Nesquik Logo

Being one of the most marketed quick-to-cook food brands in the Nestlé line, Nesquik includes chocolate-flavored breakfast cereals, cacao, hot chocolate, syrups, candy bars and milk and a great variety of other products in different versions.

Meaning and History

Nesquik Logo history

Nesquik was launched in the United States, in the year 1948 in US. That time, it bore the name Quik, obviously referring to the quick-to-cook concept of the brand products. Two years later, Quik was spread to Europe, and there it gained the name Nesquik. Since 1999, this name became the principal.

1948 – 1973

Nesquik Logo 1948

The original logotype depicted the brand’s initial name in the handwritten font of the blue color. Above it, we can see the producer’s name.

1973 – 1988

Nesquik Logo 1973

The following logotype started the transformation of the brand’s visual identity to the modern style. On the yellow background, we can see the contoured brand name and the Nestlé word above.

1988 – 2001

Nesquik Logo 1988

The 1988 logo depicted also blue name and the producer above it, but this time there was no background, and both words gained some mods on previous logos’ contrast.

1999 – 2002

Nesquik Logo 1999

Another logotype represented the style, which was very close to the modern one, but with some differs. That logotype appeared two years after the European name adoption and depicted the blue inscription ‘NesQuik’ with the blue outline, and the ‘Nestlé’ above. All this was on the yellow back.

2002 – 2016

Nesquik Logo 2002

The following logotype depicted generally the same things, but with some mods as well. The brand name lost its cap character ‘Q’, and the letters became more volumetric. In other details, there were no changes. This logo was in successful use for over 14 years.

2016 – Today

Nesquik Logo 2016

One of the current logotypes depicts the brand and producer blue-colored names. First time in history, the brand designers used the gradient blue shades for the brand name.

2020 – Today

Nesquik Logo

Another current logotype also depicts the brand’s name, but with the bold white outline. There is also the version without outline, but it is generally used for the bottles and the packs for products.

Emblem and Symbol

The Nesquik famous mascot, the bunny called Quiky, often accompanies the brand in adverts. We can’t imagine the brand without this white-tailed brown rabbit, wearing the ‘N’ letter. He was invented in 1973, and quickly became the part of the brand’s visual identity.