Ballantine’s Logo

Ballatine’s is an old brand of Scottish whisky produced now by the Frenchmen from Pernod Ricard. It’s known as one of the more premium sorts of blended whisky to come from this part of Britain. They are adamant about quality and the age of their products, which is why they often sell extremely vintage bottles.

Meaning and History

The original brand was established in 1827 by one George Ballantine, hence the name. This whisky was mostly sold in Edinburgh and surrounding areas until being developed into a regional producer of alcohol. Simultaneously, the company was taken from the Ballantine family in early 20th century, which is how they ended up with the French.

1827 – today

Ballantine’s Logo

The logo used by the brand for the longest time depicts an exquisite array of letters that make up the company name. These are usually written in cursive, quite tall and blue. This is done to relay the company’s status as an old and established brand of blended whisky, and that’s also why they often put Ballantine coat of arms above the main logo.

It displays several iconic Scottish elements, such as two unicorns (their national animal), some flags of Scotland, as well as a family crest in the middle, among other things. They also highlight the year of company inception right below by writing ‘est 1827’ in blue or black.

Emblem and Symbol

The logo is often accompanied by various other inscriptions when on the bottle’s labeling, depending on the type of whisky inside or for other reasons. The usual generic addition features the word ‘Premium’ right below the main logo meant to remind you once more that they make good whisky. This can be red, blue or black.