Cevital Logo

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Cevital is an Algerian corporation bent on producing agricultural resources – most notably, the raw materials needed for the creation of end products. This includes sunflower oil, sugar, margarine and more. They are the largest Algerian food company, although they also dabble in the automotive industry.

Meaning and History

Cevital Logo history

The company was created in 1998 in the Algerian city of Kouba, although their history dates back to as early as the 70s, when Hyundai decided to open up the Algerian branch. The resources and property used by that company ended up giving birth to Cevital 20 years later.

2002 – 2018

Cevital Logo 2002

The logo they used since 2002 featured the company name written almost completely in lowercase letters. They were blue, cursive letters with a slight tilt to the right. The ‘V’ was different – it was much bigger, had a peculiar design that made it look like ‘Y’ and, lastly, it was yellow.

The ‘V’ was most likely supposed to resemble a sunflower – its oil being the company’s main product.

2018 – today

Cevital Logo

In 2018, they changed approach. The company name was now written properly. The letters stayed blue, although the font was now much more fluid, soft and pleasant. The yellow letter ‘V’ from before moved to the left of the main writing. It changed little, although they did add a little streak of blue below.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to the current official logo, the company also uses its Arabic name to designate their property. In addition to ‘Cevital’ (as seen on the logo), they also use ‘سيفيتال’ either directly above the main part or somewhere to its side, but also in blue and in similar style.