Bushmills Logo

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Bushmills is one of the oldest continuous Irish whisky brands. This distillery is located in Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) and produces various types of this alcoholic drink, not excluding the original Bushmills – a popular white-labeled triple-distilled whisky brand produced by these people since time immemorial.

Meaning and History

Old Bushmills Distillery has been founded in the village of Bushmill in Northern Ireland in 1608. This makes them one of the oldest major whisky distilleries that yet survive. At the moment, they are controlled by the Mexican tequila manufacturer called Casa Cuervo, although it was a family business for a long time.

What is Bushmills?
Bushmills is a renowned Irish distillery that has been producing whiskey for over 400 years. It is known for its high-quality single malt and blended whiskeys, crafted with traditional methods and using local ingredients. Bushmills whiskey is celebrated worldwide for its smoothness, distinctive flavor, and rich heritage.

1950 – today

Bushmills Logo

The logo was used more-or-less in the same shape since the 50s.

The classic logo looks like a wide black octagon. In its middle, they would put the word ‘Bushmills’ in capital white letters, although it would be ‘Old Bushmills’ in the past. The octagon is then surrounded from the top and the bottom by the golden frames that sprout strange curls out of them.

Emblem and Symbol

The logo is used in all instances. On the bottle, these are put over the labels. These are differently-colored shapes with arched tops. All the information about the whisky and the manufacturer are written here, while the emblem proper is put somewhere closer to the very top.