Barq’s Logo

Barq’s is a brand of root beer owned by Coca Cola Company and sold primarily in America. It’s one of the oldest-surviving and most beloved root beer brands in this country. Under Cola, the brand started producing more variations, including way more flavors, as well as caffeine-free formulas.

Meaning and History

The brand is called so because the original recipe of the product was finalized by one Edward Barq at the close of the 19th century, in 1898. The brand has been rather successful since, although the golden opportunity came during the Prohibition, when non-alcoholic beer-like products suddenly grew in demand.

What is Barq’s?
Barq’s is a company that specializes in the production of carbonated beverages, particularly root beer. Known for its distinctive flavor, Barq’s has gained popularity worldwide. Its rich, frothy taste and signature bite make it a favorite among root beer enthusiasts.

1970 – today

Barq's Logo

The first real logo was introduced in the 70s. The central piece was the big brand name – Barq’s – written in uneven, cursive letters. They are usually white with some black shadow underneath. In addition, the positioning is skewed upwards, so they actually are elevated closer to the end of the word.

Emblem and Symbol

There have been countless variations that took the main logo and put it alongside other elements, including the slogans (the old time’s favorite was ‘the toast of New Orleans) and various titles such as ‘famous, olde tyme root beer’ and the ‘est 1898’ are very common, although there were also many graphic additions over the years.