize in freshly baked bread, pastries, and other bakery products. With a commitment to quality and using traditional baking techniques, Bakers Delight has become a beloved destination for bread lovers worldwide.

1980 – today

Bakers Delight Logo

The emblem is rather simple. It’s just the company name written over a single ear of wheat, all colored completely purple. The notable thing about this design is that everything is very fluid and soft – the letters seem written by hand and with great care, while the ear behind is just an artistic depiction. As a result, everything looks pleasant.

Emblem and Symbol

They often rearrange the logo for various purposes. Sometimes, it’s white against a purple background, sometimes the words are stacked one over the other, and on many of these variations, and the wheat is not even present. Although the design for each element is set in stone, they are very inconsistent about the positioning.