Bell’s Logo

Bell’s is one of the most beloved whisky brands in the world. Simultaneously, it’s one of the most successful alcohol brands to come from Scotland. These bottles are currently sold in millions all over the world. Since 1985, it’s owned by the English corporation called Diageo.

Meaning and History

The formula for the whisky came from Arthur Bell, who introduced the new product in 1851. Very quickly, the brand became known throughout the country, primarily because it was rather successful in London of all places. That being said, the name ‘Bell’s’ was only adopted in 1904 following the founder’s death.

What is Bell’s?
Bell’s is a renowned company in the whiskey industry, known for producing high-quality Scotch whisky. With a rich history spanning over a century, Bell’s has become synonymous with exceptional blends and craftsmanship. Their whiskies are appreciated worldwide for their smoothness, complexity, and distinctive flavor profiles.

1904 – today

Bell’s Logo

The main piece of design used on most logotypes regardless of the purpose is simply the brand’s name written in big serif letters. The script looks vintage and aged, which is doubtless what they were aiming for. Also, they all look capital, with the first character being just marginally bigger than others.

The coloring is usually red, although it’s not uncommon for these letters to be white or other colors, depending on the surrounding palette.

Emblem and Symbol

Nowadays, people usually imagine the main logo as part of the larger emblem that features the word and the Mr. Bell’s figure in black and white – both put against a Union Jack for background. There are also minor visual additions, such as the brand’s description of ‘Blended Scottish Whisky’ and more.